Official Facebook app for Windows Phone gets a quick update

It may be a holiday here in the US, but that doesn’t mean the official Facebook app for Windows Phone can’t get an update. Facebook is a long time works project, evidently, meaning it needs lots and lots of love from Microsoft. This morning, we being bumped to version, up from just three days ago.

Like most of these Facebook app updates, this is a small version change as you can tell from the numbering. That means we’re expecting some teeny tiny fixes for something you may not noticed (and ‘seems faster’ is probably not the right answers).

For those counting, the beta is still at while the official is still ahead at Interesting, interesting.

Find anything new? Or just want to rant and discuss? Go right ahead.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

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Soble says:

Seems faster and isn't it find instead of fin?

DennisvdG says:

I think you may be on to something...

Eh, first post after being awake for 15 and it's a holiday? It's fin, lol.

joanzen says:

I have noticed more crashes since the last update. Hopefully this will address those.

josonjoy1986 says:

Sorry to disappoint you bro..... It still does the same......:(

SeraphX2 says:

I've yet to have Facebook crash on me. To be honest, it's very stable for me.

Mestiphal says:

It's fine for my wife's 620, but I have to reopen facebook on my 920 four or five times before it stays open

SeraphX2 says:

I wonder what the problem is. I'm on 8.1 with an Icon. Have yet to have a problem with Facebook... Especially as bad as having to load the app several times to get it to stick. And it's really super fast for me. People keep saying it is slow. I've thought it was super fast since day one of the app being refitted for 8.1. Way faster than it was before the first 8.1 update and when I was still on 8. And it's only gotten better for me so far worth each subsequent update.

joanzen says:

That's interesting. I too am on an Icon with 8.1. I hadn't noticed many problems with Facebook until the last update. Since then, I've yet to use it without it crashing on me. Sometimes, it just closes on open and other times I'll just be scrolling and it will close.

dwane18 says:

Crashes on me alot since last update also. Hope this fixes it

ncxcstud says:

My wife's 520 with 8.1 crashes all the time. She is getting quite frustrated with it...

Tips_y says:

FB in my 625 with 8.1 crashes, although not all the time but occasionally. But it has yet to crash in my 925 also with 8.1. In my 625 FB is installed in the microSD card but of course in the internal memory of my 925. Rightly or wrongly, I atribute it to that. In any case, the crashes stopped when I uninstalled and reinstalled it, still in the micro SD card of my 625.

Ed Boland says:

I've never had this, or the FB beta app crash on my 1020. Of course I really don't use FB all that much, but still... never had either app "crash"...

DreamerUP says:

Me to chief. I stopped using it since the update

gphoneone says:

Holiday in UK too

unknownguns says:

Yeah :D my holz started this week :D

karelj says:

Wait for it......

Notifications still not working correctly. I still get tile notifications despite having everything turned off!

SeraphX2 says:

Are you on 8.1 or 8?

anadi1984 says:

Same problem with me. Not getting the notifications in the action centre despite enabling every thing although I get tile notifications.

Go to settings, notification+ actions, tap on Facebook or add it if it's not there, check if you have it active

JW7 says:

Are we actually missing out on anything major that the android/apple app provides?

Jack Janik says:

No pictures in comments is the first to come to mind. Along with comment/post editing.

TJWINS says:

IE11 has a workaround for uploading pics to comments since it supports uploading assuming you are using WP 8.1. Just open the browser then go to touch.facebook.com then from the left menu select desktop site, then go to the post you want to upload pic in comment and you will be able to. It sucks having to do it this way but at least WP 8.1 has a workaround. I use this workaround frequently. I also change my profile pic from this desktop site as well. It just opens up your pictures hub once you select change profile pic.

Arka1412 says:

You cannot change your profile or cover picture..cannot edit your profile..

tbonenga says:

Yes you can.
Go to your page
Click your pics
Click on a pic
Hit 3 dots
Make this your profile pic appears
Hit it
Crop You just changed your profile pic

Arka1412 says:

That was done from the existing photo..What will you do if you want to set a new one? 

you upload the new one and do the procedure above :) simple as that :)

adrian1338 says:

We call something like that a workaround

spazzmeister says:

That's not what the word simple means.

