Official Facebook app for Windows Phone gets updated

What better way to start off the morning than with an update for the official Facebook app? And we’re not talking about the beta one either, but the full-fledged version that usually lags behind the beta by a few weeks. Indeed, the last time it was updated was in July so it’s about due for its 30-day fix up.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a changelog listed in the app description, though if we had to venture to guess it includes some of those beta features introduced last week, though evidently not multiple image support (we'll update this post if we note any changes). Will it fix issues people are having? We hope so, because despite all the improvements the last few Store reviews have been abysmal. 

Regardless, if you’ve been having problems with the official Facebook app and aren’t keen on using the Beta, then you can grab version here in the Store (if you do want to live on the edge of your seat, here’s the Beta link). It’s still Windows Phone 8 only and nope, we have no idea where that Windows Phone 7.x beta is, despite it reportedly coming out this month.

Update: Oddly enough, version 5.0.3 has been on the Store already yet the "updated date" now reads for today. We're unsure if this is a minor fix or just a Store error.

Update 2: When not logged into the Windows Phone Store, it does list 5.0.3 for Windows Phone 7.x, though it is currently not live. What we could be seeing is the Store live pushing out the update to their servers. Stay tuned.

Update 3: Sorry folks, no Windows Phone 7.x version inbound as far as we can tell.

Via: Windows Phone Apps

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explosive0 says:

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Sean D. says:

Obligatory, my battery performance is better comment.

walter1832 says:

Obligatory, my battery performace is worse comment.

NIST says:

Obligatory, where's instagram comment.

Obligatory, who cares, where's GDR2/Amber on Att comment.

NIST says:

Obligatory, asking about something that was already mentioned in the article, just to piss off Daniel and start him on his rant about people not reading the article first.

Obligatory learn to read comment.

dd808 says:

Obligatory +920 comment

walter1832 says:

Obligatory, who needs instagram when we have 6tag and instance.

walter1832 says:

Obligatory, Rudy/Dan, your my hero comment.

gravage says:

Obligatory *you're comment.

JW888 says:

Why,,,why,,,why instagram??????????? Who care...

ajftl says:

Obligatory. YOOO ...

Mark Cesari says:

Obligatory, non-obligatory comment.. no wait...

Obligatory what a stupid game comment.

walter1832 says:

Obligatory your stupid comment. :P

NIST says:

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JoRdaNeK says:

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NIST says:

Obligatory Nokia make a phablet with a physical keyboard comment.

rpm5101 says:

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Cubeddd says:

Is it possible for wpos to randomly update apps once in a while? My Facebook app was already updated when I checked after reading the forums

RyanAMG says:

I've been on this ver for a few days now.

Kieta says:

Mine was as well. It's never auto-ipdated before though.

rdubmu says:

Same, I have noticed lately that my apps are updated before it appears on here. I haven't updated Facebook for quite some time.

ZkT says:

Same here in my 920

Daakkon says:

Stick to the beta. :)

EJP86 says:

Agreed. Loving the beta currently!

Cubeddd says:

Betas are always better.

walter1832 says:

Unless you put them in with another Beta and then they kill each other.

juan6996 says:

You sir, win the internets.

joe_easton says:

I agree; I uninstalled the "real" version and only use Beta now.  It really is nice compared to most Betas that have issues with crashing, etc.

I have crashing issues with Beta. Not as bad as the official Android but it's there. Randomly closes. So went back to this official one. Meh, it's a breeze going back and forth whenever a new update comes out. haha.

h_portal says:

Previous Facebook betas never crashed on my 920, but this one does crash a lot, I think it is because of the new features that we are testing (sending images, minor UI changes...)

Khoa Lai says:

Mine does not crash, but I dont get any notifications from it.

noknok79 says:

yes me too! better is way better!

My beta version keeps crashing

Bailey199719 says:

Mine has started crashing for no reason. Filled a bug report though.

danielm298 says:

Yes, beta is actually pretty good..haven't seen anything out of the ordinary

mr_808 says:

Looks like Accuweather, Cyclometer, and Fhotoroom got updated too.  Sweet!

damo579 says:

Odd I haven't received an update for accuweather. Any new features?

mr_808 says:

Looks like there is a new weather icon and a whole lot of bugs.  Wow!  Honestly, I've started using Bing Weather because it works just as well.  The only reason Accuweather is on my phone is because I was hoping for an update that would bring some significant changes.  Looks like it may not last on my phone much longer.  

damo579 says:

You have the Nokia version or accuweather version? I have the one by accuweather and didn't get an update.

mr_808 says:

Evidently, it was the Nokia version.  I don't know how I managed to get that considering when I do a search in the store I can only find one version.  Oh well.  I just deleted it.

damo579 says:

Interesting. I searched for it also and the same thing happened.

aitt says:

Hmmm not sure last time I updated but I been had 5.0.3 I got excited and thought it caught up to the Beta version

pattayo_ib says:

Didn't see any update button from the link...

aitt says:

I thought I was tripping too. But I been on 5.0.3

CrixoL says:

cant send images again...back to beta...

dwbmb says:

Reading this article, I have checked version I have installed 14 days ago and it already is (I know nothing about betas, its from official Store). But when I look into Store, there is today date of latest update. WTF? Is FB app updating itself without asking or what?

santhosh5639 says:

me too.. same here....

kenzibit says:

Oooh mehn, patiently waiting for WP7 version

ogamawab says:

You been lied too

Andresuxx says:


iboypx says:

its already updated automatically...  how?

