Official Facebook Beta, SysApp Pusher and Ciel bumped to new versions

Facebook Beta

Three popular Windows Phone apps have been updated. Facebook Beta, Ciel and SysApp Pusher have each been bumped to a new version, but since we're looking at minor updates we'll group all three into a single article. So head on past the break to see what's new.

First up is Facebook Beta, the official solution from Microsoft. We're not entirely sure what's new with this update (version, so we'll assume bug fixes and minor improvements have been applied. Still, it's definitely worth picking up if you're not part of the beta program. Being able to take advantage of new features before the live version of the app receives them is a neat way to test out what's on the horizon.

You can download Facebook Beta from the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Facebook Beta


Next up is Ciel, a cool Windows Phone app to help you out when it comes to adding weather data to photos before sharing with friends and family. We previously covered the developer adding 6tag support, but now in version Ciel is able to share photos with Facebook. If you're an avid user of the social network, this will be a welcomed improvement.

You can download Ciel from the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Ciel


Finally, we have SysApp Pusher. The app enables you to remain up-to-date with system apps from HTC, Nokia and Samsung. It's invaluable when you come to check for updates that haven't trickled through automatically. This latest update (version adds Nokia Glance Background. Speaking of which, have you entered our contest yet?

You can download SysApp Pusher from the Windows Phone Store.

QR: SysApp Pusher

If you notice anything else new in these updates that we have somehow missed, be sure to hit us up in the comments. Thanks, Josh, for the tip!



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I love the new ding sound it makes for Facebook chat

xankazo says:

Yep, definitely faster. ROFL

Khoa Lai says:

This is exactly what most users say eveytime it got a new update.

he_shark says:

Not everything is faster...

dhruv07 says:

Its Friday and Facebook beta update time!!!

Scott Brooks says:

This is the second version of the Facebook Beta that I've used that doesn't allow picture uploading on my Lumia 928. They updated the main non-Beta app and now it won't upload pictures either. So frustrating!

donebrasko says:

Yeah I lost the ability to share pics too

Chris Yahya says:

Me too. Cant upload pics....

GustavN says:

Same here on 920, super frustrating. I had to use the built-in uploader but unfortunately it really ruins the image quality.

dhruv07 says:

Mee too on my L720! :/

Ticomfreak says:

There's improvements in the chat

TJWINS says:

How? I don't see any improvement....

vkelkar says:

Its faster no broken notifications its instant and chat resumes so fast just with a blink

Arafat Sa says:

You forgot #sarcasm at the end.

Ticomfreak says:

Open up the messaging list. Notice the extra appbar buttons?

TJWINS says:

Nope. No extra buttons. I have both the official and beta open side by side and there is no difference between the two

louisoneal says:

I'm sure its faster ;)

visnit14 says:

Yeah...like always

david90531 says:

Just decided to stick with the non-beta version and now this is out... Lol should I switch over again..? Chat needs huge improvements still. Why no notification and so slow?!

ho0lee0h says:

Give me chat bubbles, please.

david90531 says:

Don't think that will happen, correct me if I'm wrong but this app is not designed by Facebook but by MS team right?

plasmid_uk says:

They are "working together" apparently...

david90531 says:

Ooo Fancy. Haha well that's good news I suppise

mjrtoo says:

How about just using the integrated messaging for fb.

how1ard says:

Facebook Beta:
"Still, it's definitely worth picking up if you're not part of the beta program so you can see that notifications still don't take place in the timezone that you actually live in."

raycpl says:

Its quiet good now actually. And it is faster!!! LOL. 
I had problems with previous beta. Photos in albums I had shared (via contributors) mysteriously disappears. This is now ironed out. But this beta is still slow in trying to add photo into albums... it just gets stuck for eternity. I'm using a L920, btw

adrian1338 says:

Is there actually a way to uninstall system apps?
like access point that I installed but doesnt make any sense but i want to uninstall it again :) 

mjrtoo says:

Press hold delete, just like you'd pin.

Josh Harman says:

You can't uninstall anything listed under settings.

No, you cannot uninstall system applications. Access point is necessary for sending and receiving MMS and also for allowing access to the internet over a mobile data connection. Why would you want to remove this function from your phone?

Josh Harman says:

Access Point is for managing multiple SIM cards and settings on unlocked phones. It's not necessary for carrier locked phones, and does nothing on my phone.

ejlee072006 says:

OMG its been 3 years!!!!
This app still. Sucks, its embarrassing!!

Josh Harman says:

Works fine for me.

Aryan Angel says:

No, it doesn't work fine for anyone. I'm assuming you've never used anything that is actually fast and works as its suppose to work, so you don't know what working fine means.

Josh Harman says:

So... you're calling me a liar?
The app works fine for me, I've even been getting toast notifications for the past month or so... and yes, on time.

Aryan Angel says:

I refuse to believe you. You say the same thing about every glitchy app. If the fb app worked fine, it wouldn't still be in beta.