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crise says:

You can't see tags, instagram posts, and many more stuff. In short: If you use this app, you miss half of the stuff you would see compared to visiting the desktop website or using the Android / iOS apps.

spinzeroWL says:

I'm not sure if it is the same on Android/iOS....but, if text goes beyond a certain number of characters, it offers a 'read more' button that then pushes us out the app and into the web browser. I still don't know why it does that....
I just use Facebook Mobile - super quick & just works :)

chmun77 says:

It does not work this way on Android. It will simply open the post to show all contents. TBH, our version of Facebook is really really crap as compared to other platforms.... Already for so long yet it is so bad.... No wonder WP is not picking at all. Even Instagram is always in BETA.

Can't leave the app for photo upload, no feeling status, can't see pica on comments, can't stop following friends, can't edit posts. Can't remember anything else.

Arka1412 says:

Absolutely you speak my words..

tbonenga says:

W8 is way better than Android for 1 main reason.
on android you get one recent feed and something from 2 days ago with a ad mixed in. Most people want to see MOST RECENT POST. You can't on android but you can on W8

jaywinjv says:

But W8 shows posts from all the pages you've liked in the news feed. Even those you have hidden from newsfeed. VERY annoying and messy. This is the main reason I don't use the app. Especially since I have liked a lot of pages.

OsamaAdam98 says:

Actually you can set your news feed to most recent on Android, Just checked it's just hidden somewhere on the fourth tab which i forgot what it's called.

tbonenga says:

No you can't. Facebook removed that option. Go online and research. Everybody is pissed about that. I hate Facebook on my Note 3. I can't see none of my friends recent activity unless I click on them individually. On my W8 it's way BETTER. I can see all my friends recent activity as it was posted.

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

chmun77 says:

Yes you can! Google is your best friend, not BING.


C'mon. You are talking about Android! The biggest OS user base out there! Do you think it is like our crappy WP version?

chmun77 says:

Says who?? Did you even use the Android version at all? Just go to the More tab and choose Recent to view all recent posts. Yes, Facebook on Android indeed has changed their UI. But at least, it is receiving notifications promptly, unlike the crappy WP version.

noarman19 says:

The Android app is even more Metro (left/right swipe navigation) than WP's.

aerobender says:

I just wanted to point out that toward the end of the article the word "Find" is spelled "fin."

I just want to point out that the first comment points that out already ;)

SeraphX2 says:

I find it interesting that that is the only thing of about 5 problems that anyone has caught.

spinzeroWL says:

I reckon getting news out into the public domain is far preferable to spending ages proof reading things....
Speaking of which Dan, feel free to push out any Whatsapp info you have ;)

SeraphX2 says:

@Daniel this is in no way directed at you. Your articles are usually fine overall. I'm speaking to "spin". Early posts are understandable. I've tried texting in the morning. Doesn't always go well. Lol

@spinzeroWL Sorry but that's just a lazy excuse. I think that exact sentiment is why even the leading brands in news dissemination have some atrocious spelling and grammar problems (and occasionally accuracy of the report). They are in such a hurry to be the first to write up an article, that they skip the proofing: if they aren't the first to post, they could lose revenue.
Blog or not, I think there needs to be a bit of professionalism that is portrayed through your willingness to look more literate as a writer.
Gizmodo, especially, is bad about claiming to be journalists, but then when they are caught with horrible spelling/grammar problems or they get the facts wrong in an article they are suddenly just mere bloggers who are able to make mistakes. And while people can make mistakes, I just feel they should be a minimum as a professional. That's what spelling and grammar checks are for in Word.

mreaglejr says:

+920 on WhatsApp
This is why I can't move from my 920 with broken screen to the new one.

Sheraz Ahmad says:

Lol I just noticed another couple after your comment

anandv427 says:

Seems tired with no change logs....any ways good to see another update

Its still too slow! It needs to be as fast as Android and iOS!

Aashish13 says:

Droid rush is shit.

Brick440 says:

It closes now with the back button (for me), if you dont let it load up completly before pressing back button then it will stay in background until you try to switch back to it then it will close.

