Office 365 demo with WP7 [Video]

In the above video we have Kirk Koenigsbauer, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Corporation, who demonstrates how Office 365 on the PC, in web browsers and on the Windows Phone can integrate together. Kirk uses OneNote as the example and shows how more than one user can collaborate in real-time even if they're currently on a different platform.

Simply capturing a photo, attaching it and synchronizing that note will reflect the changes on other systems that currently have that note open. This will of course work with adding (or removing) text and more. OneNote makes use of the screen space available. We can see on the PC screen that the user is able to view all the content at first glance. Since the phone has a smaller screen, OneNote for WP7 optimizes the content in the note and brings all the sections together in one column.



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Shadow 024 says:

Will OneNote be able to work like that without office 365 or is it the sharepoint server that does that auto updating? It would be nice to have that work when using SkyDrive.

x I'm tc says:

Great question.

jfa1 says:

Its certainly a neat concept and its only 6.00 a month per user for small business/personal. Really good price to be able to use outlook again.