Official Facebook beta updates with bug fixes and more reliable notifications

Official Facebook beta updates with bug fixes and more reliable notifications

Facebook Beta was updated to version today, bringing along some performance improvements and the ubiquitous bug fixes. Users on the beta track for Facebook can enjoy faster and more reliable notifications, as well as suport for additional languages.

Check for your update or grab it from free from the Windows Phone Store.

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mevalmvm says:

Good.....keep updating...

mevalmvm says:

Nothing's changed

walter1832 says:

Seems slower than the next update.

I actually laughed at this one. Good job, and that's coming from me...

Seems faster and notifications seem more reliable...

Trying to extend the joke? Faster is one thing. How in the world will one check the reliablity? :b

Nope. Just repeating what the article said.

Edwardlb20 says:

I hate to say it Jerry, but you have made a right hash of this!

mevalmvm says:

Still lots of work to be done on Facebook app befr we can compare with ios n lagdroid

Dean Lewis says:

Lagdroid!!! LOL!!!

guillams says:

Seems..... They are working on!

Martsicky says:

-1 wpc editor seems slower

Dante X says:

Definitely not slower

Dante X says:

Jokes aside.... I just wanna the ability to post images on comments

Also videos videos too please!

walter1832 says:

Faster video's please


Sagar Limaye says:

No WP 8 doesn't have video access for apps remember

Dean Lewis says:

I believe this is coming in 8.1 including video editing capabilities in the SDK.

Broomcorn says:

You can do this in the messenger app, no?

QilleRz says:


Yeah, actually I want this feature too. But the first one need to come is the ability to see picture in comment.

irvin792 says:

This was the 5.2 update ........its on now

This is really old ass news.......

akks says:

yeah, i was thinking the same... though fb beta had an update today, sorry to say that this article is nonsense..


If you want something faster watch a Monkey ejaculate while having sex.

Copiondor says:

...You've made me uncomfortably curious...


On average a monkey ejaculates after 5 seconds of sex.

Aardvarks are friendly unless they have a pigeon on their left lip.

Coolaaron88 says:

I'm loving the posts from other mobile nation site editors :)

coldfilter says:

Am not trying to be funny but its always being updated and its always crap! It seems like the Facebook app is what the more experienced devs give to the 16 year old intern.

abduz says:

They mentioned at build that Rudy has been working with them on the lockscreen, they should just handover the facebook app to him to work on

topleya says:

6book would be amazing, or even 6face

mrllano says:

Actually it was a 5 year old who made this app

pampurio97 says:

This update has been published a month ago...

Same thing un installing

Cortana is that you?

Not in the download app just a link something wrong?

The change log OP mentioned in the article is of Old update.! FB beta is far ahead from v5.2 now!

Don't just blame the article. App description itself has a misinformation.

v5.2 Additions:

reda igbaria says:

1) the list of changes that you wrote is for v5.2 , this update was performance improvements
2) it is really faster!!

It's not faster. It's garbage.

walter1832 says:

seems dirty


ThaRebeliouZ says:

Who about being able to tag friends in comments and also post pictures in comments?

ThaRebeliouZ says:

Sorry for the double post. Can the admins delete this one


ThaRebeliouZ says:

How about being able to tag friends and post pictures in comments?

You can tag friends...you have to push the @ symbol and then start typing their name. You've been able to do that for a long time now.

ThaRebeliouZ says:

Holy hell thank you! I just did it.

Witness says:

Pictures in comments is what I need. A meme is worth a thousand words sometimes...

Yeah I'm waiting for that feature as well!

ThaRebeliouZ says:

Definitely will make the app feel better with the pics in comments lol

F3rzz says:

I Always. ALWAYS answer with a gif. it's sad the app is so shitty i didn't even notice the feature is nor there.

Bgrubb says:

Download app option please?

Kinda surprised to see an Article from Jerry here in WPC!

walter1832 says:

Hello... Newman!

Lmfao! SEINFELD!!!! You have won the interwebz for today sir!

Update did nothing. This app is garbage. Wish they could just get it on par with iOS and Android.

Dadstar0410 says:

Don't let Jerry see this comment!

Oh don't get me wrong, I hate iOS and Android both but their Facebook app is just better than ours. I just don't understand why we can't have the same features as theirs.

Arka1412 says:

Yes this is true Facebook app on both android and ios is much much better..

I wish Rudy Huyn had developed a version for us.... BTW I heard they're making a better app for WP8.1 that would work flawlessly.

