NRK TV Windows Phone 8 app now available, offering a web experience


NRK TV is a Windows Phone app that enables consumers to check out programmes and more through the broadcaster's website (tv.nrk.no). Being the largest broadcaster in Norway, it's good to see an app available for Windows Phone, even if it's a simple launcher for Internet Explorer and the mobile version of the NRK TV website.

Should you reside in Norway, this will prove to be a useful solution should you wish to check out network details. We would like to see a native Windows Phone app in the future - but this could just be a way to see how much interest there is to warrant such development. Interestingly enough, it's only available for Windows Phone 8, though consumers can easily access the mobile website using IE on Windows Phone 7.x hardware.

You can download NRK TV for free from the Windows Phone Store. Thanks, Xaphoon148, for the heads up!




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Nakazul says:

Gratz till Norge. Före oss på skidor och före oss på tv :D

xMacGyver says:

Och doping...

JellymanEN says:

Är du "svartsjuk" ;-)   

henlunds says:

För upp kwikklunsj och brunost på listan över dopingpreparat så får vi se hur det går för dem nästa år;)

Lilleverden says:

He He, glad vi fikk denne, fungerer bra. Works well thanks

dålig taper.....

Antistatic says:

Utrolig at du kan skrive noe slikt... Men dessverre typisk når man er svartsjuk...

Nakazul says:

Skrev du till mig? Jag önska ju grattis. :'(

Antistatic says:

Beklager... Trykket tydeligvis reply på feil sted... Nei, tenkte mer på kommentaren til Xmacgyver....

RyanAMG says:

Even if its a launcher its good to see more and more coming to WP.

thorkenneth says:

It's not just a launcher. If you don't download the app, you can't watch any of the videoes in the site. 

SAYSteez says:

Can I be the first to say the ativ s looks ugly.. The picture would've looked better with a black 920 or something..

Xaphoon148 says:

Streaming live also...

Lilleverden says:

Yupp its all good!

Mange Nordmenn som leser WPcentral??

Er nok et par :) Bra å se at vi har et lite fotfeste her i Norge

Antistatic says:

Her også :-)

Visva27 says:

Its good for wp8 users. Existing WP7.8 users are already moved to android or IOS.

Xaphoon148 says:

No, I moved to Lumia 920...

dkvam says:

So did I:D

ihavewp8 says:

I just use my slingbox lol.

dkvam says:

Tross at jeg egentlig "hater" wep apps,så fungerte denne veldig bra!

vidar-ho says:

Does not work on wp 7.8 from the webpage as promised in the article. Boooh!

vidar-ho says:

Noen andre som har forsøkt tv.nrk.no og funnet at du ikke kan bruke nettsiden fra nettleseren i wp 7.8?