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O2 confirms availability of 32GB Nokia Lumia 900, not a typo on the website [Updated]

WP Central

Well colour us all surprised. O2 Germany has confirmed, via Twitter, that the 32GB Lumia 900 is actually what's on offer and is not a typo on the website as we first presumed. The Windows Phone in question isn't just any old Lumia 900 either, it's the glossy white version, which has been listed on the carriers website as "coming soon"

There's still no word on pricing or availability just yet, and it'll be interesting to see if this 32GB variant makes its way elsewhere, especially with some owners demanding more storage.

Check out O2's tweet below (ignore the rough translation):

O2 32GB Lumia 900

As well as the above official confirmation, Twitter user XB-Mod tweeted a photo of an O2 product listing documentation detailing the same specification. Looks as though Germany will either get to play around with a Lumia 900 with larger storage capacity exclusive to O2, or wake up tomorrow to an apology from the carrier for an error that has escalated to both the website and pressers. also lists the Lumia 900 with an availability date of May 31st, at a price of EUR 575,00, but with only 16GB storage.

Update: Sorry folks, it seems O2 has changed the Lumia 900 specifications on their website to reflect 16GB. Looks like it was a typo and O2 was incorrect when confirming that it actually was 32GB. Thanks Pavel for letting us know of the change!

Source: O2 Germany (Twitter), @XB_Mod; thanks Ruben for the tip!



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lippidp says:

Even though I won't be getting it this gives me hope for future WP's. Rad!

yeahbuddy78 says:

Why they didn't spend ~$5 more to get 32 in the current Lumia, I'll never know.
Yes, costs, etc, but it's literally pennies.
Still bought a Lumia yesterday on eBay.  Switching from a Galaxy Nexus.  I think...

rodneyej says:

If this is true a lot of people ate going to be pissed. The phones should have launched in the US with 32gb on board. If they want WP to catch on they need to quit f#$%@sg around!

zacman says:

Why? The lumia sold very well in the current version in the US according to various sources quoted here on the website. So if they now after a while release the 32 GB in the US too then the phone will sell even more. Heck some people that bought the 16 GB version might even switch to the 32 GB version so it means even more $$$ for Nokia!

rodneyej says:

Look! A lot of people are going to be pissed! I didn't say everybody is going to be pissed. The reality is that there are going to be very many that would have liked the 32gb option at the time they purchased their phones. Sure many are willing to take the 16gb because the Lumia is a very nice device, and storage space isn't everything. But, MS, and it's partners keep giving people the idea that they need to wait, and not buy now, which is not good. We need top notch devices that leave nothing else to the imagination,, within reason of course, so that users will feel good about their purchase. These devices should have come out side by side, with a price difference. If you like 16GB fine, but some of us would like at least the option of more built in memory if it's not upgradeable. I'm completely sure thousands would agree with me, so like I said, a lot of people are going to be pissed off.

You DO know that the highest selling iPhone models are the 8 and 16GB variants right? Such a ludicrous statement.

lippidp says:

Although that's true I wonder if it's because even iFans aren't willing to drop $100 for 16GB of storage. If someone made a reasonably-priced 32GB model phone it might fare better in the market.

Sicarius123 says:

And idiots carry an iphone and ipod in the same pocket, so what?

drunkard says:

LOL, I actually know somebody who has an iphone4S w/ 64GB(!) and an iPod with I think 160GB(?), and he carries both with him all the time.

HD7guy says:

I've got a 16 GB Windows Phone and a Zune 120 GB that I carry around. If my phone had 64 GB I could leave the Zune behind. (No thanks, streaming music doesn't do it for me.)

rodneyej says:

A 32gb version 900 would still be cheaper than a equivalent iPhone. If you think they opted for the lower storage iPhone because they thought 64GB was to much then you have a "ludicrous" way of thinking. Its all about price, and those 64gb iPhones are just to expensive. Wake up, and trust me, I'm the biggest WP fan you can find, but I'm a sheep to no one. Use your brain, and fight for WP to be competitive. The second we sit back and think WP is the holy grail of tech we will all be just like those closed minded iPhone users. This is business son, and MS/Nokia/whoever need to learn how to play the game. Give the users what they want for a reasonable price! Thats all we ask.

gwydionjhr says:

How about somebody finds out if the Network Profile App is going to make an appearance again as well?

It ships with the 610, so probably.

cochranma says:

I don't get why 32GB is so hard. I go off-grid all the time so streaming from the net doesn't work for me. Give me a 32GB option at a reasonable price and I'm there in a instant.

