The New Zealand Herald releases Windows Phone app

NZ Herald

The NZ Herald, popular newspaper in New Zealand, has released an app for Windows Phone, providing frequent readers on the mobile platform with more convenient access to articles. Though it should be noted that to read full news stories IE is required. Some highlighted features:

  • View all your favourite sections of the Herald - National, World, Business, Sport, Technology, Video, Entertainment, Motoring, Lifestyle, Travel and Opinion.
  • Swipe between sections, tap on a headline to preview and read the full story if you want more.
  • Easily share stories with your social networks.
  • View the latest photo galleries and video in full screen.

Hopefully we'll see more integration, with support for full articles, offline reading, etc. in future updates. It's good to see more official support for Windows Phone nonetheless. You can download NZ Herald from the Marketplace for free. 

Source: NZ Herald

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sam17ub says:

Great. But where are the British newspaper apps -- with the obvious exception of the Guardian? Telegraph, Times, Mail, Mirror, Independent -- none of them have a WP app. Why is it? Why are they so crApple fanbois?

dckiwi says:

Dunno, move to NZ! We have better beaches too ;)

rodneyej says:

It would be nice if the DALLAS MORNING NEWS would release a frigin app!

Giddora says:

The swedish Aftonbladet app is great, has anyone tried this? :-)