Offical E*Trade Windows Phone app now available, let the trading begin

E*Trade for Windows Phone

E*Trade Mobile for Windows Phone is now available over in the Windows Phone Store to help you manage all your stock accounts while you are on the go. The official app for E*Trade offers real-time streaming quotes, the ability to place stock trades and manage your E*Trade account all from your Windows Phone.

Even if you don't have an E*Trade account, the app doesn't look too shabby of an option to keep up with the financial markets.


E*Trade Mobile offers main pages that cover market activity, financial headlines, and account management. From the menu page you can tap into your E*Trade accounts, set stock alerts, view the various global financial markets, pull up individual stock quotes, access the app's settings and much more.

Individual stock quotes will highlight the price trends, chart the price history, and display any news on that particular stock. You can even pin that stock to your Start Screen to monitor the price changes.

All in all, the E*Trade Mobile app makes a very nice first impression and very useful for those with or without an E*Trade account.

E*Trade Mobile is a free app that you can snag here at the Windows Phone Store.

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WP95 says:

Yes, more official apps for the Windows phone.....store.
This is what people care about apps. If MS wants a bigger market share especially in the US they have to close the gap between us to android and iOS.

AussieMs says:

Yes we want more official apps


walkingdead7 says:

This is definitely one official app I've been waiting and hoping for.

AngeloUCF says:

I agree! Been waiting for this for a long time. Anyone know if it has mobile check deposit?

mindfrost82 says:

Nope, there's almost no support for the banking side. All you can see if your current account balance, you can't even get to your transactions. Major disappointment from the banking side of the company.

Ticomfreak says:

Wow, lots of official apps coming out today

edsal says:

Now if we can get some more official US airlines apps beside American and Delta that would be great !

edsal says:

I've been on twitter asking United Airline about the app for WP i need more people to join me in asking for the official United airlines app .

MediaCastleX says:

Lets go Banking apps! =P

MediaCastleX says:

...I mean, it's about time these schmoes woke up!

rubenbest says:

Need a wells fargo app

Union bank... At least Chase is coming soon.

rodneyej says:

Man! The official apps just keep coming!! Somebody at MS must be forking over the $$$$$$$$ This is great!!

rodneyej says:

Don't forget about the new PayPal app thats available for all devices today!!

PayPal came out on the 6th, but it's okay, we don't dock your WP nerd points for that one ;) 

moc426 says:

That's great, scottrade needs to follow.

scdkad says:

Still need Pandora and Instagram to please the masses. (I don't)

diod123 says:

Metro Radio IS Pandora, no need for the official app

scdkad says:

I know I know but the masses want their comfy apps..

So true...

But we do need instagram.

smoledman says:

It's coming grasshopper.

vaultboy21 says:

common TD Ameritrade..

Soxpranos says:

Xfinity and DirecTv apps a must. Anyone know if anyone is working on either? 2 years ago there was talks about the Xfinity app

raj varma says:

"HD voice viber app"
I'm waiting for this one !

It must have been a pain to type this article, having to remeber to put an asterisk in E*Trade.
Now we need a Verizon FiOS app. On the Verizon forums they said WP7 has too low marketshare... When the Lumia 900 came out and I asked them, they said they were "unsure"
BTW, the person that gave these answers was the then product mananger of FiOS TV. They are now Chief Product  Officer for Verizon and Redbox.

salship says:

Doesn't work with an Australian account. :(

Skiman80 says:

Use OptionsXpress to buy US shares from Australia and they have a windows phone app

Racxie says:

Daniel, what is the stock app used in the last article regarding Nokia's stock? It looks pretty good.

inteller says:

I need them to support the Bank side with this app, with mobile check deposits and the like just like iPhone.

mindfrost82 says:

Same here!  I have accounts with two banks (Chase and E*Trade) and neither have a WP app.
I was excited to see ETrade released an app for WP, but I was disappointed once I went into it.  There's next to 0 support for the banking side.  All I can see is my overall balance in my accounts.  I can't get into the transaction history or anything.  No mobile check deposits, no bill pay or anything.
I know they're primarily a stock company, but this release was a disappointment for me.
It might be an official app, but it doesn't come anywhere close to the iOS and Android versions :(

wpos8 says:

Awesome finally can ck on my stocks shares in real.time