Official Hurl app updated with more resolutions supported, new interface in the works


Hurl released an official Windows Phone app last week, but the team has got in touch with Windows Phone Central to confirm that an update has been published to address issue with screen resolutions. Taking into account the feedback that has been provided by the community, the Hurl team has set out to address concerns and any problems that were experienced.

If you're not familiar with Hurl, it's a DNLA-type service, but for PCs. The service works after the official app has been installed on a Windows Phone and page set up on the Hurl website (www.hurl.net). Using your phone’s GPS (and your label) you can then connect up. Users can search online for videos, which can then be added to the queue for playback on the PC. The Windows Phone acts as a remote—it’s like SmartGlass but for everything else.

So what's new in the latest version? As noted above there was a lack of support for the variety of screen resolutions out there for new hardware. This has been addressed, so if you have a Windows Phone 8 smartphone—no matter what the resolution is you'll be able to enjoy the Hurl experience. But that's not all as we've received word on what consumers can expect to see in the future.

As well as the small update (the version number hasn't altered - showing just how minor the release is), the Hurl team has also revealed to us that a true "native client" will be on the way. The first step was to get an app out on the store so now the team can focus on really improving the user interface to really take advantage of Microsoft design language elements.

You can download the official Hurl app from the Windows Phone Store (for Windows Phone 8 owners).

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prowade says:

I really love this app, and now my wife can use it on her 820 as well.

jlynnm350z says:

Does anybody else like turtles or is it just me? Lightning bugs are cool to. I'll say something on topic so I'm not hazed and stoned or banned for life. It's good Hurl is making more resolution's.

ladydias says:

I like them too! :-). Lightning bugs? You have to be from up north.

Montpbm says:

Yes! That's exactly it, from up north; same here so I know what u all mean. I like them.

KevinSoloUno says:

No new UI style...download? Naaaahhh

hurldotnet says:

Awww :*-(
Well we definitely hope you give the future release a try when it comes out later this year. Cheers!

KevinSoloUno says:

No I've download it, its just I don't like the android style nor the IOS style. But its neat at least, clean and without a problem :" well done

Montpbm says:

Thanks hurl for the app.. Really appreciate it!

WP95 says:

More official apps!

longcipher says:

Rather than criticize the UI, let's thank Hurl for releasing an app for WP.

TonyDedrick says:

Word.....and if its user friendly and works, why does it matter what UI it might look like?

Montpbm says:

Agreed 1-million times..

hurldotnet says:

Much appreciated guys. Thank you.

This is such a cool service, and I look forward to the interface update.
Reassuring to know that the team are continuously working on the app!

hurldotnet says:

Thank you for the support. It really means alot.

Echoic44 says:

Saw Bad Religion in the image and had to check it out.

Is Hurl only for US, or worldwide?

hurldotnet says:

It is world wide. Enjoy!

cherone21 says:

I don't understand how to use this app. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I'm gonna hurl Wayne :D
What a lousy name for a product lol  Hurl means to throw up, aka up chuck, aka barf, aka vomit here in the US :D

Etios says:

Thanks Hurl for making the app.