Plan your future travels with the official Moovit app, now available on Windows Phone


Moovit has just launched on Windows Phone, providing the community with a quick way to choose public transportation routes through supported locations. With the app installed, it's possible to check out real time arrivals, receive service alerts and more. An interesting part of Moovit as a service is how it's powered by users (who provided updated information) and is cross-platform. If you're searching for an app that does all this in more than 300 cities in 20+ languages, Moovit is well worth checking out.

The app itself is well designed and works great, as one would expect using the same app on other mobile platforms. Users are able to plan trips by comparing between alternative routes to any supplied destination and receive service alerts/advisories when situations affect planned journey. Static maps are available for subway/tram users, including New York, San Francisco, Boston and many more. What makes Moovit interesting is how it's entirely powered by you, the user. Real-time data is supplied by both operators and the Moovit community.


If you're heading to any of the football matches for this year's world cup, Moovit supports all 12 host cities, allows for easy navigation to and from stadiums and fan fests and is able to provide service alerts on transport conditions. A perfect companion app to really make the games a special experience. Check it out on the store today.

QR: Moovit

Thanks, Meir and Nir, for the tips!



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hs k says:

I like to moovit moovit... Damn that song is playing in my head now.

xirsteon says:

Hey Alex the lion..:))

karelj says:


sip1995 says:

ATTENTION...... Movie Maker 8.1 is free for a day.

terrokkinit says:

Downloaded! Thanks! And the best part? It remains free on my Microsoft account....forevaaaaa!!!!!! ;)

Davestrada says:

3 days for the victory of their team against England :)

Davestrada says:

Btw MOOVIT is an amazing app I can't believe it actually works for the bus routes in Colombia, love it from now on!

Maoholguin says:

YEAH! Is the only one that works in Cali, Colombia. Is just amazing!

sharpycl says:

I love it too! I live in Maryland and have never had an app for the transit system out here. Now I do!!

Martsicky says:

Its great, but needs improvements and bug fixes. Also algorithms are awful in my location. Usually I take a bus (3stations), underground (6stations), a short walk and I'm in my school. The app suggests me to use other bus (7stations) to reach second underground station (I enter subway at 3rd) and then a bus (what for?), and a walk. In general my own travel takes up 25minutes... suggested way it would take up more than 40minutes to reach my destination :( other three suggestions are even longer than the first one.

RayWP7 says:

If it powered by user data, then this issues you mentioned are likely caused by insufficient data or wrong data as submitted (or not) by users. As they say in computer programming: garbage in, garbage out.

Panbello says:

(my) Location = inaccurate! Like always..... *sigh*

cybermoose89 says:

Tried it bit useless tbh

Going to download this app. Need it and will definitely use it on my trip to Europe

Logix1 says:

Very good app. Works brilliant if i ever have to catch a bus....i live in the Midlands, UK.

Won't save user profile or settings despite repeated attempts, install/uninstalls on an otherwise perfectly-functioning Lumia 920. Permanently uninstalled now! Nokia's HERE Transit does a fine job instead!