Official: Mango rolling out across all US carriers

Seems that the green light has been shown for the US to receive Mango, which ties in with recent reports from Sprint and other operators. We expect to see the rollout gradually reach everyone so don't freak should you not receive the notification immediately. For those who are on builds newer than NoDo, be sure to have backups at hand, especially if you're on leaked RTM. Be sure to let us know when you receive the update, good luck!

Note that on AT&T: "Delivery has begun for the HTC Surround, LG Quantum, and Samsung Focus v. 1.3. The HTC HD7S is currently Scheduling, while the Samsung Focus v. 1.4 is Testing and the Dell Venue Pro is in Planning."

See Where's My update? for more information. Thanks ousooner314 and everyone else for the heads up!



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Lukas#WP says:

OMG..MS really learned from their last NODO update... wow :)

blackhawk556 says:

it's not over yet. If MS really learned something, we'll know once people start getting the update and no major problems show up. Can you imagine Google releasing a major update to all its phones at the same time? Ok, well may be within two weeks? Yeah, I can't imagine that either LOL

blackhawk556 says:

well I just plugged in my focus into my Mac and no update yet :(. Remember at&t said they would be one of the first, NOT the first to send out the update. If they don't send it out first, I'll never believe the whole "Premier partner" cr@p

lovenokia says:

same here i plugged in my phone, there is no update yet wtf

Rich Edmonds says:

It's a gradual update, you may not receive a notification for a few days.

Khensu says:

You can tell Microsoft didn't want a repeat of the Nodo update fiasco. I wonder how much sooner some of us would have gotten are updates if they'd done the gradual roll-out as they were ready route again.

kool_maverik says:

Freaking awesome!! From the looks of it so far, definitely much better handled than NoDo. Glad to see MS learning and correcting...kudos!!

Bacchus1976 says:

Let's not give them too much credit. This thing is WAY overdue. The big simultaneous rollout (so long as you don't have a Venue or a v1.4 Focus) is a big plus, but WP7 is not developing fast enough. Multitasking and alot of other Mango features should have been when NoDo rolled out. The competition is adding features faster than MS and if these updates don't speed up they'll only be farther behind.

kool_maverik says:

boy, you are really a glass-half-empty kind of person, arent you??

Bacchus1976 says:

I'm just pragmatic. I like WP7 and want it to work, to be successful.Are we really giving MS a pat on the back for not **** things up? Is that how low the expectations are? It's absurd that there hasn't been a single update or feature added since NoDo 6+ months ago. And they've botched the PR around this Mango rollout with most of the blog world clamoring for it 2 and 4 weeks ago. Mango looks terrific and much needed. I'm pumped to get it and it's nice that I don't have to wait for AT&T to get off their **** and get it to me while every other carrier finished like with NoDo. But "Freaking awesome!!" this process hasn't been.

Looks like Microsoft is not going to have a repeat of NoDo rollout.

malte.schulz says:

so no international roll-out today?

Rich Edmonds says:

We're keeping our hopes high and will be monitoring the International page more closely than ever.

Yes, it's also today.

Paul Acevedo says:

I'm excited to get in on that Mango action. :)

Rolling out everywhere.... UNLESS YOUR A SAMSUNG OMNIA 7 Owner!!! FFS

futurix says:

BS! I'm updating my Omnia 7 right now.

dtboos says:

Anybody using the RTM version getting the update available notice? Hoping I don't have to roll back me and my family's focus phones ;p

microhaxo#WP says:

"Anybody using the RTM version getting the update available notice? Hoping I don't have to roll back me and my family's focus phones ;p "of course you will have to roll back. You wont get an update if your build number is the rtm one..

fpostrow says:

Not true. I just finished updatimg my RTM focus on ATT. Sweeeeeet!

dkeo85 says:

I was running the leaked RTM but now it shows that a Samsung update is available in Zune. is this what you are talking about?

