Official Chennai Express game arrives on Windows Phone; Temple Run with an Indian Flavor

Chennai Express EFR

In India, films are one of the biggest indulgences. One after the other, there are big releases with huge budgets and extensive marketing. And the latest trend is to have mobile games based on movie’s theme or characters. It’s a win-win for both the producers and the audience.

While these games create buzz around the movie release, it also provides free entertainment to fans featuring their favourite movie stars. Who doesn't want to download free games?

Microsoft pulled two exclusives recently with Krrish 3 : The Game and Dhoom:3 The Game which were very popular, supported with a huge marketing push from Microsoft.

Another one now joins those big ticket titles. Chennai Express – Escape from Rameshwaram arrives on Windows Phone… a tad late after launching on Android and iOS few months back and when the movie is off the theatres now. But, most Windows Phone users or movie fans won’t complain.

Chennai Express EFR

The game inspired by endless running games like Temple Run and Subway Surfers features the main protagonists of the movie – Rahul and Meena – embark on a running adventure, fighting their way through an army of thugs dropped by helicopters while dodging obstacles like vehicles, coconut carts, manholes, and more. You can purchase Magical Urns using the coins collected in-game and can also upgrade the time duration for which all power-ups last.

The game offers exciting fast paced unlimited running action with simple controls and immense replayability. The game features unique graphics and music score inspired by the movie and the South Indian town it is set in - Rameshwaram.

The game is available for free for Windows Phone 8 devices from the Windows Phone Store. The Indian flavour of the game and addictive gameplay makes it great fun. There's no reason why you shouldn’t grab this one!

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juba20 says:

Amazing waiting for temple run 2

juba20 says:

WP keep getting better and better

Aruns5 says:


backlashsid says:

the WORST movie ever made !

Sagar Limaye says:

Worst? Try worst^2000000000000

sholokov says:

And I hate that they are now trying to get into mobile gaming. This will ruin the game quality level. Just look at the other Rithik Roshan game, which is a bad ripoff of Razor's edge.

Aruns5 says:

Is there any news for angry birds go regarding 512 mb devices?

walter1832 says:

The funny thing...tech support for this game is in Cleveland, OH.  I kid, I kid :P

andrew1967 says:

Better than Youngstown Ohio, L0L.

sholokov says:

Named Johnny Lever.

nath520 says:

Waiting for Subway Surf

somanialok says:

Yea, me too. :(

pookiewood says:

Yup but Rail Rush is amazing.

nath520 says:

But Subway Surf is more entertaining

somanialok says:

Wait is over :)

ahmedjan87 says:

Much movies
Such awesomeness

sholokov says:

Nooooo! Keep the movie titles away from WP.

I would really want the real games like Despicable me and subway surfers. Not that it matters to anyone but I'm tired of all these knockoffs. No offense to the developer.

K_lando says:

Indian action movies are LOL insanity.  Case in point:



If one doesn't feel like watching the whole clip, then I recommend skipping to the 1:51 mark.

backlashsid says:

Ha ha yeah...this is epic !! there are many others too !

arjunan says:

not all indian movies are bad though

Not available in here. Come on Indian devs, Brazil likes you.

Haha sorry as of now dude we like u people too but as of now change region to India and hit the gas

I know that, but I speak for the majority. Most of people dont know that they can do that, or they just simple dont want to. I want to the brazilian audience can have acess to all the great games that are made available in everywhere. All the devs need to make this happen is upload a ESRB or PEGi certificate and select Brazil. I think that today most of games have at least one of these certificates...

Change the region fools

jaymin00 says:

Wpcentral pls give us any news of subway surfer.pls pls

It wud not come till next year march .the developers havnt started amking it for wp

Bollywood is giving it a go at Windows Phone. Good to see the games rolling in, simply shows the popularity of Windows Phone gradually increasing in India.

Lets see if this game does better than Krish 3 and Dhoom 3. :)

backlashsid says:

I am actually kind of against these games which are a blatent copy or knockoffs of another. Not that I dont want more support from such movies and games, just not this way.

Aashish13 says:

Nice good to see such games. Rovio plsss make angry birds go compatible for low end lumias.

shreyas15 says:

Looks soooo crappy! Uninstalled

iAdrian23 says:

So many endless runners.

I guess someone finally heard my prays.