Cyan Updates!

Lumia Cyan is going global for the Lumia 920

Canadian Lumia 920 on Cyan

Lumia Cyan update coming to 920 in Canada

Lumia Cyan updates

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Lumia Cyan Updates!

Lumia Cyan going out to Lumia 520, 920 and 1020 users

Lumia Cyan Updates!

Cyan update hitting Lumia 920 users in UK, Italy and Spain

Cyan on AT&T

Lumia 520 and 925 on AT&T finally get Cyan and 8.1

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Microsoft teases possible launch date of a green Lumia or successor to the X

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Nokia’s custom audio equalizer gets pictured for Windows Phone 8

Nokia Equalizer

Nokia's custom audio equaizer for the Lumia 820

Just this morning we reported on Nokia’s exclusive Dolby Headphone system coming to their new Lumia Windows Phone 8 lineup. The technology would be used to augmented and enhance the native Windows Phone capabilities, giving users a great music experience.

As it turns out, video of the app already exists and was demonstrated in New York. We snapped a few screencaps of the app in action and here is what we can tell you..

Nokia Equalizer


  • It has an adjustable 7-channel equalizer
  • 18 Presets including bass, dance, etc

Not too shabby as many users have been asking for years for an adjustable equalizer for audio fine-tuning. Along with Dolby’s patented technology for acoustic manipulation, we can expect the Lumia 820 and 920 to pump out some excellent tunes.

Nokia Equalizer

Manipulating the EQ by screen touch

Source: BWOne (YouTube); Thanks, fwaits, for the tip in comments



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hardcoreplur says:

Suck on that Dre =P

DavidinCT says:

man, i want that 920 on Verizon in whilte NOW !!!!

humboldt1 says:

Reports keep saying Verizon is going 820.....

Hope reports are wrong,we will see

So What says:

It's not going to sound as good as the 8X

IMjBI says:

Beats got Beat!
Just take my freaken money...will you!

tissotti says:

Loving this mostly because of the very nice looking implementation of it. Never use EQ on any of my devices, just wanna as neutral and interference free audio quality.
My headphones and in-ears will deliver the sound i want.  

erfanullah says:

This is cool.

Dare2Blink says:

Awesome news, been hoping for this on my new lumia 920

Bushybro says:

Now what is HTCs advantage over the Lumias?

They still have an audio-out amplifier. 

CJ Thunder says:

That only effects line out audio right? How does Nokia's fare in regards to line out audio? They should be equal over Bluetooth, right? So many questions, so many choices, only a month to go.

cool8man says:

Two audio amplifiers, a dedicated imaging chip for faster photo taking and image processing, a 2.1MP 1080p front facing camera with 88 degree angle lens, a soft touch tapered matte case and a phone that weighs only 130g. And the biggest advantage is probably greater carrier availability on 150 carriers worldwide.

Residing says:

Lol!  I'm still getting the L920 :)

tissotti says:

I honestly doubt globally there will be any difference.
Outside of UK and North America every carrier carries every phone. We are still talking about Nokia that has MUCH further reach globally than HTC.
Example HTC is not getting it's phone to world largest carrier with 655 million customers, China Mobile. 
As for camera Nokia has also needed to fit custom camera chip so HTC's statement doesn't really mean much before reality. 

Yangstax says:

The biggest disadvantages, however, are 1) without Pureview camera to take stunning low light pictures, 2) without OIS to take stable video, 3) can't use the phone without taking off glove no matter how cold the weather is, 4) can't do wireless charging, 5) can't get the high quality Nokia hardware and software support, 6) can't get Nokia Music free music streaming and other Nokia exclusive apps support.

fwaits says:

Yeah I was just looking for demos of the JBL speaker in use with the 920 and ran into this video and was like, whoa, nice EQ settings. =)
BTW does the Nokia Music service look like it's pretty damn good?  Seems badass for a free service.

elvisff says:

It's pretty good, especially for being free. Offline and custom mixes without commercials is hard to beat.

glenc says:

this really needs to come to WP7.8 Nokia devices too (with or without "dolby") the EQ is needed

Oxygen22 says:

+ 1 000 000
Well I need an EQ on my device too. I'll get angry if Nokia finds some lame excuses to not to bring it to the existing devices !!

pixote says:

Hell yes!!

tds101 says:

\o/ OMG!!! This is exactly what I wanted!!! WP KICKS AZZ!!!

tissotti says:

More like Nokia kicks ass. 
This is only for Lumia's. 

awesumjon says:

HTC Devices have their own Equalizers. And dude, WP does kick ass. Don't dispute it. Accept it.

jhoff80 says:

I'd much rather have this than Beats.  Something customizable that lets me decide what is good is a million times better than a company who puts out ridiculously bass-heavy headphones deciding what is good.

wooooooooooohhhh !!!

cool8man says:

I really want that JBL stereo for my bathroom. Perfect setup to be able to share and pair without wires and without ever draining the battery of the phone while listening to audio. I just wish that it came with a little remote control. 

