Nokia Windows Phone 8 reference display allegedly leaks, hints at mid-range device

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Image removed by request from ALPS

With just a few weeks before Nokia World is scheduled to take place it is not too surprising to see more and more leaks happening regarding the Finnish company’s Windows Phone 8 plans.

The photo to the right is just another piece of that puzzle and is certainly one of the more unique pieces of evidence to come out. What we are allegedly looking at is the display frame for a new Nokia Windows Phone that came from one of Nokia’s new screen sub-contractors called ALPS (that company does make capactive panels for smartphones).

Measuring roughly 4.3” across the part looks to be a reference design used to manufacture the expected high-resolution display (1280x720 or 800x480). Besides the new Windows Phone 8 logo and hole for the ambient light sensor not much else can be garnered from the image.

However, if we were to speculate we would guess this may be a part from Nokia's more mid-range offering that is expected to be one of three devices revealed next month.

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The reason for this conclusion is that this looks like it won’t be part of a unibody, polycarbonate design but rather a more traditional multi-part frame akin to the Lumia 610 or 710. In fact, with no “extra” hole for the front-facing camera that may be the case (ambient light sensors are required according to the chassis documents but front-facing cameras are optional). It also looks nothing like the 'Phi' which is supposedly another upcoming Nokia Windows Phone.

On the other hand, this could literally be just a rip of the display for reference purposes only instead of a planned manufactured part.

Source: CNBeta; via WPXAP; Thanks, talan1314, for the tip!



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lippidp says:

I want it. (kidding)

BK-one says:

Love my lumia 900, but I will be upgrading to the high end Nokia phone that comes out with 8.

Niavlys77 says:

Same here. Great phone but it's likely going to be too good to pass up.

SaviorXX9 says:

Sell me your Lumia!!! I'd gladly take it!


williewillus says:

I think it's real. Why wouldn't it be? Who goes through the trouble to fake these?

One man told me that the Photo was edited by Photoshop.

Certainly possible. On the other hand, that's not evidence in of itself. If there are artifacts or things "wrong" that would hint to it be faked, that would count as evidence. Someone simply saying so it not admissible.

Jay Bennett says:

You know, I actually didn't realise our app would handle those characters... Just been surprised by own creation :S

Nataku4ca says:

so are you going to add a translator to it? :P

How about just learning the languages, deal?

Nataku4ca says:

i know that language and jp :) just other stuff like french which i was suppose to learn (being Canadian and all), but i still suck at it lol

Your app also frequently crashes upon opening of there's a tile count

Duffau says:

Had the app for quite some time, never had that problem. Maybe a reinstall may fix it?

ZX9 says:

Yeah Jay! Give yourself a pat on the back for handling Unicode properly.

yesjohn says:

I don't care about a front facing camera. If it has a good design and good specs its alright for me

jfa1 says:

looking forward to seeing the highe end phones from Nokia  HTC and Samsung  and all other manufacturers for ATT before making a decision  leaning towards Nokia!

I can't wait to see what HTC comes up with! Having a 900 & a Radar, I'm constantly surprised how much better at EVERYTHING my lil HTC Radar is over my 900!

tissotti says:

yeah certainly going for Nokia.
No HTC ever after the horrible experience with Titan (now using Cyan Lumia 900). Actually feeling like i'm getting support with Nokia. 

iqbalsn says:

Bloody hell, i thought it was 10 inches in the picture.

Nickkk101 says:

I've made that same mistake myself on the internet before mate.

Neo Nuke says:

LOL @ innuendo... I think...

foxibs says:

Looking good with the new windows logo...

ejlee072006 says:

I want a 4.7 inch super HD amoled CBD display wp8 phone... Im done with 4.3 inch... I love my lumia 900 but men oh men life is too short.. Buy what makes you happy.

kaynachtsman says:

Looks Like Samsung galaxy S3

SmoothDog says:

Not interested. I need an octuple core, 64 GB of ram, with with at least a 20 megapixel camera and rear facing 5 megapixel camera, a super retina display screen (which can would allow me to NOT see a pixel when I hold it 1/2 inch from my face), a unibody kryptonite chasis with super hardened Gorilla glass, a built in mini projector, hologram sisplay capabilities and 1080p video. Otherwise I'm going Android. Specs are EVERYTHING.

lippidp says:

Meh. No storage...

SmoothDog says:

Dang...u r right! Add 1tb of storage and throw in a pet unicorn or I'm going Android...

Yeah you forgot a 1tb of storage!! Either that, or GTFO!

He's being sarcastic I think

blackprince says:

What about NFC and magnetic door opener, those are key.

Neo Nuke says:

And a bottle of those pills on the internet that make me up to 4 inches bigger, or I'm going the way of the little green robot.

korggy says:

Another spy shot of the same device here:
If we combine this photo with the one in the article, we can start putting together a good idea of idea of exactly what this phone will look like and what its capabilities will be.

4/10 Almost funny.

Jannik says:

I love this new rating system :D

DaSchnee says:

Made me laugh...

dreamstrue says:

I think the full built model will be like this????

Nataku4ca says:

if there is no ffc, i would be more inclined to believe this to be a low end device? it just feels like such a cheap part that ppl look for (though most of them don't use it) to be absent in a mid range

GMJeff says:

I don't know, that hole in the front looks roughly the same size as the opening for the FFC on my Focus S I am using right now, and on my Galaxy SIII. You sure there is no FFC.

Cellus13 says:

I surely hope not. It looks too much like the crappy SG3. I prefer the Lumia 900 design.

Glim12808 says:

If it doesn't have a front facing camera, the phone can't take full advantage of Skype integration in WP8. No thanks, I'll wait for a Nokia with FFC!

Jeff Kibuule says:

I don't think the ambient light sensor requires a hole in the front glass like a front facing camera does (after all, light does pass through glass).

SKadoosh64 says:

Why does the hole at the top look like an ambient light sensor? Its about the size of a FFC. The ambient light sensor should be about the same size as the earpiece.

Forc3 says:

yep! its a FFC, no doubt! next to me is a LG Optimus black and the only thing requiring a hole is a FFC ;)

CurtisEwers says:

It is a pity that Nokia does not want to use android.

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