Nokia Xpress steps out of beta, helps you browse the web on a tight data budget

Nokia Xpress

When it comes to data plans on your mobile device, mileage varies from carrier, to region, to country. Some people might be grandfathered into unlimited data plans and now eat as much as they can on blazing fasts LTE networks. Others might be in an emerging market and are just experiencing 3G speeds for the first time. One way or the other, Nokia has an app that recently left beta to help people with tighter data budgets. Nokia Xpress is ready for the limelight.

What is Nokia Xpress? It’s a browser that Nokia’s had in beta since December of last year. It uses cloud technology to compress data on web pages before it’s sent to your device. Nokia claims that up to 85% data savings using their Xpress browser. While you might stick to IE if you’re using the Lumia 1020 on AT&T’s LTE network, users on a Lumia 520 in an emerging market should be looking into trying out Xpress.

Nokia Xpress also has a cool “magazine” that brings together various RSS feeds into one view. You can add a few of your favorite sites to the magazine within Xpress. Anytime you visit a website for the first time Xpress will detect the RSS feed and ask if you want to add it. Pretty handy. Once added to the magazine you can view the 10 most recent stories from a particular site by drilling down into its hub.

You can also save pages to read later with Xpress, even if you aren’t online. Another feature we wish IE had.

Interested in trying out Xpress? Go get your browse on if you’re rocking a Lumia device on Windows Phone 8. It’s free. Grab it here in the Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app. 

Thanks for the tip Paul S!

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LMZR says:

The reviews put me off this app. Still it looks pretty good. :)

RedSamurai says:

Same here, seems to be still a wip...

cookgoose says:

Never rely on reviews try for yourself first, if you don't like uninstall.. Some people just have mean stuff to say,.

RedSamurai says:

I guess you're right, as long as it's free.

txDrum says:

Lame. Can't try it out on my 8X :( requires 1280x768 resolution haha. If only Verizon had had the 920 :p

RedSamurai says:

Isn't it Nokia exclusive to begin with?

no it doesnt. ive had this on my 521 for weeks now (which begs the question, btw: is this even news?) and its standard 480x800.resolution. i think you cant get it since its nokia exclusive.

MikeSo says:

Just because you had it doesn't mean it's not news for the rest of us. I had never heard of it, but am excites to try it out - because I loved this functionality on my "dumb phone" using Opera Mini.

Sam Sabri says:

Tip us next time. Some news we only get when you guys and gals share with us :)

neo158 says:

I would say that when the article states "Go get your browse on if you’re rocking a Lumia device on Windows Phone 8." then it's safe to say this is a Nokia exclusive.

kurotsuki says:

It works on 480p devices but since it's Nokia's app, it's exclusive only for Nokia devices.

andrewb65 says:

I'll miss Nokia working on little projects like this, sigh.

For all we know there's nothing stopping them at the moment

Yeah, projects like this will be the first to fall by the wayside in the Microkia mash-up.

txDrum says:

Considering the Microsoft research team putting out apps like Blink and others? Probably not.

Boris Gong says:

When was it in Beta? Hasn't it been along since Lumia 900?

the wp8 version has been in beta for a long time, but this is still old, since ive had the non beta on my 521 for over a month.

CJ Thunder says:

Soon to be renamed IE Lite.

blackhawk556 says:

I read somewhere that Nokia decrypted data being transmitted somehow with this browser. Does anyone know about this??

Sam Sabri says:

According to their terms they decrypt it then send it through an encrypted connection. Read more over at Nokia about it

blackhawk556 says:

Why would you want your info decrypted though? Seems like an easy way for hackers to get info while the info is decrypted, no?

djgreedo says:

The connection between you and Nokia's servers is secure. They decrypt your data in order to optimise it (i.e. they compress images, etc. so less data is used). The potential privacy breach is only there if someone at Nokia decides to break their privacy policy or if Nokia gets hacked. None of your encrypted data is stored by Nokia according to the privacy policy.

blackhawk556 says:

That's exactly my point. If a rogue employee decides to see your info you're screwed. Or if they get hacked, now the hacker can have decrypted info because Nokia decided to decrypt it.

Well for US ppl, we should already be used to the idea of little privacy lol

Love this app on my 520. Has crashed on occasion though. I would also like the magazines to have more than 10 articles available. Also it would be way better if you could make a schedule to download articles via wifi instead of doing so manually.    Only have 150 Mb right now suuuuch a ripoff. thnx rogers
edit: accidentally replyed instead of just commenting. could not delete.

ryraansh says:

This was in Beta? I've had it for a long time.

diktea says:

I used to try to watch youtube with this but was not successful... what is the reason or am i the only one having problem

Josh Harman says:

That might be fixed, I saw in the reviews that someone reported that they are working now.

zedddy says:

Not available in the Philippines? It cannot load websites.

NikLumWP8 says:

What out of beta? I installed few minutes ago then open m.facebook.com, it force closed. Tried again, force closed again. Very bad browser.

xdarude says:

What happened with the wp7 version?

mjyumping says:

Where is the WP7 version?