Now available: Official WPCentral app v2.3

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We released v2.2 only just 1 week ago, but thanks to a pesky "The parameter is incorrect" issue you may have encountered when tapping on a toast notification we're releasing a quick hot fix to the app to ensure functionality is restored!

So the change list for this version is much smaller than that of v2.2, but you can find it below:

  • Fixed a widespread issue where launching the app directly from a notification caused the app to crash
  • Implemented a workaround to optimise scrolling throughout the app, scrolling will no longer jump in any list (thanks to WPCentral reader 'rsuter' for suggesting this fix)
  • Fixed the about screen buttons
  • Improved social sharing by including the article title by default in the sharing screen
  • Comments now load all at once again as the new scrolling fixes the original issue
  • Added an option to always load high quality images when on Wifi
  • Added new wallpapers in the wallpapers section whilst we work on the community wallpapers functionality

None of the above would have happened without your feedback and comments, so please keep them coming!

You can pick up the app here in the marketplace, and if you enjoy using it, please rate & review us in the marketplace, we read every review from every marketplace and it keeps the new versions coming! Finally if there's something you're not so keen on you can let us know using the support options within the app.

QR: WPCentral App



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zeke1676 says:

Thanx heaps for these updates!!! We all appreciate it :)

Fantastic! Thanks! :)

ZX9 says:

Lol, just as I thought there were 19+ notifications? Very impressed with the quick fixes, Jay!

al.cantara says:

Thanks! If my tiles have a counter on how many times I've tapped them, yours will have the highest number, outside of call n text of course :)

Jay Bennett says:

Wow, thanks man, that's cool

Neusyn says:

Sweet, that toast notification issue was a irritating thorn. Now can we expect forums in 2.4?

threedog says:

Jay's said it'd come in v3.0

_Haitian says:

Hope our bombardments on emails weren't too much of a hassle. Lobe this app!!! Comments didn't show until I hit refresh just now thought ;) Either way, bar none the BEST Windows phone app in my opinion.

IsTrooper2 says:

Even though I personally didn't face any issues with 2.2 but I always welcome a new update

mmoses1978 says:

I see they listened to me about the wallpapers lol.

gorebashd says:

Keep up good work!! Love this app =)

As usual, & expected, Jay & WPCentral keep this app head & shoulders above the others. Thanks guys!

mworsham says:

Great job! :)

bjax says:

I love how quickly you guys act to fix bugs! No waiting a few months until a major update happens. Awesome work guys!

NIST says:

This and the Weave app helps me get my Windows Phone fix of breaking news and prevents me from doing any long periods of "work". Great job guys!

lippidp says:

Get those SD cards out of that picture!  Are you mocking my desire for expandable storage???  j/k

trazer says:

Thanks for the new wallpapers, the upper right "paint splatter" one is great. Need something other than white though so my top indicators show up better.

sHAYM4N says:

Nice work yet again Jay! This isn't an app anymore. Its a Windows Phone extension! :-D

The comment scrolling issue still really isn't fixed

Jay Bennett says:

I'm afraid I can't replicate any scrolling issues at all anymore el_fantasma, so if you're able to either submit a help request or even better record a video of the problem I'd really appreciate it

DaSchnee says:

Works totally fine for me

N@vX says:

Great job!, thanks for fixing social share.

bono5112 says:

As always, great job and keep up the good work Jay

abond32 says:

Fix windows news app and I like that the article title is included with the share. Tired of copy paste to share and who just wants to share a link with no title. Looked like spam. Thanks!!

adamlevin says:

Thanks! One of the best WP apps!

blushrts717 says:

Best WP app there is.

Sorax says:

Very happy to see the scrolling fixed. Thanks Jay!

namodenamer says:

Nice job jay,,,

dlrohm says:

Wish I knew how to fix my notifications on my phone. They used to work and I can't figure out how to fix it. Hard resets only work temporarily, background tasks for all apps eventually break again.

kidjenius says:

Holy crap, the scrolling is PERFECT.

dannejanne says:

Keep it up. Love your app.
Greetings from Sweden.

rsuter says:

@developers: if you have the same scrolling bug in your app (it happens in ListBoxes with a big amount of items with variable height) check out this blog post: http://blog.rsuter.com/?p=258

Jay Bennett says:

The one addendum to that fix: don't apply it to your listBox's on focus event, as this will prevent items inside the box getting focus (so you can't ever tap them). Instead apply it to the OnManipulationCompleted event :)

rsuter says:

Ok, ill check that as i havent had any problems with tapping elements (except buttons).
Update: Thanks for your hint, it makes the workaround even better ;-)... Now it's Mircosoft's turn to solve the problem in the first place...

Jay Bennett says:

Ha yep my listboxes are often custom button objects, you're very welcome, but thanks to you in the first place for pointing me in this direction

nizzon says:

This app is smooooooth. :)
Awesome work!

dannejanne says:

Your app is great! Thanks for improving it the scrolling is the one thing that has annoyed me.

1414H77 says:

How do you get to the forums with the app, or is it not possible?

Sergio0694 says:

Nice update. The article list in the home screen still lags a lot, though. I'm using an LG Optimus 7. Thanks :)

Jay Bennett says:

Sergio, if you're able to send a YouTube video of the behaviour you're seeing I'd appreciate it :)

Eld0 says:

Awsome app!

I asked for a comment notification wer if someone commented on ur comment then it would let u kno ..... Can we have that feature cuz I miss comments with all these articles happening so fast lol