Official Facebook app for Windows Phone bumped to version 2.6

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Say what you will about the official Facebook app for Windows Phone but they are trying hard to fix things and improve it. Rapidly too.

Version 2.6 just landed in the Marketplace and you can go get it now. Don't expect a slathering of new features like the last few updates but instead it addresses a couple of bug fixes that many of you have been sending into them. These include:

  1. An image posted to a group was appearing on your own wall rather than the group
  2. Users with custom privacy settings set as their default were having their updates created with "Only Me" permissions

Nothing thrilling but hey, at least they're listening and tweaking things with rather a quick turn around. You can grab the latest version of Facebook here in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Source: Facebook; Thanks, jbarinas & Todd, for the tips

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aubreyq says:

Cool beans. Time to update mine...

Pauldro says:

I never get the update notification for this on the marketplace tile. I always have to uninstall and install the new one manually. It's a pain in the butt, does anyone know how to fix this. I'm using a T-mobile HD7 with the post tango update.

MrSean490 says:

Had that problem with FB v2.5, but got notified for this update (2.6)

Sarang68 says:

you mean you got the tango update? Has it started rolling out for HTC hd7?

ousooner314 says:

The app update notifications seem to have a mind of its own, so it's not easy to predict when they show up. Here's a workaround that's easier than uninstalling and reinstalling:
- When you find out an app has an update (example via WPCentral, etc.), go to the Marketplace
- Click on the app
- Hit the back button to get out of the app's page
- Click on the app again
- This time it recognizes the new version, and gives you the option to update.
Hope this helps!

ThePKReddy says:

I had the same problem before and was surprised to see the notification of an update in the marketplace and it was for Facebook

Ton77 says:

They need to work on the UI for the news feed. Its sloppy imo

charliekrad says:

Got to agree with you there imo its a step behind the other platforms, this app isn't made my Facebook either, Microsoft made it and imo Facebook could do a better job

terchoo says:

Is Microsoft has a problem with" copy past"
Option. In first os edition this option was missed.
In this app this option is still missed!!

EAA575 says:

Yes! That first bug has been bugging me for so long.

ousooner314 says:

I'm happy because the second bug has been bugging me for a while.

Snow says:

Again the app is still super duper uber slow, just like whatsapp.

marek1 says:

Whatsapp is not so slow on my omnia 7 but FB app is slowest app ever! I don't use it becouse 7s splash screen is horrible! They have to impove performance first..

zacman says:

WhatsApp developers already said that they need native code aka wp8 for performance improvements. It's probably the same for Facebook. So no hope for wp7.x users.

Jay Bennett says:

I believe it for Whatsapp, but not for Facebook, it is possible to handle a lot of images and still keep the UI responsive, which is their problem

Snow says:

Sure, but slowness is the not only problem for whatsapp. They need a serious makeover of the app design/appearance.

Agreed, I've always said this and it never changes, its far to slow, needs to be like android and iPhone Facebook apps

jake69 says:

Anyone know how to change the banner image?...everytime I click on it nothing happens.

Jay Bennett says:

It sometimes takes several seconds to change after you tap the option

theefman says:

Does it actually work for you? Never has for me.

Jay Bennett says:

Yeah it does, but admittedly not every time

jake69 says:

When I click on change banner image I don't get the option...it just take me back to the main screen. This happened to both my original Focus & my L900.

m0scs says:

Jake, press the ... And you then get option to change the banner image :-)

WPCrook says:

Not had many problems with Facebook for Windows Phone anyway. Just got the update now.

ousooner314 says:

I agree, the past few updates have made the app really solid! Hopefully they'll continue working on it, and releasing new features.

ThePKReddy says:

Do you have one of the new phones with 1.4ghz CPU? It sucks with Gen 1 devices which is a true test of code efficiency. Touch.Facebook site is way better and practical for most things :-/

OMG55 says:

I've never had an issue with the FB app, but in regards to slowness, fb doe contain a lot of info in which case performance will be affected somewhat you would think

They totally fixed that now!

annaba1 says:

Does anyone know an alternative Facebook app? Like Gleek for twitter.

jazeelkk says:

When it was released.? I have 2.6 already..

Oh my god yes version 2.6 finally makes it smooth!

Why HD7 is the last to get tango :[ we should always be the first because HTC doesn't do anything for us the least they can do is be the first to give us updated and send it over to our carriers

ThePKReddy says:

Switching to Nokia for Apollo. By then tmo should have refarmed their network and we can use att devices!

noor2122 says:

I m happy with this upda

noor2122 says:

I m happy with this update

ahuczek says:

Updates are cool but I wish they put the bugs that I never experience on the back burner and just make their app faster all around. Still too slooooow

Totally agree. I wish the Facebook integration was better with Windows Phone too.

lonelycafe says:

with ver 2.6, still showing "we're having trouble getting data right now. Please try again later.

notknight says:

Need more improvement

The updated app is broken for me. Posts will show that they have likes and comments but when I go into them, it says there are none of either. Have checked a bunch of posts and it's the same for all of them.

Mine does the same.

jfa1 says:

I got sux update notifications over the weekend including the fb update