Nokia's Lumia 1520 Windows Phone 'phablet' launches in UAE for 2599 AED

Lumia 1520

The Nokia Lumia 1520 is the company's first of two "phablets" running Windows Phone 8. The handset itself is slowly launching in numerous markets worldwide, which now includes the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and India following tomorrow. If you've been waiting for this Windows Phone and reside in the UAE, you'll be able to pick one up from Nokia Stores starting today.

How much will you be required to part with? 2599 AED ($700) will bag you a SIM-free, unlocked Lumia 1520. Sporting a massive 6-inch 1080p display, quad-core 2.3GHz Qualcomm 800 CPU and 2GB RAM, it's a powerhouse to say the least. You'll also be able to enjoy 32GB internal storage with the ability to expand it through microSD.

While you'll be able to pick up the Lumia 1520 unlocked in the region, local mobile operators will also be offering contracts with subsidised 1520 handsets, so keep an eye out for upcoming deals. We'll have more details on the Indian launch tomorrow, so be sure to remain tuned to our feeds.

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ajftl says:

Make a smaller version Nokia.

A worldwide version of 929 ? 

Me want. 

guyjkh says:

THIS !!! +920

A 929, that ISN'T exclusive to Verizon.

Dean McCrae says:

As long as the Start screen cannot assume a landscape display, I cannot see anyone really using it as a tablet. This one simple change could make such a difference to Windows Phone.

Looking forward for the Indian launch. Will be priced at least 50K here in India I would think.

hipporama says:

I'm hoping against hope that they won't go full retard like they did with the 1020. Price is for less than 45k and I'm selling my 920 for it!

Well regardless of what they price it, my Lumia 920 is up for exchange. But, I recently extended the warranty of this phone, I am thinking should I wait for it or go for it tomorrow...

hipporama says:

I don't think they're selling the 920 in India anymore. The resale value of it will drop further in a month or two. I'd say go for the 1520 if you have the money!

Also, I think the 1520 will be available only after a few days even though the launch is tomorrow, but I might be wrong.

:) God, I am so excited. As for having money, that's why you have Credit Cards with easy to pay EMI's ;)

hipporama says:

Haha.. cheers man! Which city you in?

Bangalore, how about you?

hipporama says:

Same here. Looks like the 2 of us are going to be one of the first owners of a 1520 .. lol

Hmmm, ok. Cool!!! I mean, what's not to like about the phone? Maybe I need to get bigger pockets.

sikku says:

Am also waiting... Same from bangalore... :)

Where are you guys getting it from? Which store?

hipporama says:

I'm getting it from Akshar's Telecom near Minerva Circle. He's always given a great deal compared to the big stores and he's said he'll most probably be getting stock tomorrow.

Cool, I got mine yesterday ;)

hipporama says:

Congrats! How do you like it compared to the 920?

Oh my God, I am overwhelmed by the screen size!!! Love the fact that I can accommodate more live tiles. Thanks!!!

They are selling 920 here, at 24-25k retail.. That's $400 which in my opinion is a real nice deal.. :)

msi31684 says:

Yes..indian pricing strategy is different than rest of world for nokia....these azzholes dont get it right after failing every time..i got my 920 frm UAE as i couldnt wait till the phone was launched and price drop after 2-3 months frm launch...Hope microsoft will get it right next year onwards

I understand, it was a long wait no doubt. Now I am sick and tired of waiting for the BH-940 headset. Finally Nokia pulled the product off their website putting an end to my frustration.

The UAE and Indian price for 920 was approximately same, 2300 (36k) and 38k in India.. Price dropped after 5 months to 32k which is expected and consistent with most branded phones.

Generally, rates in UAE and India are closer.. Do a straight conversion and add about 2-3%.. My take is 43-44k.

Let's hope you are true, but I want to be prepared for the worst pricing.

PeadarWagon says:

Wireless charging too? They should make a 1520 for AT&T.....

Only the Att model has no built in wireless charging, so yeah, I'm 99% sure this does.

It's for free on an 18 months contract (Etisalat) 


i want a non contract one, 18 months is too long,when it available in nokia store

I wonder what Microsoft is going to name there devices and services once they take over? Same with SkyDrive.

Sarang68 says:

Eagerly waiting!

Ali Azadeh says:

Hello , the yellow model don't release in dubai ?! :( why ?
I checked today but he said did not release yellow model of lumia 1520 in dubai !!!


only for etisalat,what makes me so disappointed

ejlee072006 says:

I'm loving everything about the 1520,coming from 900 ait going back BROTHERS

I hope the pricing is correct in India as India is a price sensitive market.

Do a straight conversion from the use cost mentioned, approx 43-44k in India which is in line with the android s800 flagships

silverbladex says:

I'm loving my 1520. :D


it seems like only availalbe for etisalat,i want to buy in nokia store,not launched?


Obaydok says:

Why Nokia left Iran behind??

lucktr says:

I am sure it's nothing personal...most likely only an attempt to be politically correct? But hunger for profit will definitely drive them back, I assure u ;)...by then, ur only option only remains to be import

Rich, can you please confirm if it comes with Wireless Charging built-in? I started checking the full specs of the phone and I don't find Wireless Charging mentioned anywhere on the Nokia Website. I checked both the UAE website as well as the India website, missing in both the places.

hipporama says:

Pretty sure the 1520 has wireless charging built in. Only the AT&T version doesn't have it.

And although they don't seem to mention it on the Nokia site, they do recommend wireless charghing accessories for the 1520 so am sure that WC is a given.

Btw, I just heard from a friend who owns a mobile store that the 1520 is gonna cost 50k :(

Hmmm, funny they don't mention it anywhere in the specs but it is mentioned in the user guide of the support page. Well, just be prepared for the worst in terms of pricing.

SACRIFICE_84 says:

Im buying to L1520 on EMI in mumbai.But one of my frd said it will be available after a week only.

SACRIFICE_84 says:

Yeah it will be priced at 56k bcoz htc one max is available at 53k.

im going run to dubai mall and get it today