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Nokia CR-200 wireless charging car stand passes through FCC

Nokia Car Charger

We've experienced Nokia tease and show off its upcoming wireless charging car stand (the CR-200), with the most recent sighting at the Nokia Lumia 925 and Lumia 928 event in London. We also got to check out Nokia's docking app that would launch through NFC as the Lumia Windows Phone is inserted into the stand. Today we're pleased to relay news that this very product has now passed through FCC.

Nokia Wireless Charging Car Stand FCC

What does this mean for consumers? We'll likely see the accessory make its way to Nokia's online store and supporting retailers soon enough. If you're looking for an official solution for installing you Lumia Windows Phone in your vehicle, there may not be much of a wait left to endure. Here's our quick look at the product back at the event in London (also sporting the app):

What's also interesting to note from the FCC filing is how the car charging stand will also come with cable clips and an extension for extra length (see above FCC image), which will be handy should you have some distance from the port and windscreen. The user manual is also presently available if you're wanting to get on top of your homework before purchasing one.

Check out more shots (including internals) and information over on the FCC website.

Source: FCCthanks, jmajid, for the heads up!



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andrewq911 says:

Take my money!

hopmedic says:

Yeah... I'd hoped it would be further along than this since they said in Feb that it would be available in May... :-\

Agreed been waiting for this!

Xaphoon148 says:

Finally, I want one yesterday :)

moc426 says:

This has taken so long to release.

xboxonthego3 says:

Im curious to know if it would be able to hold my Verizon HTC 8x.

Xaphoon148 says:

If it can hold my 920 I guess you can really load it up...

99% sure it can. It's built to be universal, not just a Lumia accessory. It's a standard "clamping" holster.

m0unds says:

sweet. did you see whether it had a little additional width to accommodate a case on the device?

JLP says:

Same here...surely the wireless charging will work, but I also hope that its adjustable enough to hole the 8x

devize says:

Hurry up and take my money!

aitt says:

I threw money at my Nokia but nothing happened

erzhik says:

You have to throw your wallet.

So will this stick to your dashboard or does only suction to your windshield?...It's kind of deceiving how they have it standing upright on a table.

Sarang68 says:

Here is the link. I think you will find the answer here.

Aaron M says:

As long as this isn't over $70, it may be my first ever phone accessory purchase.

I hope so to and given the charging stand and plate are less then 70 I would assume so would this, but we will have to wait some more to find out :)

WhyFiNYC says:

Awesome - been waiting for this since picking up the 928. 

bono5112 says:

Sooo you've been waiting for a whole 5 days LOL

WhyFiNYC says:

I'm impatient - sue me. ;) 
Really, though, with my previous phone (Trophy), I never considered a stand like this for charging and navigation. Here Drive is much better, so I actually want to take advantage of it.  

bono5112 says:

Totally agree with you, hope your enjoying your 928 :)

sqlchicken says:

Is there a way to set up direct deposit directly to Nokia? Would make it much easier for me lol

Big Supes says:

Nokia accessories are almost impossible to get a hold of in the UK. I literally couldn't source the cp-600 anywhere and was forced to give up. Its complete madness.

Big Supes says:

Finally. Its nice to see Amazon stocking accessories. Around 3 months ago, I had literally no way of purchasing this item. Nokia couldn't even help. Its too late now as i have an alternative. Here's hoping Amazon UK won't take so long to stock the cr-200.

That's interesting, since I'm not living in UK right now, but buy my Nokia accessories from Amazon UK, they seem to have everything.

jMawl says:

Same here. In ear head phones, jogging arm band, etc. All from Amazon UK.

xrs22 says:

I threw one of my kids...nothing.

nickengineer says:

Hate windscreen fixing, too far from driving position. Vent mounted please.

nickengineer says:

Unfortunately not. Has to be to the centre vents, or nothing. Fussu like that, I am. Cheers for the tip though.

Two word for you duck tape! Bam problem solved lol

nickengineer says:

Excellent, Ill have one of them then.

idsolemn says:

hahaa hysterical!!
Gives a whole new meaning to the saying; "you can't fix stupid, not even with duct tape."
Do not mean to be a jerk but yeah!!!    there is no duck in duct-tape

There you have it but nice try with your condescending attitude. Bing something before you assume it doesn't exist you will not look so stupid.

As well as let me apologize for my tone ahead of time no need for it only my point.

Nimdock says:

That's why I'll be waiting for ProClip.
Specially since I already have the ProClip attachement.

jason_tee says:

Shut up and take my money!

sundawg#WP says:

Suction cups are ok...but only if they include a mounting plate with some good adhesive like Garmin does. There are very few surfaces suction cups work for in any of my vehicles. Though I'd probably still buy it and figure something out. Given the wireless stand is $69 USD, I suspect this will be that or more.

myrandex says:

I wished it was held by the DC power outlet rather than the current build. That'd be the best in mt opinion, then there wouldn't need to be a power cord! I bought the holder from WP Central that is like that which isn't powered but uses it for holding capabilities.

I have an Brodit Pro Clip in my car to screw an phone holder on the clip.
So it is securly hold my Phone holder for my iPhone 4.
This is the only reason why i use my old iPhone 4 at the moment for navigation and music.... My Nokia 920 for calling and daily use....
Is it possible to screw this mount to something?

nickengineer says:

I dare say that you could drill some holes, kinda discreet, to fix to the Pro Clip Mount

Disinto says:

What's with the ugly '!' everywhere on the app and the gross Apple-like circles when swiping the top view?

adrian1338 says:

They could have done the Connector to the car a little bit bigger so everyone can see that thing ..
its not even neeed in this size!.
how is the connector to the mount? usb? so my current setup could work?

mrolympia74 says:

When is this coming to Canada? Hurry up already

isi mcf says:

Throwing my wallet at the screen and nothing is happening!

jmajid says:

and NOW we wait to see which retailers will stock them...
I think Amazon will, but it would be nice to see one of these at one of the brick/mortar stores...

gibbyhome says:

I hope wpcenteral will be the first to carry this .

spaulagain says:

I've been waiting for, please launch soon!!

thaguy says:

Does it have a camera opening?

Miksup says:

This and Tylt Vu, come to me!

Neo Nuke says:

I've been waiting for this all my life

petteriusa says:

Another vote for Proclip adding this! The suction cup method won't work for me. I agree the vent mount is the only way to go!

simphf says:

J.J. Abrams Star Trek sucks.

GhostITMG says:

Let's just agree to disagree

en2012 says:

When available in US market?

mixxxk says:

Just make ur own, like I did......

pallentx says:

I've been thinking about doing the same. How did you power it? Is there a DC power supply for cars for it? My charging plate is household power/AC only.

mixxxk says:

Tie into the cig lighter adapter. I know I made the video at a fast pace, but that's what pause is for ;)

sclmnn says:

After waiting i got CR-123 or CP-123, equally good, but no NFC support. Would be nice to have this one.

bjorn909 says:

Meh, universal... Why not just get a Pro Clip that fits your 920 perfectly? Not wireless but the best holder/charger you can get.

tribexx says:

I couldn't hear, do you have to use Nokia Music?

sclmnn says:

Guess u can put any app u want on the home screen

AccentAE86 says:

Can't wait to get this in my car! Integrating NFC and a car app makes this killer!

danielgray says:

App should be free and could be activated by detection of a car kit by Bluetooth. Like the Symbian car mode.

invisik says:

Awesome, must buy

btgusto says:


chriswong13 says:

This appears to have been pulled from the Nokia web site...