Brick440 says:

Now it doesnt, I think it was just crashing, false intel.

xankazo says:


Minion Rush and Asphalt 8 got an update on Widnows 8 too, maybe, there's an update for Windows Phone as well. I can't confirm since I don't have them in my phone. I really hope the anoying bugs introduced in the latest update are fixed this time.

Minion rush is not available in store now.. After the today update there is lot of bugs in that game.. So I think for this they removed the game.

luke_grech1 says:

There's an update for Asphalt 8 and upon checking for Minion Rush, it seems that they have pulled it out of the store!!! I cant even find it on the windowsphone store website :((

SRoshan143 says:

Asphalt 8 has update today for WP. It went live around 4-5 hours ago. Don't know about MR.

cesar ruiz1 says:

Beta is still faster

Beta version still works better than the normal version in my Lumia 1020. I hope a big update for Beta before major update in june

adrian1338 says:

The main question is why is the Beta version behind the release version for a couple of month. Wonder how the development works for the beta version. is this just another team trying out stuff they could do and another team taking care of the main release version?

Schikitar says:

I often seem to get the red bar which reads "we're having trouble getting data" or something to that effect, very annoying! Is this crap ever going to get better??

spinzeroWL says:

Just use Facebook's mobile site. Very lightweight fluid and functional.

jasqid says:

It doesn't crash anymore. That's a plus.

Amran Nagal says:

Have they fixed the news feed? Oh that's not going to happen.

THE_Lawnboy says:

What's wrong with the news feed?

faalil says:

LOL.. Facebook BETA became stable version while Official version of Facebook for BETA release :P

Alphonz says:

When will they integrate Facebook with Cortana as they demonstrated at the build

Arka1412 says:

When we scroll down at the bottom,clicking on the news feed doesn't move to the top itself, instead it stays on the current position. It's very irritating, we have to manually scroll up to reach the top.They have to fix this..

rAj06 says:

No improvement found.

wtf , i have to replace beta with official again :/

RaRa85 says:

It's Memorial Day so I'm going to skip my "just another pointless update" comment and instead be grateful that the app is being updated frequently. Happy holidays everyone.

deadwrong03 says:

Just bring the windows 8.1 app to Windows phone 8.1 come on the windows phone app is a joke

Terry Coombs says:

I found with the last update signing out and back in solved the constant crashing problem, but then it removed all my Facebook contacts which was REALLY annoying since I had a bunch on my Start screen.  They eventually came back after quite some time.  I think the whole way 8.1 "integrates" Facebook is absolutly terrible - it was much better on 8.

With the problem I'm having now with the phone no longer seeing my SD card (all my games, music, videos and pics) - I'm really apprehensive about doing this update...

Aashish13 says:

Wats the problem y fb inc isn't making an app for us. They know we demand an app from them. I think zuckerburg wants to play politics with microsoft. Really this is playing pure politics with Microsoft.

Kaye Morales says:

Please dont update if there isn't any noticeable change.. Just annoys me more to see it updated so many times but still we cant change our covef and profile picture. That basic functionality that should have been already there in the first place. Is it too much and impossible to ask? Unbelievable

Arka1412 says:

right you are..We also cant give feeling status..

We don't want quick updates but a huge update! So far I still can't accept anyone to become a member in my groups. It always crashes. Why they don't see this annoying issue? What are these bugs fixes which they never say what clearly are? :C

Arka1412 says:

@Daniel you wont believe when the notification of this post came in my phone,after seeing the banner that Official facebook... I instantly thought, infact started praying that it should be this--> Official Facebook app from Facebook Inc releases on WP and you are the 1st to announce it. I got ecstatic but sadly its not what I thought. Its the same old story..:(

Which is better now beta or original?

faalil says:

is Facebook BETA useless now or will they continue the BETA programe ?

apocacrux says:

Hopefully this fix the issue where it would not show likes or comments occasionally. And I'm really annoyed with it always saying "cant fetch data" or something when I open from notification centre.

Previously whenever you share something the whole page used to get refreshed and it irritated me a lot..finally with this update at least they got this bit right!!
There are many more things that need to be fixed, like, you cant poston any other groups, you can't custom select with whom not to/with whom to share any specific post..i hope the fix those soon!!

jubbing says:

The only example of how the beta is behind the actual stable release. Ever.

