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O2 UK brings live music to Windows Phone with official Academy app

O2 Academy

UK mobile operator O2 has released a brand new app for Windows Phone, titled O2 Academy. The app, if you're not familiar with the branding, enables customers to enjoy latest live music events with information and details on favorite venues and artists to really get into music. Already available on both iOS and Android, it's good to see the app finally make the move to Microsoft's mobile platform.

O2 has highlighted some features from the Windows Phone Store listing:

  • Find details of events and artists, with the all new Gig Hub
  • Tell your friends which gigs you're going to and see if they're going too
  • Count down to the event with our timeline
  • Get directions to the venue, weather forecast and more
  • Social media updates from your favourite artists and venues
  • Upload a video of your night and you could be on O2 Academy TV
  • Wave your phone in the air to create your own light show

O2 Academy

The operator has been heavily supporting Windows Phone with multiple hardware launches, as well as a strong collection of apps on the store. Here are some other apps available on the network:

It's even possible to turn the smartphone into a light show through movement. Do you make full use of O2 Academy? Let us know your thoughts on the experience in the comments.

QR: O2 Academy


There are 18 comments. Sign in to comment

Vishal Attri says:

Ohkkiiieeee thats nice :)

I guess its UK only...

neo158 says:

Yep, UK only and exclusive to O2

pinkymoshy says:

That's sucks we need more app like teamspeak not this

The_Lord23 says:

Another official app and you're complaining??

vinayscxbox says:

The pace at which the new *official* apps are entering the WP Store in the past few days is too too high. Great going... :)

cybermoose89 says:

Not available maybe only those with o2 software can use it maybe

neo158 says:

Only those on the O2 network can use it, it's a carrier exclusive app!!!

Mikey Downs says:

O2s apps for windows phone have been fantastic. I am not going to use this app I must admit but all their others (especially their priority app) I use regularly. Oh and o2 tracks offer a 30 day free trial even if you are not an o2 customer.

neo158 says:

The one app that needs an update is the dire O2 app, it hasn't been updated since 2010 when WP7 launched!!?!

neo158 says:

Care to elaborate, my guess is that you're just saying that as you're on a different network and can't use this app!!!

Smg-Uk says:

Erm no i have had contracts with them in the past and they were always charging for every phone call rather than using my supposed free minutes.

neo158 says:

Fair enough, I'm on P&G with them which isn't that bad.

henry.gray says:

You know the one app that is needed and o2 hasn't released it is an official myo2 app and not the cap that's in the store now.

liam-ward says:

Shame they can't create a semi decent My O2 app; the current one is terrible. 

asylumxl says:

This (which is what several people said above too).

rugamba01 says:

How i like British songs