Darren Walsh says:

Nearly finished work in Ireland haha !!

Shocker: that's wrong (we checked our WP7.x devices before writing our article). Stop reading junk sites.

kenzibit says:

Hahahaha.....I feel that; STOP READING JUNK SITES! LOL

kenzibit says:

But seriously Daniel, it shows up on windowsphone.com http://www.windowsphone.com/en-gb/store/app/facebook/82a23635-5bd9-df11-... Includes both WP8 and WP7.5.

Mine shows as version from 2010  on my NL900 and no one can confirm that the 7.x version is live

I updated the post. It's definitely not live and no announcement has been made, but I see what you are talking about.

Shobiz says:


zbyszek223 says:

Official Windows Phone Store site always shows the same version of Facebook app for WP8 and WP7.5 when you're not logged in (I was checking it several times before this post and it still looks the same - app version:, works with: WP8 and WP7.5).

You was right. The news are fake. I just checked un-logged the skype on windowsphone.com. It DOES say v2.9.0.129 and it DOES say Works with Windows Phone 7.5 but we both know that this version will never be on WP7.

Conclusion: when not logged, the site displays the latest version of an app but not necessarely for both 7.5 and 8. => fake news

Nimdock says:

Definitely not a junk site. I read WMPowerUser along with WPCentral. Plenty of times they have information way before WPCentral. Or even information that is not even brough up here.
The opposite is also true. So I am glad there are choices.

abhishek8605 says:

Variety is the spice of life.

It's true that WMPU usually has stories first. I also visit it several times a day. Having said that, they're usually not fact checked and often filled with subjective opinions... They're more the quantity over quality type. Still like 'em.

aitt says:

Ok so I'm not tripping either cause I don't have any update button and it says its already running the latest version.

gcdc_lumia says:

there's still 2 days left for 7.x beta...

mads333 says:

Where can I get the Beta for WP7.x??

noknok79 says:

Facebook beta is way better w/ version.

THE_Lawnboy says:

Except mine still does that damned auto-refresh thing and scrolls back to the top of the newsfeed. I HATE THAT!!!

cybermoose89 says:

Im sticking with beta thank you

trickym81 says:

Proper message notifications please...

Seems some days already, and I go with beta as usual

Roach26 says:

Mine running the latest version... Guess it updated automatically...

cw1988 says:

Mine is on the latest also. Weird.

WPer says:

News? My FB app is already and I am pretty sure last update was several weeks ago. Maybe the update time in Windows Store confuses WPcentral.

jfa1 says:

It shows error retrieving file

Two things I've noticed with this app is that my update when you swipe right only shows an update made from the app itself. As I last updated my status a week ago on the app (as I use the Me hub normally) it's out of date.
Also I can't add comments on pages I admin as the page itself, only me - is that right?

purevibz says:

Yeah mine say last update 8/29/13 and I didn't do a thing....hmmmm

ipecek says:

Nokia Smart Cam also states 29.08 as a last update but can't update manually. Must be temporary...

goldenpipes says:

Obligatory I love how this is slowly becoming reddit comment.

Wtf people stop talking about beta. In my country it's not available yet.

ambroShuS says:

that awkward moment when you realize that your Windows Phone stopped receiving software updates at 7.5 *hides head in shame*

diktea says:

installed the official app but Facebook Beta is better for me... i grew too fond of that small round notification button in the beta which is not yet implemented in the official app

Duduosf says:

So, is it better than the beta version now? Just wanna make sure before I do something stupid...

Khoa Lai says:

sad to say, but its not.

Toink says:

Now live for those poor Windows 7.8 souls :P

phendrome says:

It wouldn't "really" make sense that the official app would get the update. Rather that a beta version of Facebook would become available on 7.x (as Belfiore mentioned).

Still I'd love to see the official app receive the update too, to make the experience more complete.

gcdc_lumia says:

fuck you. douche.

mrZoSo says:

I'll stick with the beta still ;)

Camaroon says:

Is it possible this includes the fix for the notifications that Joe B. tweeted about last week?

Rick Smits says:

He will probably make an announcement on his twitter feed or someone will on the Windows Phone Blog when they fix their servers talking to each other.

3ftw says:

On my device (WP 7.8) I cant see the update yet...

ianberg says:

Is it just me or are you blocked from saving Facebook photos to your Windows Phone 7 handset in the official Facebook app? This is the only thing keeping from using that app instead of going to Facebook with the Internet browser. Help!

mayur89 says:

for 7.8 users???? :(

pdangcil says:

7.8 users out of luck!

socalpaisa says:

So I checked and apparently the update has been available for a while now, because I wasn't prompted to update, and the version number on my Facebook app is Must be a store issue.

Khoa Lai says:

Why the hell does it take Huyn just a few months to write great apps, but take the whole team at MSFT AGESSSSS to write just a decent app?

ogamawab says:

No fb app update for windows phone 7.8 because they to lie...

THE_Lawnboy says:

My Beta still auto-scrolls to the top of the newsfeed. AAARGGGHHHH!!!!

soslajos says:

WP 7.8-ra vajon mikor lesz már a programnak frissítése? Mert már nagyon rá férne... :/

Altin Selimi says:

Joe Belfiore just confirmed the app has just been submited by microsoft in the Marketplace and will be launched soon. HOORRAY wp7.x users !

ankitchugh says:

Can't see any update available in India for my lumia 920

cannot upload photos available in memory card using the official facebook app. every time i try the same, the app gets closed automatically.