Ya. Mine was crashing constantly since the lady update. Hopefully this fixes that.

Aashish13 says:

2nd reason is malware issues,3rd is better interface, 4th is getting away from activities what google does with everyone's privacy data to earn their income,5th is battery eater even though it performs less activities than e when phone is kept locked.7th is scroll lag as all android phones have scroll laga including their own nexsus

When are you going to make a decent application? Especially effective?

goyde says:

Is this the version that records sounds from your phone when you post an update ?

Dre325 says:

Eye cant eeven concentrait on wat this artical is about wit all the f'ing spellling misteaks. Proof read your posts, Daniel. Would have taken you 20 seconds.

Dear facebook we don't need updates for facebook please update the WhatsApp app which u have taken into your stupid company ..

dalydose says:

Right, because the people working on Facebook (mostly Microsoft employees) have anything to do with WhatsApp.

donbreathe says:

Before Windows Phone 8.1 was announced, I heard rumor of Facebook Blue update but nothing close to that yet but an app that lacks many functionalities compared with iOS and Android versions. Windows Phone will make you hate Facebook even more!

Shouldn't the beta be ahead?

aafa says:

the app, beta or not, is too laggy and heavy. Like it's too sluggish compared to the mobile site. at least using the mobile site, you know you clicked on something as opposed to wondering if you did and regret double tapping because we have to 'wait'. Good apps dont do that. I only use the Facebook App to upload pics.

We need a facebook app made by Facebook inc.
Come on! It can't be that hard.

Well not much improvements, i think its slower than before, im a WP user for life, but i prefer FB on android !!!

Been crashing like crazy (regular and beta) since Friday. Hopefully this addresses it in some way.

yuvii007 says:

Why swiping on image is not working to go to next or previous photos?

h4p35 says:

After 1 year using WP, I very disappointed, annoying, frustrated with this issue..iOS and Android can surfing FB like desktop..but WP, what the hell is happening..ITS STUPID F@*KING UPDATE..

ResonantEcho says:

I hope they eventually improve the photo and video sharing to Facebook in 8.1. Is anyone else having problems with this? Videos rarely finish uploading. Photo sharing is slow and if multiple are chosen the upload rarely completes successfully. Even crashes and reboots my 920 at times.


This is where I do miss the integrated sharing feature of 8.0. It was reliable and worked in the background. Even with the phone locked.

WPhone says:

Photo uploads only work using Wifi in my case. Using mobile data it always fails. Uploads will not work in background, they're cancelled even when the screen times out.

I STILL can't change my profile picture... W...T.....H !!!!!!!

p4nfa says:

******off topic****** can we expect a 1020 replacement before years end?

I have exceeded my monthly data limit by updating it again and again..yuck

cgdelatorre says:

You can upload videos from the App... Its new I think

ResonantEcho says:

It's been around since 8.1. However, very unreliable.

afgzee says:

Using 5.2.6 seems snappier for me. Not everyone is on 8.1 preview so try reporting correct app numbers so people don't get confused.

chmun77 says:

There's nothing new. Still as bad as it has been all the while. Too much reloading required for every actions performed.

shielah says:

I hate the fb app it was so much better when it was all integrated with windows 8 , me tiles and messaging and contacts without having to have some app that doesn't flow..... Go back

hrsaini says:

new update for facebook is actually fast its performing excellently, location searching is also improved and tagging is also simple , overall it fantastic, thank you for making it hang free, 

i hope messenger also gets a update soon with improved functionality some important feautre like chat heads and video call. thanks

I wish MS would just let Facebook program the app instead. It would definitely work better and it would be more inline with the iOS and Android apps.

MorganRW says:

Am I the only one that after every one of these updates, for a day or so I cannot post pictures to Facebook because of errors? I don't know if this is because I am running windows phone 8.1 but I look at each update with dread.

Ali J KSA says:

After the update, I can see now that the app now allows posting pictures into specific albums.

I'm not able to upload pictures....what the hell is happening.....

shermthaworm says:

Still waiting for the major update, does anyone know when its coming