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The Official Dailymotion Windows Phone app is redesigned with the latest update

Dailymotion is a popular website that has a collection of over 40 million videos that include movie trailer, music videos, humorous videos and more. The Dailymotion Windows Phone app is the official app for the website and delivers the site's video contents to the small screen of your Windows Phone.

The app was updated today to version 3.0 which likely includes the customary minor bug fixes and performance tweaks but most notably gives the Windows Phone app a new look.

The redesign comes across a little cleaner than the previous installments with pages highlighting recommended videos as well as videos from the Cinema, Music and Sports channels.

Dailymotion Screens

You also have access to your own videos, playlists and favorites from your Dailymotion account. Don't have a Dailymotion account? No worries, you can still access the full video library without a membership.

There isn't a change log available for this latest update but it appears that the update also adds an Age Gate setting to allow uncensored material/adult content to be viewed. If you pick up on any other new features with the version 3.0 update to Dailymotion, let us know in the comments below.

The official Dailymotion Windows Phone app is free, available for Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices. Please note that the update only applies to the Windows Phone 8 version of the app. For those looking prefer videos from a larger screen, Dailymotion also offers a Windows 8 version that is also free.

Thanks, littledictator, for the tip!

  • Dailymotion - Windows Phone 8 and 7.x - Free - Store Link
  • Dailymotion - Windows 8 - Free - Store Link

QR: Dailymotion



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eric12341 says:

Can it view videos that are behind the age gate? If not then I'm still not interested.

Just checked and yes, you do have an age gate setting which will allow videos that "may not be suitable for younger viewers".

eric12341 says:

That's good news then.

Yes there is an option in the settings to turn off and on the age gate.

topleya says:

Finally have a porn app on WP ;-)

eric12341 says:

Not only porn videos throw up that age gate thing though.

Excellent. This is great stuff from Dailymotion ! Good to see the offcial app rise up once again. :)

akak84 says:

in my attempt to leave all thing google behind i'll give this a try again. 


Rick Smits says:

Alot of unused space there. Fill it up with more content instead a huge font that takes up a nice amount of screen real estate. I wish developers would see this in their apps and do what the Xbox music team has done with their app.

Etios says:

Dailymotion is a good place to see all the uncensored stuff, much more freedom than youtube :)

gforcegt13 says:

This is the update we have all been waiting for from Dailymotion.

jailman says:

Hell yeah fuck yeah hell yeah fuck yeah my damn wait is over okay fuck android now

why fucking everything only due to daily motion.

android is not human mate , relax :D

ahmu86 says:

Does it play video without crashing?

Yes it plays really smooth. I installed the app and already played a couple of videos using Wi-fi. For HD videos, there is a way to turn off HD by simply tapping on the screen.

ahmu86 says:

Tried it me self... Looks good... Watched few videos... But its buffering a lot even though I have a decent internet connection... Youtube plays smooth... This one buffers.... :/

Dinky89484 says:

Microsoft should buy Dailymotion and pit this against YouTube.  If you can't beat them, buy up a competitor and then try to compete!

BldyIdt says:

The French government would make it really difficult for them to buy DM though.

Posted via WPCentral App.

ahmu86 says:

Vimeo seems a better classy buy...

franix007 says:

Orange that owns Dailymotion is already negotiating with Microsoft to expand their bussiness.


psychotron says:

Because if they bought it then there would probably be this big outcry for MS to make sure all the content is filtered for nudity and profanity like YouTube. Better they leave it alone.....

TuanLVT says:

I heard somewhere, that French government not allowing Microsoft to buy dailymotion, because they don't want all the EU companys to be under USA companies. And I hope that Microsoft won't buy it so it will have no restrictions like YouTube. But otherwise I'd like Microsoft to buy it to compete with YouTube. Meh if Microsoft would cooperates with dailymotion it would be damn great.

luisfarelo says:

Tried it. Lots of bugs and most videos wouldn't play

mr toes says:

Much better than before, nice

Jim_920 says:

Liked the previous DailyMotion app and was excited to update to this new version.  When I did this, it would not run.  So I hard booted my phone.  Still would not run, so I uninstalled the app and reinstalled the new one.  It will now run, but all of my Favorites are not listed.  So not sure just what to do, particularly since I can see my Favorites via the website.  Anyone else having this problem and more importantly a solution?

Okay, may have found an answer to my problem and a possible bug.  When a look at my Favorites and they are sorted "Most Viewed" the Favorites screen is blank.  But when I change the sort order to "Most Recent" they magically appear.  It I return the sort order to "Most Viewed", they disappear again.  So, if I don't sort to Most Viewed, I can see my Favorites.

TheKrii says:

Seriously, why not Youtube?

Cause.. Google and Microsoft has something special relationship :-)

TuanLVT says:

Google don't want to make any apps to their competitive companies that are still not quite popular. This is because google don't want people to switch to Windows phone

asylumxl says:

With all the Xbox news I almost forgot I wasn't on IGN.

rogerhew says:

Why are the video not in full lengths?

harisyousaf says:

No quality switching

raheem059 says:

Where is the age gate on/off option in this app