NIST says:

Ok. I made my decision. I'm in. Come to daddy Lumia920

Jrexxx says:

Never liked using equalisers, I find they distort the audio... As for the Dolby stuff, I don't really like that much either: I have it in my VAIO, it's called Dolby Home Theater V3, and the "Audio Enhancer" is just an equaliser that removes detail from music.

tds101 says:

If you know HOW to use an equalizer it DOESN'T distort. That's an old myth,...

WilliamC1972 says:

Hopefully this will make the sound much better and not have any distortion to it. Nice improvement though!

rlatarche says:

Any idea whether this works over Bluetooth?

I want the equalizer on the 900!

tds101 says:

I'd luv it on my Lumia 900 as well,...but I'm still getting the 920!!!

fsweb2011 says:

In regards to Nokia music, shown on the video, I find the sound quality to be quite poor. In fact I bought my l800 because of it, and was hoping to get rid of Spotify, however I will not now. Anyone knows if Nokia is working on better sound quality? I doubt the equalizer will make it any better, if the stream is low quality ....

tissotti says:

Thinking the hardware is totally different with different SoC, only thing i can promise is that it has nothing to do with Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 sound quality.
Will it be better or worst, only reviews will tell that or your own experience at this point. Though i really doubt it will be anywhere near as bad as on old Lumia's.
Dunno what happened there with Nokia when at the same time they made one of wordls best sounding portable player, Nokia 808 PureView with some serious audio hardware inside (along with the imaging). 

Aldoron says:

It can't be worse than Sirius. Can it? O.O im not sure if they even hit 128kbps. I could be wrong but it always sounds tinny.

Sergio0694 says:

Damn, I hope Nokia music will come to Europe as well :)

fsweb2011 says:

I am in Europe (Spain) and Nokia music has been here for a while...

tissotti says:

Nokia Music has been in Europe since 2011. When Lumia 800 was released in Europe. USA just got it couple of weeks ago.
In what country are you living in Europe?

woogie_burns says:

As he is demonstrating the Nokia Music app, is the equalizer limited to the Nokia Music app or will it be system wide? Would be good if we could use it with all audio and video apps on the phone. 

PrivateJoker says:

Asking the same right now...

nizzon says:

My bet its not system wide, sadly then its just a gimmick. Hope its system wide!!

ChrisLynch says:

Agreed.  I hope it's system wide, and not just limited to Nokia Music.  I don't use it, and don't plan to, as I have my Zune Music Pass and ain't giving that up!!!

markgrif says:

I don't know if it means anything, but he got GPS coordinates INSIDE!

ChrisLynch says:

I can get GPS coordinates while indoors on my L900.  However, that doesn't always happen, and completely depends on how the building interferes with the GPS signal.

ejlee072006 says:

Omg... I have been waiting for this...shit when I went to apple store last week apple guy told me to switch to iPhone cuz WP doesn't support eq.. Then he showed me his phone.. I was embarrassed.. Men NOKIA is completing come Nokia never made meego as smooth as WP?? Screw surfaced phone

nizzon says:

Because building an OS is not as easy as building apps?

prashant45 says:

Wow ..
lumia has got equalizer in its hardware

Cristoby says:

Great for Nokia, hiring gypsies for phone demos... Awesome!

Aldoron says:

Bigotry at its finest

dsba says:

how to keep up without our L920 (patience not my virtue)

nizzon says:

I bet its only available in the Nokia music app and not global, so not usable in Zune?

Revant says:

It'd be great to have this demoed together with the HTC 8X to compare which actually sounds better, even though it may be subjective.

Audio is subjective, we all hear differently. That said my first windows phone, an LG Optimus 7 was the first to replace my portable music player, but it had very low volume output and lacked fidelity to me. My Lumia 900 is louder and to me carries fidelity better across volume. I'd take a 7-band equalizer any day over generic bass and treble control.

Aldoron says:

More control would be great but I have been happy with my Samsung focus using the Zune pass. :)

mrdeezus says:

The beats impleteation is software only, not hardware. This to me makes it a draw between the phones.920 has camera advantage, and wireless charging.I still am impressed with HTC and Nokias offerings though. It looks like there is a w8 handset to satisfy everyone.


vijax21 says:


TallPaul86 says:

I REALLY hope Nokia make a Windows Phone 7.8 version of this as its quite depressing having a set of Nokia Purity HD headphones in matching glossy white colour of my Lumia 900 and to find there is no Beats Audio style profile and/or equalizer settings to take advantage of the cracking headphones
PLEASE Nokia make a version for Lumia WP7.8!!