Nokia US pink photo contest gives you a chance to win a Lumia 900, trip to LA

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Although Windows Phone Central likes to have our own contests regularly, we would be remiss to ignore this fun one that Nokia USA is having via their Twitter account.

The contest is simple: Tweet a photo with something pink that you are wearing—shoes, your hair, or if you’re like me, my giant pink feather boa (okay, maybe not, but we all know I’d make it work). The winner will be showered with all sorts of prizes including...

  • A trip to Los Angeles for two including airfare and hotel
  • A wardrobe and style makeover, as chosen by ‘glam squad’ to the stars, Niki Schwan and Kandi Banks.
  • A photo shoot to be featured in an upcoming Nokia social media campaign
  • Oh, and of course the beautiful pink Nokia Lumia 900

As far as we can tell, you don’t have to be in the US to enter either (at least Nokia isn’t stipulating that). The contest also has some rules e.g. you must follow and send your Tweet to @nokiaUS, use the #NokiaPink hashtag, etc. so make sure you read these steps carefully. The contest will end tomorrow, August 29th so get cracking!

We all know you can take some fairly good photos, so let @NokiaUS see them and maybe you’ll win a free trip to LA for a makeover. We hear our George Ponder is looking to beat all of you to the punch, just look at that steely determination in his eyes:

WP Central

George wants to look fabulous, do you?

Head to Nokia Conversations for more details and information on how to enter: http://conversations.nokia.com/pinkspiration/



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aubreyq says:

Pink is the new black, George.

Racerx1234 says:

Even for guys?

erichon99 says:

I noticed that on the AT&T reviews of the pink lumia, it seemed like around 50% of the reviews were identified as males.  A little surprised by that....

AriesDog says:

Green Lantern Sinestro could so win this contest.

kasuno says:

What if we dont weat pink clothes ? >.

Nataku4ca says:

well, george's face is alittle pink :]

wpos8 says:

No need I am in la :-P