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Nokia's Lumia 900 $100 credit rolling out

Nokia distributing 00 credit

We all know the story surrounding the connectivity issues with the Nokia Lumia 900, right? The Lumia 900 had a software bug that caused data connections to drop and in the span of a week Nokia acknowledged the problem, worked up a fix and distributed it ahead of schedule.

Customers had the choice of swapping out their Lumia 900 for a new unit or simply updated their existing Lumia 900 with the fix. To help compensate customers (who bought the Lumia on or before April 21st), Nokia also threw in a $100 credit.  The credit was scheduled to be applied within the next sixty days according to a reminder text message from AT&T.

Just as Nokia wasted no time rolling out the update, they aren't wasting any time rolling out the $100 credit.  We're getting reports from several readers that they are already seeing the credit showing up on their AT&T account. I just checked mine and sure enough, it's there.  

Kudos once again to Nokia for promptly addressing the problem, fixing it and crediting our accounts.  Is everyone else seeing the credit?  We've got a forums discussion going on about the credit rolling out.  Feel free to chime in there or in the comments below. 

Thanks to everyone for tipping us on this!



There are 36 comments. Sign in to comment

Sarang68 says:

Nokia committed!

cdbstl76 says:

Mine is there. In short, WOW!

TheRealSel says:

Just checked, my credit has been applied!

nite732 says:

Got mine and did not even think at first  where it came from.

zigzagr says:

Just checked my account and sure enough I have the credit applied s well. Awesome and thanks Nokia.

UrbanaSax says:

Got it on mine, too!

jbjtkbw00#AC says:

What is this strange feeling of satisfaction that I'm getting from Nokia? I've never felt this before. It's quite odd. I don't know how to handle it.

GonzoMcGee says:

I hear you, I think it's called customer satisfaction

Lol, too true! I'm sticking with Nokia for sure!

kgreen1030 says:

My credit is there also, I paid 19.99$ on Amazon so basically I got paid 80$ bucks for this phone. I like the phone better than my Iphone 4. What a steal!

Just checked and mine cane through as well.

LDragon2000 says:

Did not get mine. :(

CFC says:

Got mine as well. Thanks Nokia!

Verkunder says:

Not seeing mine. Of course, it says it doesn't reflect any activity after 4/9, so here's to hoping. Where exactly would I see it?

cayano says:

I got mine as well. Thank you Nokia!

jsayz says:

As mentioned above, I too was just paid 80 bucks for this sweet device! Thanks Nokia....beta test is over!

agm353 says:

Got mine too for the two phones we bought!

DanSmithKY says:

I got mine and I returned my original black 900 and got a white one after the 21st.

wsantiago says:

Got mine...Customer Service = NOKIA

slayu says:

Did anyone who bought this phone off contract from Amazon get the $100 credit on their at&t bill yet?  I haven't seen one (no text either). 

CheesyJif says:

I got my $100 and the text. I ordered from Amazon like you.

slayu says:

Thanks for the reply. I'll continue to look for the $100 credit and if it doesn't come thru within the 30 days return window, I'll end up returning it. Can you tell me when you bought it from Amazon? 

babbeloo says:

They keep their word and do it fast! Thanks Nokia!
Unlike Samsung. Where I bought a led-tv which was promoted with a so called "cash back" promotion. It has been 4 months now, still, I did not receive any money back... even after several reminders. 

You lucky bastards! The stormtrooper is just around the corner for Norway... Hopefully

Los says:

They credited me for both Lumia's on my account, so it says -$200. I didn't even pay for mine either. It was free, only paid for the second one

touchpad4760 says:

Not yet for me.   Purchased our 2 on 17 April from ATT Premier (late at night), shipped the 18th, got them the 20th.   My ATT billing cycle ended the 24th, and there were no credits at that time.
Anyone get their credit that purhcased as or more recently?

tallgeese says:

Yep, got my credit.

Bushybro says:


aubreyq says:

I guess this is what "hero status" is all about.

benopolis says:

Got mine. I have always love Nokia now I love them even more and I love my cyan lumia 900 but held the white one yesterday thinking of trading but can't decide.

troy_lumia says:

just checked, got mine too now. ($200, I bought 2 blk/cyan). Thank you Nokia. I never saw the data issue on my 2 phones, feel guilty.

debbymck says:

Got mine too! Impressive. Thanks Nokia:)

txaggies07 says:

Still waiting.  I bought off contract from ATT on 4/1ish.

diplomat696 says:

Yep I can confirm bill credit added to my account. Pretty sweet free lumia 900 do not see how u can go wrong with that under any circumstances.

cae758 says:

According to my AT&T Wireless account, I was credited $100 on April 24th. Incase anyone is trying to see a coralation between when people received the phone and account credited, I preordered March 30th and received my phone in the mail April 6th. ¡Viva la Nokia!