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Nokia's latest ad shows how the Lumia 925 can help you remember the night before

Nokia has published the above advertisement to attract those party animals who simply cannot remember the night before and require photos to trace back steps to figure out exactly what occurred. Unfortunately, if your smartphone camera isn't great with night shots you're going to be literally left in the dark when trying to see view the device captured.

This isn't the case with OIS (optical image stabilisation) in high-end Lumia Windows Phones like the Lumia 925. Just like we saw with the previous advertisement, Nokia is going aggressive against competitor products after the sun sets.

In this video we see two young males who have enjoyed an eventful night out. Taking numerous snaps with a mobile device, they're having the time of their lives. That is until the next morning when they look at what they captured. Not being able to see anything in the photo viewer the ad closes up with "Well... I can't see anything... Last night sucked."

If a Lumia 925 was utilised they would have been able to recall much of what happened. It's an interesting turn on the low-light photography marketing.

Source: YouTube; thanks to everyone who tipped us!



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teaMJPx says:

Ha! That's true though. Even with my wife's GS3... She has always preferred the quality of my WP's pictures, even back when I had he Arrive. Great advertisement.

benners76 says:

+1 That was great!

elsana says:

is th L925 will coming in israel?

StuboWPC says:

Am I getting old when ads like this turn me off? Showing random hooks up and nudie runs?

NIST says:

Yes. You are old. We now expect you to complain that the music is too loud.

StuboWPC says:

No, I'm all for the loud music :)

I guess I'm stuck somewhere in between then, haha.

RyanAMG says:

so would you say you’re a inbetweener? good ol BBCA that was a funny show.

Rich Edmonds says:

To be honest, I would say the team was rather controlled in representing what actually happens.

StuboWPC says:

Oh, obviously, but you still need to draw a line about what you do and do not portray in ads.

I mean, we could also show an ad where someone uses their smartphone to somehow help them shoot up heroin. That would surely appeal to a certain demographic, but obviously is a bit distasteful.

I don't know. You youngins and your party lifestyles ...

koenshaku says:

I think you fail to understand european culture this ad was mild compared to some of the ads I have seen from there lol.

Dare2Blink says:

yep... you are getting old :) or you are simply not the targeted demographic of this add, whichever way you want to look at it.

nohra says:

Not old... just wiser ;-)

wpguy says:

Got that right!

wpguy says:

LOL... might first thought was, "well, now we know why the STD rate is what it is..."

NIST says:

Eating an apple. Haahaa

Andresuxx says:

JAJA that never happens but still a pretty cool ad

Kenny G Jr says:

That was good. :-D

WinFan1 says:

lumias are the perfect camera phones for the night life.

And soon to be even more better in daylight :P

cookgoose says:

Well constructed ad reminds me of the movie "Hangover".

high time they started showing ads with their phones actually at work..
last few ads, like the zombie or carrot one..or even this one..they just have proofs..
these ads are nice to see..and funny..but they can't grab real buyers with ads which don't even show what their product can really do..

ricbon says:

I didnt like it they shouldve shown the phone. I hate to say it but Apple's Iphone commercial are great the phone is always the focus point of it all. It shows what it can do even though we know others phone can do the samething but they spotlight it. nokia needs a campaign like that the Lumia up and center

SleepyTheDon says:

My soon to be Ex-girlfriend loved my Lumia(s) so much that she didnt get the iphone5 with her update she actually switched from the iP4s to a L1020 out doing my L925.... 

schlubadub says:

Good reason to break up with her ;)

I thought they was talking about like how Canon has it on their powershots where it records 3 seconds of video before the photo. I would love that feature on a phone. Who will be the first!?

You mean like remember the night before, when you wake up and see that stranger in your bed, then you scream and race out of your bedroom... Cool!

Cellus13 says:

I simply can't get over my 925. Love it!

nlm says:

The ending could've been better. When the first guy sees the dark photos and says last night sucks, the second guy should've whipped out his 925, swiped and said,"No it didnt..."

rubenwidjaja says:

yeah I agree with this
Nokia should put Lumia 925 on second guy and that would be perfect
but love the idea :)

Duduosf says:

Why aren't you working for them yet?

nlm says:

I wish. If wpc acts as the go between id be happy to give Nokia advice on their next ads! :)

Dannay says:

Agreed, they really need to show the product as at least then people would recognise it if they dont know the name

wpguy says:

That's what I was expecting. Instead I'm left with the memory of a phone that took crappy pictures... I don't think that's what Nokia wanted me to remember from the ad.

Reflexx says:

They should have had the girls being kissed take pics too, but with a 925.

After the guys look at their pics and don't see anything they say, "Last night sucked."

Then the girls look and see the guys clearly and crisply and say, "Eww. Last night sucked."

Haha. Okay. Maybe not the best ad idea because you don't want to capture bad memories.

Love this ad! Keep it up, Nokia!

kovisxd says:

My friend's dad has got it and its very light

It's a funny ad but once again it doesn't show the product.  By the time the words Nokia 925 flash across the screen, the joke is over and the audience has tuned out.

E Lizzle says:

Coincidentally, I can't remember most of Saturday night, but they sure aren't going to let you take pics in the champagne room.

snakechia says:

Don't get these Lumia 925, you might left undeniable evidences for your wife or girlfriend!!! :P