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Nokia's App Social now available for all Windows 8 devices

App Social by Nokia is a great app for making app discovery a bit more social rather than diving deep and across the breadth in the Windows Phone Store or Windows Store.

App Social first arrived as part of Nokia Collection on Lumia devices evolving from an erstwhile app called App Highlights. A while back the app made way to the Windows Store exclusively for Nokia Lumia 2520 tablets. The app is now available broadly for all Windows 8 devices.

App Social is a fun way to find new apps based on what your friends are using and recommend. The Windows 8 version is pretty similar to the Windows Phone version and allows you to browse and download apps recommended by most popular users (like Windows Phone Central *wink*).

App Social

You can sign up to create your own profile and a list of apps to share with your friends and the community. As you get more followers, you climb up the leaderboard. From within the app, you can search for apps, applists, and even users.

While the app on Windows Phone allows you to add and browse Windows Phone apps only, App Social for Windows 8 allows adding and browsing both Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps. You can download App Social for free from the Windows Store here. Give it a spin, and let us know how you like it.

Thanks, Fahmi B., and Rahul S., for the tip!



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rockstarzzz says:

What are you doing up this late, dude!?

Nesdam1981 says:

Wth does this have to do with the article? This actually made me not want to vote on it. I tend not to help trolls.

iamoniwaban says:

Wont install till fixed....that will teach em a lesson...kidding. I hope this works as advertised because the store is a mess.

ortizang says:

it is seven pm in my country.

cindawinda says:

Its 12 in NZ...

BataBole says:

This is how I see this text : app, app, app, apps, apps, app, app, applist, app, apps...and of course an App.

sip1995 says:

Be careful, Apple may sue you for using the "app" word.

jawss says:

great.. i hope they give everyone the video director too ^_^

Nesdam1981 says:

This app don't even show up in my store.

Windows 8.1, sweden.

Same here - Czech Republic.

^^ This, The Netherlands. Nope.

Strange. I installed in India just fine.

WP95 says:

I had no idea Nokia MixRadio was also available on non Nokia tablets.

kaartman says:


in the settings of the PC / tablet should make regional & language: United State

Nesdam1981 says:

Thank you. This actually worked.

Still limited to the US though it seems which is weird. But this method worked for now.

Jazmac says:

I can't log into this app.  Is this only non-US?

Nawzil says:

You have to log in with your Nokia account.

Jazmac says:

I know. Its what I'm using. Same Nokia login I use on my Lumia 920. Works there but not on the Windows 8 app.

Nawzil says:

What error did you get?

Jazmac says:

It takes me to the registration page. I already have a registered Nokia account.