IceDree says:

Maybe because of the price they were aiming for !

yeahbuddy78 says:

What's the supplier cost premium for a 16 vs. 32 gb chip?  If USB drives are any indication, I'd bet it's a few dollars (under $5 for sure).  It's puzzling.

jabtano says:

Per device,that $5.00 US could add up in development cost.

rodneyej says:

Yeah, but why not offer both? What's so hard about that? You would be willing to pay $149.00 for a 32gb 900 if that was the device you wanted right. I would...

Neusyn says:

The only big reason why I delayed my upgrade when I renewed was because of lack ok storage. If it's available in the us on art then I just might get it.

Jnbs says:

I think that they did not released the Lumia 900 with 32GB on the US because they were afraid of the success rate here. On Germany WP is way more popular than in the US, so they have more confidence to spend those pennies on that market.

WP7_Genius says:

Like always the US gets the kids version of a phone lol....look at HTC One X, Galaxy, Note......screwed

IceDree says:

What ??? Kids version ???
What about the DROID line by Motorola ? or the EVO line by HTC ? Kiddy version of the Note ??? You guys got with LTE on top?
or HTC Titan II ?

Regarding the ONE X , You guys got the ONE XL ! HTC made it that way , With a 16GB only of storage ! We have the same one in Saudi Arabia (S4 + LTE + 16GB)

Or the Lumia line , According to Nokia we won't get them until late Q4 !!!!!!!!!!!

The way I see it , You guys are lucky !

We got the 900 while others got the small 800 so yea ur right lol

schlubadub says:

Finally! Now let's get all WP's rolling out with that as default OR at least have diff models to choose from OR expandable storage OR all of the above :P

suavemezie says:

The specs here in the US, is simply controlled by the carriers. Ask At&t, why they choose 16gb instead.

What do you guys put on it that requires so much storage?

agm353 says:

A Simpler Question: What DON'T you put on it?

IceDree says:

Music & Videos for a Start !

Some of us love listening to music & have an big\huge music library ! Cloud services doesn't work everywhere

thenet says:

Having cloud is better than nothing so be happy stop wyning like a spoilpd brat

Some areas don't have good enough coverage to use the cloud, which makes it useless to many.

When you have kids you tend to snap lots of photos and video... So if you're on vacation abroad with stupid roaming charges and no WiFi... Then you need more than 16gb. Why is that hard to comprehend???

mmoses1978 says:

I am in that boat.

Well, pr0n i understand. Everything else, not so much.

thenet says:

They need more storage to download and watch porn movies LOL..

Lmao I know cuz pics and video go on the computer anyway witch leaves room for music and apps on the phone so alot of gigs is not necessary

rodneyej says:

YoHulk?? I can max out a 16gb storage phone with music alone. When you listen to old school Funk, Soul, Classic Rock, heavy metal, alternative, rap, and club/dance, and if you're a music producer and download sample tracks from Zune, your storage is "0"... I wish I had room for porn! Lol.. But seriously using my phone as a sample library, because it hooks right up to the MPC2500, I could really use 64GB or 128gb. Streaming on 3g is to slow, and 4g is two data extensive for my usage. So, yeah I need at least 64gb to be comfortable, but I can make it with 32. Unfortunately as you know I'm on 8gb, and I'm not making it! Lol. Right now I have 700mb left, and when my Focus gets down around 250mb it Android time! Lol. If I don't find something to delete it will not work! Lol!

schlubadub says:

After a year I had 10 GB in 'reserved space' for apps. 4GB of music & vids (not much really), a hundred meg of pics and I was close to full.

lippidp says:

I have filled up my 16GB with music alone and I have plenty more. Additionally, I travel internationally and would like to download the entire world's maps so I never have to think about it before I go somewhere. I do not want to rely on the network for anything that can be stored locally. It is adding an unnecessary point of failure and sometimes cost.

This is just FYI since you asked. Please spare me the reasons why you think I don't need more storage.

yeahbuddy78 says:

Once you download the entire US maps on Nokia Drive, it eats up a lot of room.  Toss on a few movies and a bunch of music and you are wishing Nokia had spent $3 more for a 32gb chip.
Or is it $9.  Doesn't matter.  32 gigs should have been standard, IMO.

Verkunder says:

Do a lot of driving to Alaska from Hawaii, do we?

yeahbuddy78 says:

Travel the US weekly actually.

