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Official CNN app now available for all Windows Phones

CNN for all

"This is CNN...on all Windows Phones"

Well look at that, it looks like Nokia's 90 day exclusive on the official CNN app has finally expired--certainly a rare sight to see. The CNN app, which was developed in conjunction with Nokia and announced back at CES 2012, embraces the Metro design with unique features like the iReporter function for reporting news on your own.

For many on Windows Phones, the stranglehold on "exclusive" apps by Nokia was a thorn in the side--well, at least for those without a Nokia Lumia. But now you can download the exact same app with push notifications and local news to your non-Nokia device, resulting in what we imagine to be a loud cheer.

The CNN app ranks up there with the USA Today app as far as elegance and functionality. It's great to see it displayed on other Windows Phones for all. 

Pick up the official CNN app for Windows Phone here in the Marketplace. Thanks, Scott H., for the tip!




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simon-bai says:

been downloaded & a nice app

Sarang68 says:

already downloaded. Thank you

kenzibit says:

That's what I'm talking about. Yeah baby ;-)

albertleao says:

The live tile is pretty terrible compared to USA today, but USA today lacks push. What to do :-(

timwp12 says:

Have USA app for 3 months and live tile works fine on my phone

albertleao says:

Yes that's what I said. But USA today doesn't have toast notifications for breaking news.

jsnod25 says:

And CNNs toast notifications don't work, as it loads the app but doesn't take you to the article its notifying you about, I'm on the verge of uninstalling it due the sheer annoyance of not even being able to find the damn article half the time.

timwp12 says:

Well it's about time. Nokia can't get all the fun. Lol

xmarklive says:

I loved the CNN app on my lumia 710 but I now have a titan and having to wait for certain apps and games is blasphemy......bullshit.....

xmarklive says:

Oh and even though I love the CNN app my friend with a android phone ,always gets breaking news like 5•10 minutes before I do so im always telling breaking news that's no longer breaking.

niyoko says:

At the moment it looks like the CNN application might be region restricted. ...ugh... I hope this is just temporary.

amduggie says:

Yep. Seems not available in Hong Kong?

dinod says:

Not to be ungrateful, it is very pretty but it is very slow - the mobile web page has (seemingly) all of the content but much faster ... or is it only me?

DaveGx says:

CNN, the most unwatched name, in news

A bit unrelated but is that the Samsung Focus 2 in the picture? If so, I had no idea it looked that pretty. I mean, I've seen other pictures of it but it hasn't looked nearly as nice in those as it does in this one.

Yeah snarky, it is and its even better in person. Went to the ms store a few weeks back and I was surprised at how much I liked the focus 2, even my wife liked it and she's not a fan of white phones either...

erichon99 says:

Not a big fan of the live tiles CNN implemented.

iggypop120 says:

Finally. Damn you Nokia for making me wait

Murgatroyd7 says:

This app really leaves a lot to be desired. Navigation is better than the USA Today app, but it falls short just about everywhere else (and I don't even like USA Today all that much). I think I'm better off just sticking with Pulse.

gusterbo says:

It's not working... :( I have Samsung Omnia 7 and it kinda starts to take off then suddenly gets me back to my app list... Why...???

Pete C says:

I don't understand why this is not appearing in the marketplace on my Focus. I am in the US.

johncdoherty says:

The Marketplace says it's not available for my device (Samsung Focus S) ... in the US

DiGzNY says:

Same here, had to search the marketplace and download it.

hauz_20 says:

I could be crazy but after downloading this my battery ate through a full charge in about five hours. Deleted it and things seem back to normal. Samsung Focus.