5tephen says:

I'm using RTM on my HD7. Plugged my phone in and updating right now! TmoUS!!!

rkiels says:

Loading on my Trophy as we speak!

dakranii says:

Me too, awesome!

syncros9 says:

Same here! updating now!

whoswhoo says:

Did yours go to Mango or 7392? Mine updated to 7392 and it is up to date for now.

rkiels says:

Ugh, what a letdown. 7392 it is.

NSTR says:

Woo Hoo!! Was worried Canada would get screwed! lol

bbjones says:

Update in progress.........YAY!!!

chinsen says:

Signed up just to say that my Focus is currently upgrading itself via the Zune software! :) I was on the developer beta all this time, so I'm assuming this is the first of the two upgrades for me... signed up just to post this exciting exciting news! :)Mango! here at last!

Anyone else wet their pants a little.

megamn606 says:

*sniff* "your phone is up to date" (at 7.0 still) :[

bbjones says:

Update in progress... YAY!

whoswhoo says:

Awesome. I just plugged in my phone at 1:04, prompted me for an update. (My phone never told me there was one) Of course I accepted. It is currently backing up at 32%.Verizon HTC Trophy - Michigan

starblade876 says:

Sprint HTC Arrive update in progress...

Lukas#WP says:

HTC HD7 t mobile..update is here...installing now ..yay...thank you MS :)

Odd-i-See says:

Come on Lukas, you better not be lieing! ha ha ha I'm at work and I have an HD7 through T-Mobile as well. CAnnot wait to get home! ha ha ha *cough cough* think i'm coming down with something.....ha ha ha ha

techygeek82 says:

Yep! HTC ARRIVE UPDATING NOW!!! WOOHOO!! Had the Dev Beta 2 and it's rolling forward nicely!

dtboos says:


tognam says:

Just got the prompt to update when I plugged in my phone! Was running dev beta and it's upgrading straight to 7720!

HTC Trophy with Dev Beta 2 just updated. I got the notification on my phone too. I'm in West Texas btw. The update took only 7 minutes.

jaethos says:

Another Verizon Trophy being updated. I am running the leaked RTM and it found an HTC update. RTM handsets look good to go.

JPDVM2014 says:

This is awesome news! Can't wait till I get home to check.

lippidp says:

Good. Can someone tell me if the LG Quantum with 7.5 has a decent Remote Desktop program? All the ones listed in the Marketplace seem to be either junk or cost money. Does the tethering hack still work? I can't stay on WM 6.5 forever for chrissakes. WP 7.5 is a big step forward from WP 7, but still lags behind WM 6.5 for business use. We don't give two sh-ts about Facebook or Twitter. In fact, we'd prefer them to be removed.

puredrive07 says:

My mom's Focus is getting the Mango update as we speak. I'm rather jealous because I too have a v1.3 and didn't get the notification yet :-(

Daniel11361 says:

just plug it in and u will find the notification as i did

dan.g46 says:

I have version 1.3 and plugged it in. No dice yet. :|

industry86 says:

10% of customers, according to the windowsphone.com blog, are getting it first this week. Your mom is one of those 10% apparently...

SOADer says:

I can't wait to get home and plug my phone in! 3 more hours of class =( 3 hours of pain

whoswhoo says:

All I got was the 7392 update.... Still no Mango yet :(

futurix says:

H-m-m, for the last 15 minutes Zune tells me:"Please wait while we determine the amount of disk space required to complete the update".UPDATE: Everything worked out fine :-D

Thought I was the only one. I thought my update was done, but my phone still says there is an update available and Zune is telling me the same thing.

futurix says:

Yes, the phone is working and updated to 7720.68 - but I still have this message. H-m-m... should I try to cancel this?

futurix says:

OK, I pressed "Cancel" and nothing bad happened - it offered me another update :-) ("clean-up" update for developer phones)

futurix says:

"This update will clean-up any Beta update provisioning on your phone so that it can begin receiving updates from production Microsoft Update servers."Sounds good to me!

futurix says:


Sweet! Mine offered the same option too. Just for future reference it is an update called BETA Cleanup and it is to allow the phone to receive future updates from Microsoft. "This update will clean up any beta update provisioning on your phone so that i can begin receiving updates from production Microsoft update servers."

