Nokia Weather updated and is now available in new regions

Weather Update

An update has been released for Nokia's Weather Windows Phone app, which is available in the OEM collection on the Marketplace. The app is a "suped-up" version of The Weather Channel app that is available for all Windows Phone owners to use, and sports some interesting functionality and features. The manufacturer launched their own version of the app back in July and already they've released an update.

It was previously limited in availability but this update brings with it new region support. While no changelog is presently available, we expect backend changes and improvements to be bundled with the release. 

We recently reviewed Nokia's Weather app and gave it praise for the improvements added on top of an already pretty decent weather app. The best part of Nokia's Weather Windows Phone app is that it's completely free for those who own a Lumia smartphone. This is more evidence of Nokia's continued support for the platform.

You can download Weather from the Marketplace for free (be sure to be using a Nokia Windows Phone when attempting to access the listing and download). via: WindowsPhoneApps.es

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Works in Canada! Live tile is a little nicer than the standard app.

elisaur says:

Still needs future forecasts on the live tile for this to be my weather app Choice

insi says:

access to camera, contacts... what the heck???

Did you use the app or read our previous coverage? You can add contact's to it to see their weather, send Alerts, share photos etc. 

Not excactly a mystery.

So instead of making their own weather app like HTC has done they decided to slightly alter code done by another developer. That's sad.

Residing says:

Well, it's not like they don't know how to make a weather app - they have one for Symbian!
The beauty is, Nokia has so many more custom apps for their devices, more than the other oems do, including the current crown jewel - Nokia Drive with offline navigation.  And guess what? HTC owners will get to enjoy Nokia Drive in WP8 devices...pretty kind of Nokia, yes?  Or do you think that's sad too?

They refined an already great app and put their own spin on it. I am ok with it.

insi says:

actually i decide wether i install an app or not before i download it, especially if it comes to sensible items as contacts, you know? ;-)

philheaton says:

As soon as I saw the in-app ads I uninstalled. I hate ads.

Hector1van says:

Did not work on my lumia, said could not locate me and then said cannot save location, Puerto Rico

sanjlogan says:

Its really good to having my hands on

IsTrooper2 says:

Next step, Nokia Transport ;)

paulomalley says:


This app version is WAY improved over the general one in the Marketplace! The layout is better, forecast details respect my 'metric' setting, and the social tie in is a bonus. One downfall: the weather radar doesn't reach far enough north to cover the western Canada locations. I noticed that the live tiles still bring up the original Weather Channel app if it's still installed - so gone it will be in favour of the new and improved!