Yeah that's what I've heard too so hopefully it's true. Rudy is a beast and I'm sure it would be an amazing app but it would be nice to have a great "official" app as well.

Arka1412 says:

+520 but anyway Official apps always have a positive impact on the users and is also healthy for the ecosystem to grow..

I agree and that's why I said it would be great to have an "official" app as well.

I wish they do it soon enough :)

DJCBS says:

I bet Jerry is now taking a bath on disinfectants for having come close to Microsoft stuff lol ;D

iAdrian23 says:

It seems like they didn't even update it.

I WANT "I'm feelin - " NOW

afcor says:

I'd settle for being able to tag friends in posts.

Dude, read the comments!! All you have to do is use the @ symbol and then start typing the name of the person you want to tag. We've been able to do this for awhile now.

Tafsern says:

A looong time.

ahmadsamhann says:

that feature come out a long time ago. did you just come out from a cave?

jailman says:

This is centuries behind the android app

Jack Janik says:

I've yet to receive a toast about someone liking or commenting on my posts!

JDB for Facebook always gives me them though. B)

Jandieg says:

That's because via background notifications it goes to facebook and directly asks if there is any notifications. It is more reliable this way, but limited to every 20 minutes. The other way (push used by official app) delivery will depend on a lot of other factors, even your connection state(not facebook's problem), that's the reason people complain a lot. I stick to JDB, 20 mins delay even reduces stress and distraction rate :)

Edwardlb20 says:

The change log is completely wrong, the update isn't 5.2 today it is That change log is oooold!

cybermoose89 says:

The update wasn't imputed on this article got the update all the same though

NightWatch71 says:

Haven't seen no one else saying it, so I will;

Your articles in overall has degraded on both quality and credibility from a journalistic approach. You took the easy way and choose blogging. Daniel Rubino when he first replied to criticisms had taken a noble stand but later the poll must have put some pressure on him to change his earlier stand. So, yeah.

I like that they keep updating this app, but in comparison to the Android and iPhone version, it just doesn't look or feel as good. It doesn't show posts from 3rd party services like Foursquare. It also lacks the large bold images attached to articles. In short, while effective, it just isn't as pretty as the other two. Windows phone may get apps a bit later, but outside of Instagram and Facebook, usually the apps are visually more appealing than their iOS and android counterparts

afgzee says:

This article needs to be redone. Did you just copy and paste from the old article? Dafaq?

Wheezle says:

No, the changes were copy + pasted from the description on the store, which hasn't been updated in several versions.


ivkec says:

- Startup faster
- Loading news feed faster
- Scrolling performance a little bit better, but not perfect.

Keep updating.


peachy001 says:

Not hating on anyone, but I don't have a Facebook account. This is therefore the first time I have bothered to go in to the articles. But is this some permanent beta? It seems to have been in beta for years. I keep seeing posts like this one weekly. Are there two versions, a working one and a "beta" less stable build, where they try out new stuff?

There is a beta and non-beta version of the Facebook app. The beta only came out last summer, so it's not "years" old.

peachy001 says:

Just "seems" like many years old. I obviously do not follow them too closely to know the start date. Just see bug fixes weekly, couldn't understand why it was taking so long.

Wheezle says:

Basically the Beta is kept around as the "bleeding edge" version, which is updated often. Patches deemed stable in the beta are eventually rolled out to the non-beta version.

lhoylhoy says:

Seems opposite of "slower"

shaskell724 says:

The Facebook app is such a piece of junk.... It is so bad. Time stamps are never right and its delayed. Very frustrating. Makes me not want to move to WP.

Aashish13 says:

So after the minor bugs update this is the overall change

Aashish13 says:

For uploading something I use always the html 5 browser. It has quick and minimum steps. I use fb wall for just the sake of it coz I have a habit

danielm298 says:

Yes...way faster...

Zohaib ZJ says:

which facebook app is better?i'm using facebook not facebook beta (this version)..which one is faster or better???

stokkolm says:

Can I get post editing and the ability to share things to friends walls please!

Nothing has changed. why in the world did i bought a lumia anyway :/

Charles Wang says:

The notifications screen looks different. You get icons now for each notification type.

lubbalots says:

Many updates but nothing new.

nyolc8 says:

Can anyone actually tell me why there is a beta and a non-beta facebook app? I just don't get it. I'm using the non-beta version. Is the beta actually better? They updating both versions sometimes... so why the hell we have two versions of it?

Still can't upload a picture with text and tags thru the app. Incredible

humblehyper says:

How come I dont see friends when they change their profile picture on the news feed?  This hasnt been implemented yet?