Josh Harman says:

Oh really? Are you keeping a log of my opinions on every app? That's creepy and inaccurate, I call it how I see it.
I don't care if you believe me or not, but if I speak the truth from my experience.
Troll on.

ejlee072006 says:

And that's exactly the problem, it works fine for you..
Why cant create an APP that's consistent for all users,
I only use people hub, and m.Facebook.com
Like what I said its almost. 4 years and still WINDOWSPHONE doesn't have a decent Facebook app..im not trolling or anything but whoever is in charge of this app should get fired

Josh Harman says:

This FB app is only months old, they obviously had to start over.

Josh Harman says:

4 years? WP just celebrated their 3rd anniversary.

Well, you had better get to work then and create a proper Facebook application. Then you can show these amateurs how it's really done.

TJWINS says:

touch.facebook.com is nicer

mjrtoo says:

Regular Facebook app is beta is a update is certainly minor. :)

Niotheros says:

Cinemagraph also bumped to a new version! 11/10/2013 version

dhruv07 says:

Still can't upload pics!!!

phasar says:

Can't post photos, its sad that after all this time Microsoft can't get a decent Facebook app on WP8. And people wonder why some reviewers don't take the platform seriously.

mjrtoo says:

Can't post photos? How about take a picture, hit the elipses, select share, BAM. Are new new to WP?

xankazo says:

So, you're saying this app is useless anyways?

mjrtoo says:

No, I'm saying your trying to do it the hard way, and in some ways it's useless, but I understand it's important for some people to hang onto the old ways of interaction with apps, rather than data integration.

aitt says:

Seem to broken me liking and looking at comments. Tried yo look at a comment page and it crashed twice. Not on everything but just on comments that have links in them

Shobiz says:

One question:  What's the diffrence between the Facebook app chat and the built in Facebook chat inside the phone? I use WP7.8, is there something wrong with it in WP8? 

mjrtoo says:

No, I believe most of these people complaining don't understand how their phones work, or, wish the phone worked in a different way, without investigating the true genius of how the phone actually works.

Shobiz says:

Thanks, because all people talk about is the chat function. Who needs chat when it's already built into the phones OS. All I want is for the notifications to work. That's it

Ultimateone says:

Hey people, you do realize you're on a BETA? things don't always work thats the point of it

xankazo says:

Except that the non-beta app is just as bad, exactly as bad.

BrunoCruz says:

In this case, the NON-BETA it's worse!! So if the BETA it's supposed to get things better, it's normal that people wants things better and not always the same problems.

Shippin says:

Beta used to load news feed where you left off. Say I was at the top before bed and wake up next morning it would still be there but have the bubble with new post notifications. Now it loads you at the newest post on launch.

Doomguy says:

And still no interest lists.

thaman04 says:

Did this update add the features from the official non-Beta app that were missing in Beta (i.e. batch photo uploads, inline @tagging, unfriending/unliking, navigation improvments and performance tweaks.)?   


TJWINS says:

Meanwhile the wpcentral app isn't working on AT&T again. Had to post this through the browser. Ugh!!!

aitt says:

Its already been stated it will work if uninstalled and fresh reinstall. Completely irrelevant to this thread

Arafat Sa says:

Facebook beta version change log:
- Code Indention
- Fixed missing semicolon
.. as usual every week.

how come SysApp Pusher can update their app, but my apps update is turned down for listing OEM apps which is apparently some "security issue"?

Josh Harman says:

Odd too that SysApp is updated to include Glance Background on the same day it was released.

murtagh360 says:

I find this app has done the opposite and has made it slow, while loading now takes over twice what it did take.

altinselimi says:

The app takes only 10 seconds to open and show the news feed now, while the official one took 28 seconds. I really doubt but hope that wp8&wp7 will have a decent FB app someday. Wp7 user btw.

Josh Harman says:

Mine never takes that long, maybe it's your internet connection.

aemond says:

+1. Max 3 seconds on my 8X.

Koki.v3 says:

I can confirm that on my first gen Omnia 7 the BETA used to take about 45 seconds just to launch, now it indeed takes "only" about 10 seconds. Huge improvement in this update.

wangsa86 says:

Beta is faster

jamz82277 says:

I noticed the FB app to be more stable. What I can't seem to grasp here is why it takes a full second for the app to respond to any touch. This thing has a 1.5 Ghz processor and one of the most sensitive screens in a mobile device (928), but Facebook can't get itself in order enough to respond to a touch faster than one second afterwards. Am I missing something here? All the other FB applications respond instantly- Why can the innovator of the OS itself not make an application They made respond like the OS does?

Goblian says:

No notification option for new messages anymore? Not that it was ever working..... WP7.8 btw

muxl says:

is the late notification - issue fixed? experience this problem on a lumia 620

altinselimi says:

The news feed is filled up with posts from facebook pages, while it should be filled with posts/activity of my friends, this is one of the biggest problem I think the app devs should work on.