DaSchnee says:

I have a Dell Venue Pro upgraded to 32GB and I have 500mb free space left(25GB music, a few apps, some podcasts, photos+videos)... it really drives me crazy. I really want a 64GB device

IceDree says:

Thats really tempting , As much as I love Windows Phone & like the design of the Lumia , I'll NOT pay that kind of money on a Nokia phone (Bad experience) !!!! The 16GB (None AT&T version) already costs 720 Dollars

I'll wait for a WP8 HTC phone

The off contract is $450.

If you're planning to use the phone for calling... Choose Nokia. My Titan is crap and I bet it's the radio

tissotti says:

I have had horrible experience with my Titan. The call quality was horrible and i had these wierd problems with charging that would lock the device. HTC One X is already being globally recalled.
Will never myself by another HTC. At least Apple and Nokia are there to fix problems if one rises.

Lx23 says:

Lol! Americans are gna be mad

thenet says:

Why would Americans be mad when they can use 25gb SkyDrive app hahahha America wins again English can just drink there tea LoL...

schlubadub says:

What? Most of us have 25GB SkyDrives, not just Americans.

DaSchnee says:

We have Skydrive as well, Sir...

but it is to slow to be useful...

Adorath says:

slow? It's fast here in Germany...

venetasoft says:

Very fast in Italy too ;)

Uploading was painful a month ago in Norway... I got 150gb:)

VikArmo says:

It's 'their' tea. If you want to make fun of someone at least use correct English.

Lx23 says:

We all have SkyDrive storage (that includes the Germans who are going to get the 32Gb 900) lol. Americans get really emotional when it comes to the storage on their phones. Check the comments, people are already complaining. The Germans are laughing their asses off. Lol!

camptime says:

The 900 costs 560 US here in Thailand. Ever noticed how products that are selling well always end up costing more then the recommended retail price.

IceDree says:

I agree , the minute the phone start selling well you find the retailers increasing the price

thenet says:

Who cares if it will have 32gb for me I have 16gb on my HTC arrive wp 7.5 and extra 25gb from SkyDrive cloud so that's a total of 41gb storage space. So I do not think people will be mad about it if they have 16gb internal has mostly dump my videos, music or pics on SkyDrive anyway. Also great about my HTC arrive wp 7.5 I can remove battery compare to lumia 900 can't remove battery :-D

HTC arrive. Sprint sucks. The phone is ok. The 900 is fine without removable battery.

Seeing a 32GB Lumia doesn't really bother me, even though the option would have been nice. Now this sh@%#y camera software that needs a serious update is another matter.

cdbstl76 says:

Its not the software as much as hardware

Its the software. I can tweak each 900 shot to match my Titan. That means that while a BSI sensor would be great, its not the reason the pics suck with standard settings. They didn't have time to get the camera code up to par with the hardware. When they roll out the Tango Update in July, I hope it has camera software optimization in addition to the new panorama settings.

32gb is kind of excessive for a phone IMO.

TonyDedrick says:

Not if you take a shit load of pictures or listen to a shit load different types of music.

I mean I can see how that could be a problem if your trying to store everything on your phone like it's a computer.

yeahbuddy78 says:

"No one will ever need more than 640k of memory" -Bill Gates
That "phone" replaces a music player, camera, video camera, GPS and a stack of books for many - myself included.  Give me cheap flash memory please.

Sumit8 says:

yea... remember the time when everyone carried a GPS device around?

schlubadub says:

Not really... I have 10 GB just in app 'reserved space', I would like to have 10-15 GB in music and vids, and the rest for pics and whatever else.

1tb would do the trick for me:)

schlubadub says:

I can't wait for everything to be in the TB range... Our kids will laugh their arses off when we say we only had 16 GB on our phones :P

MadSci2 says:

@thenet - after owning a dozen HTC phones I can understand why you are so in need of battery pulling :-D

fwaits says:

Isn't it the carriers essentially who decide what kind of memory storage options they want to offer on a phone?  iPhone excluded since there is only 1 device with a few memory options so they basically carry them all.

TonyDedrick says:

What some fail to grasp is not everyone is working with unlimited data plans (not to mention areas with poor signals). So cloud storage may not be an option for many, myself included. Luckily, I'm still using my Focus and I have a 32gb micro SD card. I also have an iPod Touch. So space is not an issue for me.

tds101 says:

I want 32gb in my Lumia 900 so bad. I'll actually be upset if they get it.