I just got another update that says HTC Update for Windows Phone.

futurix says:

Update with drivers :-)

Bacchus1976 says:

Should I leave work early to get home to my PC to update? Hmmm....

PZ+WP7 says:

YEAH!!! Verizon Trophy being updated now!!!!!!!!!!!God Bless you MS!!!Mango Mango Mango!will check tonight for my wife's HTC HD7 on Tmobile

Daniel11361 says:

i am installing the update rite now on my Samsung Focus 1.3v :D:D

RacerDemon says:

I have a Samsung Focus, 1.4, which has Mango Beta Dev 2 on it, and it's updating just fine via Zune as i am typing this right now.

bauerc51 says:

***********************For everybody not seeing the update!The same trick for Nodo Works for Mango. If you are not seeing the update, go back into zune, hit the update button and disconnect from the internet. The update will appear. Updating to Mango from ATT Focus v1.3.

dan.g46 says:

This worked for me! Thanks :)

cdbstl76 says:

Love that this works! Thank you!!!

Works for me too.Now updating my Samsung Omnia 7, in the UK on Orange.

fdeezle says:

Updating my Focus 1.2. Yes!!!!!!!!!

fdeezle says:

What a time consuming update. One hour to backup and then two updates before 7720. It is what it is though. Glad I brought the laptop to work so I could update on company time :-)

metsfan421 says:

7.0 Phone is up to date as of 1 min ago.. This blows... NY should get the update before middle america!! WTF! LoL!

JamesDax3 says:

I'm was using the RTM and I'm now recieving an update as I type this. So looks like rollback isn't needed. I know more when it's done. Also my apologies to T-Mobile and my fellow posters for my whining over the past 2 days. With this rollout happening now and T-Mobile formally announcing the Radar 4G seems I had them all wrong. :D

I'm at work and cant update til I get home. any AT&T updating?

RacerDemon says:

Yes, I am on my Samsung Focus 1.4 and it's updating as i type this

blnwp says:

Is it an AT&T device and what version you are running? I'm also on 1.4 and 7392 but didn't get the update notification

RacerDemon says:

Yeah it's At&t, not unlocked or anything, the only thing I had on it was the Mango Beta Dev 2

albertleao says:

Nop. Im running a dev unlocked focus 1.3 on att and nothing yet. Tried the NoDo trick and that didn't work either

albertleao says:

Can't get it to work >.

albertleao says:

Never gonna get this to work :(

pctechdude says:

I can confirm the NoDo disconnect trick does work!Sprint HTC Arrive.

jeff.b says:

Updating my arrive as we speak no need to roll back from mango from the RTM, awesome I get to keep all my text and games :)

duanewoods says:

not seeing the update as of yet. excited that it's finally starting though.

MaulerX says:

I can confirm that those running Mango RTM will be able to upgrade ! I just did! Did not get a notification on my phone, but when I plugged it to Zune... Bam! Upgrade available! Samsung Focus on ATT.

GU3RO10 says:

my arrive just finished......i could cry i finally have it

jaethos says:

My update on a Verizon Trophy running RTM went through just fine. I still can't seem to use the connected media DLNA app from HTC though, so there might still be some issue.Can anyone who wasn't running the RTM on a trophy tell me what their firmware versions are now?Mine are Firmware 2305.13.20104.605bootloader 2.1.230513.4

JPDVM2014 says:

I'm curious about this also. I haven't gotten the update yet, but I would still like to know if everything is correct when I do install it. Just for reference, my phone running the RTM hasFirmware: 2305.06.10322.605Bootloader: 1.3.230506.23

nagle says:

I have a T-Mobile HTC HD7, and currently updating my Mango ISV beta!

