Microsoft partners with GW Micro to help the visually impaired when using Office

Windows-Eyes for Office

If you or someone you know has poor vision and has been struggling to use Microsoft’s suite of Office software, than you will be happy to hear of the company’s partnership with GW Micro. A technology vendor that provides “high quality solutions for [the] blind and visually impaired”, GW Micro, has created a Windows Office 2010 or 2013 addon available to those who might need a bit of help perceiving what is on-screen.

GW Micro provides a piece of software known as, Windows-Eyes; it normally runs for $895 and allows users to enjoy a more customizable screen reader that allows you to have “total control over what you hear and how you hear it”. The software that the company has made available for free is entitled, Windows-Eyes for Office, and allows those who need the assistance to receive it within the Office productivity suite for no additional charge.

Complete requirements for the download include having Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013, along with running one of the following operating systems: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP. To download the application, you can click here.

Let us know if Windows-Eyes for Office helps anyone you know (or even yourself).

Source: Microsoft



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mase123987 says:

Things like this can make products indispensable to certain user.  Question is this: will this sort of partnership bleed over to the mobile side?

total control of what you "read"

this is good news for the impaired. MS should also incorporate voice recognition for typing in it also.

And it is pretty damn good too.

Nope, here is the full quote:
"Window-Eyes gives total control over what you hear and how you hear it."

justin071894 says:

Windows Phone desperately needs a built in screen reader that compares to iOS and Android. There is a huge user base there (visually disabled persons) who are forced to use iOS or Android.

mjrtoo says:

There is a magnifier on my Nokia anyway, in settings somewhere. Turn it in and you can two finger tap and slide to scroll.

Aashish13 says:

MS Narrator is the name of the application

PeterFnet says:

I read GW in the title as Gone Wild

wpguy says:

There are a few people at work that might like this. Thanks!