Sumit8 says:

because if you cant, nobody else should? - pathetic

1 down, 1 to go.... 32gb - check. TMobile - no sir!

phatboy66 says:

Thats really a good news as I'm still shopping around to buy a Lumia 900 or wait even more for WP8. AL I hope the next WP8 devices will have 32gb of storage also this would be amazing. I don't really care about cloud storage personally.

I remember when there were no cell phones and no 32gigs. How did i ever survive. Maybe i didn't.

lippidp says:

We're not talking survival here, obviously. All you need for survival is food, water, oxygen, and sometimes shelter. That you are on this forum already means you have more than the bare necessities. If more storage options were a wildly crazy idea or impossibility that would be one thing, but seeing as how many storage options should be available but aren't it's just frustrating.

CJ Thunder says:

I don't understand all the naysayers. People will be clamoring for 128GB when the Lumia X8 PureVeiw HD comes out. ;)

Brilliant! Hopefully that cameras performance will live up to the hype instead of what we have today with the 900. Get on it Nokia and fix the camera software on my 900

Sumit8 says:

i allready preordered it on amazon :)

Sy7ygy says:

Rodneyej is right - for those who bought the Lumia at space sacrifice from say an iPhone, are going to be pissed off.

Again, like the free Monster headphones offer, customers are being fucked!! Back to Apple for me next time!

Sy7ygy says:

Early purchase customers*

Sumit8 says:

why should they be pissed? if they can live with a 16GB without a 32GB being available, they can live with a 16GB while a 32GB being available. Stop being a jaleous dick about it

johnblair7 says:

I got my 800 when it first started to go down a little on O2. It's cheaper now, but I'm not pee'd off. It always happens and if they need to offer freebies to continue a sales push do be it.
It's certainly not a reason for moving to Apple, well it is if you expect everyone to pay the maximum price at all times.

rodneyej says:

Thanks for the complement, but why would you switch back to Apple?

aeronaught says:

All you people complaining about storage woes because of your music need to stop. This isn't an mp3 player, it's a phone. You don't need 100 hours of music on your phone, just playlists of your favorite 25-50 songs for working out, relaxing, etc.

And yeah 16gb may only cost Nokia $5 but they would have to charge at least $50 more for the phone, otherwise everyone would just get the 32gb model. They were aiming for a specific price point, and that meant keeping storage to 16gb.

Big Supes says:

*Correction* - Its a 'smartphone', therefore people do require the additional space for listening to music and watching videos. I've been waiting for 32GB since WP's release as 16GB doesn't cut it. Streaming shouldn't be compulsory... it should be an option. In my case, my measly 500MB data plan gets used up with hardly any streaming if I don't toggle me WiFi and 3G on/off (my HD7 prefers to use 3G when I'm in a WiFi zone).

ejlee072006 says:

Hd7 has problems connecting to WiFi.. Its a known issue.

schlubadub says:

No issues on mine

Sicarius123 says:

Cargo pants went out of fashion in the 90's. Why in hell would any normal person want to carry an mp3 player and a phone?
25-50 songs? Seriously? So 2-3 albums is all? Well then, I should just go get the old nokia dumbphone I bought 6 years ago out of the draw then, I think that's about all it could fit.

Verkunder says:

I'd be willing to be the people complaining need the music while they're driving, and I'll say personal music is pretty important when on the road.
Are these people needing 16g+ of music when they're just walking around? I don't get it--under what circumstance would someone need hundreds of hours of music when you're not in a place that's got Wifi? At work, you have internet, at the gym (if they're a good one), school, restaurant, etc. The only other time you wouldn't have Wifi would be in your car!
I have a 32g Zune which I keep in my vehicle and use that there. If I need to hear a song elsewhere, stream it. I just don't see people needing that much storage unless they're in a car.

TonyDedrick says:

I assure you not every workplace or restaurant has WiFi. My last place of employment didn't and when it came to playing music (we usually had the radio on a oldies or alternative station), having your own music was a godsend. It was only so many times I could hear Pearl Jam or The Jackson 5.

And lets not talk about if you live in or near a city and take public transportation to work. Don't know about other cities, but the tunnels on the T don't have WiFi. So on days when your train decides it wants to take a rest in the middle of the tunnel, having music ready right there is a nice luxury to have.

rodneyej says:

You never tell me what I need! Phone? Try device! I'm so pissed off by your stupid communistic reply that I dont even know where to start! Are you F%$&#@n serious? Are you telling me how much, and what to put on my device? My ancestors had to listen to bullshit like this in the past, and I'll be damed if I got to hear it from you! Who do you think you are? Apologize now!

