Official Cracked app is out

The Cracked App

In the wake of the Cracked Reader being pulled from the Marketplace by Cracked.com, readers of Cracked.com should fear not.  An official Cracked app has been released over at the Windows Phone Marketplace to fill the void.

The app layout of Cracked is very similar to the Cracked Reader that was pulled for "infringing on Demand Media's trademark and unlawfully republishing content".  The Cracked app's main pages cover Featured articles, Recent articles, Craptions, Videos, and a page where your favorite Cracked.com articles can be listed. You do have the ability to share articles via Windows Live, Facebook, and Twitter (no email sharing).

All in all the Cracked app does a decent job of pulling all the Cracked.com material to your Windows Phone.  Maybe as well as the previous "unofficial" version did.  The Cracked app is a free application for your Windows Phone and can be downloaded here at the Windows Phone Marketplace. It is a mango app so you'll need to be running Windows Phone 7.5 on your Windows Phone.



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Snow says:

Not available in SG ): why doesnt all developers release their app around the world??

Vector555 says:

I'm just making an observation here, but the articles seem redundant and contradictory at the same time. Redundant because the first article clearly told us what happened and why (the official apps release). I don't understand why we need a new article right after the first that says the exact same thing only in a different order? Maybe if the second one was a full on review of the new official app. Contradictory because the first article says the offical app isn't as feature rich while the second up say it does everything "maybe as well as the unofficial".
From my viewpoint, over here where I am standing, it all seems like you guys need to get on the same page here, do some more communicating between each other as writters. don't get me wrong, I really appreciate the site and everything you guys write about.
Very Respectfully