North Pole Pool Party Windows Phone 8 commercial

Microsoft recently published a video on its Windows Phone YouTube channel that featured Misfit Toys and 'Bumble' (The Abominable Snow Monster of the North) for a new Windows Phone 8 commercial. The team is back with another festive themed commercial featuring not only the Snow Monster, but Santa Clause who is enjoying a quick dip before the mad rush to deliver presents to kids around the world.

Using his Windows Phone, Santa is able to keep track of all the missed calls and messages from members of his team, while also keeping tabs on naught / nice kids with an updating Live Tile. A message is then sent to the Head Elf - "Need more toys". It's a jolly, simple advert that is clearly aimed at a slightly younger audience. With the Kid's Corner functionality, Windows Phone is a great solution for children entertainment.

Source: YouTube (Windows Phone)



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cp2_4eva says:

And the Christmas ads come pouring in. Lets do this Microsoft!

Awsome on Microsoft there idea is great

jsnod25 says:

I actually don't mind it at all, pretty cool.

theefman says:

Santa knows what's up! :)

rpm5101 says:

Love these ads.

upupandawol says:

A+ Microsoft for the media backing you guys are putting into WP

Come on, Microsoft! Get this on every commercial break! :)

ihavewp8 says:

Windows phone are selling like hotcakes. It will sell twice more during holidays. People are finally realizing the power of wp8 and are finally seeing boring iphone and android

R0bR says:

Yet they tease us with all these phone colors and all we can get are boring black or purple phones in Canada.

cdb033 says:

Gotta love it!

DropPass says:

I have yet to see these on TV.  Anyone else?
So far I have not seen too much activity on TV for WP8.  I see the Gwen Stephani commercial about everyday, but not much else.  I think I have seen one other WP8 commercial on TV since it's release.

cdbstl76 says:

I see the carrier WP commercials on ESPN and Big 10 network all the time.

R0bR says:

I don't have cable so can't speak to that but I've seen plenty of MS commercials on Hulu Plus.

cgold1 says:

They're all over Hulu plus. And I keep seeing Spotify and tune in radio on the wp8 phones in the ads and proceed to get annoyed.

jason8957 says:

Watch the Walking Dead.  Windows Phone and surface at every commercial break.
I need the naughty/nice live tiles for my kids.

caliborn says:

WP8 commercials I've seen:
The individuals commercial
Gwen Stefani and jessica alba
Verizon's 822 commercial
Will "what's his name" commercial
Cam Newton commercial
And all were aired at different times of the day on different channels.

poddie says:

I don't think these are aimed at kids as much as nostalgic adults

MediaCastleX says:

lol, =P
*sigh* =(