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Official Manchester United app gets released, but not everyone can download it yet

Manchester United

The official Manchester United app for Windows Phone has been released, but with limited availability. The app itself has launched in 18 countries, however the UK, US and many other countries have been skipped with further support expected in future updates. If you're an avid Man Utd football club fan, this is an app for you (or will be in the near future).

The app (as the name suggests) enables users to remain up-to-date with everything happening with the club, including exclusive content, articles and an inside view of life at Old Trafford (the football club's ground). It's possible to follow live matches while on the go with updated scores and even inside access prior to kick-off and post-match reactions in a single location, with video interviews and features to boot.

Machester United

If you're not familiar with the history of Manchester United, the app provides an insight into its rich heritage, displaying those magical moments from each decade of the club's existence. There's also transfer gossip, fixtures information, wallpapers and more. It's a neat looking app and packed full of functionality. The only issue with the app (in its current form) is the lack of region support.

Here's a list of countries currently supported in this version: Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Republic Of Congo, Congo (DRC), Gabon, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Malawi, Malaysia, Niger, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Chad, Thailand and Tanzania. We understand that more countries will be supported in future versions, so be sure to watch this space for the next release.

QR: Manchester United

Reader comments

Official Manchester United app gets released, but not everyone can download it yet


App is sponsored by Airtel Mobile network which is available in the released countries.. May be they are searching for sponsors in other places..

So you cant download it in the country the club comes from or in the country that calls the sport soccer haha Is this a late April Fools joke??

Totally agree with you. I use 1st4Fans Manchester United , OneFootball & just lastnight installed Onefootball Brazil.

I think it must be developed by Airtel India. Its the official telecom partner of Man United. I believe Airtel has presence in above listed 18 countries. That must be the logic. That's the only logic I could think about skipping UK...

I understand no support in US, but UK? It's a British club, with majority of players from Britain. How does not supporting UK even make sense?

MUFC till i die :)
I cant download even if i am from india as i have set my region to US :( i guess i will need to wait till it get release in the us store as i am tired of changing the region and restarting my cell.

Edit:changed the region and downloading now.

Must download guys app is awesome
Especially in app integration with facebook,twitter,instagram,google+ allow us to see their updates without opening other apps.

I'm Manchester born and bred, I live in central Manchester, and I'm a United season ticket holder. If you're a "comedy writer", I'd suggest you try to avoid tired, old and just plain wrong clichés.

Thanks for the concern, I'm perfectly happy, just worried about Chris's career prospects in comedy writing - and yours for that matter, if that's the best comeback you can think of.

What in the world is this developer thinking. Isn't ManU from the UK? Well to his credit he is supporting countries from the get go that Microsoft always ignores until the end but dude home country must be included.

Then release it when more local features are ready or keep updating the app. First WhatsApp disappears and now this. What on earth is going on in our WP community. Lol

Yup not many ppl in UK support that club thus it is far more important to launch it on the other part of earth eg; Burkina Faso.

Well unless the app was developed by David Moyes under a pseudonym, it shouldn't be :P. Having said that he really didn't have the time but then again its not like the whole squad changed to division one players when he took over lol.

The fact that they miss European tie make them seems to desperate to release an apps that not have local content : in UK!

Looks like a soft launch / unofficial beta release. Release in small countries, test for bugs, then release in big markets once the bugs have been squashed.

What! Biggest in SA??
That statement was based on the past last two season or this season??
Get your fact right first dude.. U make me wanna cry

Official LFC app has been available since 2012 and the Arsenal app should be ready by the end of the year. I don't why you put lol's at the end of your comments...Not very funny at all.

Most ManUre fans don't live anywhere near Manchester. This app will be really popular in Norwich, Basingstoke, Guildford, Dublin, Oslo, Cape Town, etc etc. The app won't be reporting on any European matches in the 2014/15 season.

That's the point to download this apps bcoz it will save space in the phone coz it don't have European maps on it.