Rytis95 says:

I did the internet plug out thing and it found me an update, it found me 7392 update (I'm on Samsung Focus 7390 rev 1.3 and ain't supposed to get it, only rev 1.4 get it) Updating right now, hope after it I';; be able to update to Mango. This is *****P.S. Does anyone know about this? Should I do the update?

cdbstl76 says:

I am with you exactly on this, waiting to see what happens...

cdbstl76 says:

Now updating to 7.0.7403.0

cdbstl76 says:

It's just catching up before 7.5...So far so good

Conasca says:

Actually, Zune is installing the update on my Venue Pro as I type this! So clearly the update is being delivered to the DVP! :-) I will post links to screenshots:http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g405/conasca/DVP_UPDATE2.jpghttp://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g405/conasca/DVP_UPDATE.jpg

lespy says:

the no-do trick totally works tks!!MANGO FTW!!!

KeegdnaB42 says:

Plugged my trophy into zune and got the notification. It seems I have to double update through 7392 so I'm gonna wait til I get home from school since the wifi here is spotty and I'm on battery with my computer.

jhv#WP says:

ATT Focus, update installing 7.10.7720.68

Um. HTC Surround. 7712. Should I revert to NoDo for the HTC firmware or will that come automatically with this update? I had some major issues with firmware for this phone back in the NoDo days and I REALLY do not want to go through that again.... Thoughts?

hardrock1a says:

No, just stay where you are, no need to roll back. I was running 7712 on my Trophy and when I plugged it in I got the alert. I didn't have to do anything other than say yeah go ahead, it cleaned it all up and installed 7720.68.I am not a dev, so the 7712 I was running was the one a lot of us installed, not really offical, but not completely unofficial either. :) BUT the up shot is I didn't have to do anything, the update went as smooth as one could hope for.

fpostrow says:

Holy **** my Focus 1.3 7720.68 is updating as we speak ....

albertleao says:

Can't seem to get the old NoDo trick to work :(

It doesnt work. Tried on my HD7. Not worth the time. Im just gunna wait for it to pop up.

lamewing says:

EDIT: Two minutes after I post this, my update notice arrives. I tried to delete this post, but that was a no go.Okay, but why can't we get the roll out to all phones on AT&T at the same time? Why must we wait for message from AT&T versus just downloading the update right now via Zune or Windows Connector? Apple does this just fine by providing the update to everyone at the same time via iTunes.

RacerDemon says:

I didn't get a message from AT&T, I just plugged in my Focus to Zune, and There is was... I will say, I had like 3 updates, one from Samsung. They did take some time finding them. For example, my phone was connected to the computer for like 5-7 minutes before it found the last update. Hope this helps.

sfleuriet says:

Got my Samsung Focus rev1.3 updated just fine - Mango is working beautifully and I LOVE IT. The only thing I've noticed that isn't working right, is the Facebook integration - it says Attention Needed in my accounts/email settings page, and I cannot get my list of online friends to show up for Facebook Chat. anyone else seeing this?

RacerDemon says:

Yes, for my Yahoo email as well. I fixed it by deleting the account, and re-adding it with the same info, and it was fixed. =)

pdawg17 says:

If I have the leaked RTM (7720.68) how do I know if the update worked? Should there be Sprint stuff in my apps list? The update on Zune said "HTC update"...should it say Sprint if it is the Mango update?

11B1P says:

At 4pm CST I updated to 7392 and then left for work.Verizon TrophyFirmware revision #: 2305.06.10322.605Bootloader version: 1.3.230506.23

JustinSurf says:

I just upgraded to Mango on my v1.3 Samsung Focus running on AT&T. Had the developer beta on there and I upgraded to 7720 with no problems whatsoever!

benladen says:

well i've had a bad day yesterday and continuing today i have a v1.3 samsung focus and i can't any other updates other that the 7008i am international in belize to be precise and have the new windows connector 2.0 but no new updates available any good thought appreciated;-)