Sy7ygy says:

aeronaught - if this is just a phone to you, then you need to learn what a Smartphone actually is and what purposes it serves..

ejlee072006 says:

I hope the 32gb don't have the rattle and the purple screen issue..

skywalker#WP says:

Yes!!! It's high time I replaced my HD7! Thanks O2de!

axiomjoe says:

Do you really need 32gb when you have SkyDrive? I have lumia 800 and it rocks:-)

Well your not allowed to store copyrighted files or anything over 2GB on SkyDrive, so you'd need this for movies and feature length TV episodes.

axiomjoe says:

16 gigs is more than ample for a smartphone....

skywalker#WP says:

Oh fact more would be better. Skydrive's 25gb is only as usuable as ur data limit allows. In my case only 1gb. So anymore internal storage is always welcome.

Tahiti Bob says:

The Skydrive argument is getting seriously old. Not everyone has unlimited data, data isn't available everywhere (try streaming in the London Underground), and it consumes more battery. Probably not as fast either when it comes to media.

MarkAllett says:

"This isn't an mp3 player, it's a phone"
LOL, and I guess it's not a movie player or a camera or a sat nav either - it's a phone? Sheesh..

Ivan006 says:

Leave it to Nokia to push WP to the next level. Hope we see more of these in the future.

jandieg.b says:

Not a big fan of that much storage. Its a phone! it can be stolen, crashed, etc. and all 32gb data will be completely gone. Cloud storage is the way to go.

aeronaught says:

Sy7ygy - I know exactly what a smartphone is, and it's not my main music listening device for road trips and airplane rides; that's what an 80gb mp3 player is for. Like I said, I have 4 playlists on my phone right now: Workout, Classical, Musica Latina and Easy Listening. All of them have around 20-40 songs right now except for Workout which has 100 songs, and somehow I still have plenty of space left on my original Focus without a memory card. If I get a new album, then I put it on my phone for a couple months then take it off after I've heard it multiple times.

And people who watch movies on their cellphone are not smart in my opinion, that's a one way ticket to battery drain city. I do have some video podcasts on my phone that I watch, but these are usually 3-5 minutes that don't take up a lot of space. Like I said, if you want to watch a movie on a tiny screen on a long trip then take a dedicated mp3 player, although there are better ways to watch it like a laptop or tablet.

lippidp says:

Or we could just have more storage on the phone.

rodneyej says:

No matter how stupid you think it is we are used to having options, and opinions here in America. Dont push that bigotry on us. Lol I dont give a flip how much storage is available where you live, but I want options here. Everything you're saying sounds just sad and dull. Everyone's not as lame as you.. Remember that. This is WP! Not Android, Not the iPhone. You better ask somebody!

schlubadub says:

Not everyone wants to carry around man-purses filled with multiple devices. I don't carry an MP3 player, GPS, or Camera because my mobile can do it all. I load a few hundred songs on and set it to shuffle - I don't have to mess with it for another 6 months! No one should have to buy & carry another device just for more storage.

gorebashd says:

I added a 16 gig microSd to my Focus and it still empty after a year and a half. Will be same with my 900. I'll use the cloud, continue to be efficient with my space or use my focus as my mp3 player lol

TonyDedrick says:

At the end of the day, its all about having choices. Some folks dont want to carry extra devices and would like to have their media on one thing. Some folks dont want to or aren't in a position to rely on cloud storage. Some have the data plans and network speeds to do so. Some wont use all the GB space, some will max it out and then then some. At the end of the day, just provide some choices that suit my needs. Not unreasonable to ask

koenshaku says:

I was about to be jealous for a sec there.

Edosbeats_HD says:

Would be nice to have the storage space. Cloud isn't bad ether its just slow in some areas.

rodneyej says:

The point here is that very many people want more storage, and the best way to please everybody is to offer different versions at different price points. Period!

DavidinCT says:

Maybe Verizon will opt for the 32gb model.... (crosses fingers)

Big Supes says:

Turns out this was actually a mistake on O2 Germany's behalf. They have corrected their page now...

schlubadub says:

Ahahaha it makes all the comments even funnier

aeronaught says:

In my opinion the best way to go about this would be to include a microSD slot, so those that want more space could pay for it themselves in the form of a memory card.

Some people here need to seriously chill out. From xenophobic rhetoric to juvenile threats... Ffs...