Official Napster app for Windows Phone on the way, here’s what it looks like

For those who have been involved with digital music, the name Napster should ring a few bells. Considered to be the forefather of digital music distribution, albeit ruled illegally, the service was shutdown, re-opened and acquired a few times since its inception in 1999. Years later, in 2011, the company was bought by Rhapsody, who still maintain its trademark and logos.

The service is available on the Xbox 360 (in the UK) and now it’s evidently coming to Windows Phone.

A Store listing for the app was tipped to us by reader of the site steve_w_7 and it appears to be a private beta. That means it release should not be too far off, though for now, users can look at the screencaps from the app and even read its description.

“Play any song, anytime with your Windows Phone. Choose from a catalog of millions of tracks, create playlists to download and listen offline, or discover new music with Napster radio.

With the Napster app for Windows Phone you can:

  • Listen to downloaded songs, albums, and playlists, even without a connection.
  • Build your personal library of favorite songs. Access your music on any Napster device or website.
  • Be the first to hear new releases from your favorite artists. 
  • Explore any genre in depth with stations, new releases and top tracks.
  • Relax with Napster radio. Pick from artist, genre, or theme-based stations. No ads! 
  • See what’s popular on Napster.
  • Build playlists on and they will automatically appear on your Windows Phone, or choose from playlists curated by the Napster music editors.

Try it now for free! Install the app and click the link to start your free trial. Already a member? Just install the app, sign in, and start listening.  

No matter where you are, Napster music is with you: hit the streets with the Windows Phone app, rock out at home on your Xbox 360, get through your workday using”

Granted, having yet-another-music service available to consumers may be overkill, especially with Nokia Mix Radio and Xbox Music, but it’s still good to have a choice.

The app itself appears to be for Windows Phone 8 and 7.x, so that legacy users will be able to take advantage of the service. The monthly rate for Napster these days is $9.99 a month (which is really just the current Rhapsody Premier option). Interestingly, there already is a Rhapsody app for Windows Phone, so it's not too clear how this will be marketed (or even 'why?').

Windows Phone Central will of course keep you posted on the status of this app, including when it’s available for general download.



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diplomat696 says:

I am the Napster!!!!

Lumia 8x says:

Rofl chuckles Napster?

x I'm tc says:

There is already a Rhapsody app (which could use some work, BTW), so why is there also a Napster app, now?

apocacrux says:

Sounds like the Xbox Music service that already exists on the phone. Good for Napster subscribers though. I'll stick with Nokia MixRadio(I wish it were still Nokia Music).

erzhik says:

This is the curse of Windows Phone. At first we don't have a single app to address a certain need or service. Then all of a sudden, we have too many apps doing that service.

kwambe5 says:

Curse?! Is too much choice a bad thing?! :)

erzhik says:

It's not a bad thing, but the problem is that all of these services pile up and pile up, while many others are completely absent until some brave developer decides to make an app. Then everyone copies that developer and once again all make same service which ends up piling up again.

RayWall says:

Welcome to Android.  Its the amount of apps that's important.  Nevertheless I am happy to see companies invest in the WP eccosphere.

kayb27 says:

I say the more the merrier, especially from bigger companies. It quiets the nay-sayers that pit down WP all these years and proves that the platform is worth developing for, particularly to those that were on the platform and decided to drop out of it early. I'm looking at Runkeeper for one. :)

It would be great to see comparison of Xbox Music, Spotify, Pandora, Napster, etc.

Yeah I'll stick with XBM

Sulslim says:

windows phone ecosystem becomes better and better , but how long should we wait till the next  OS update ???


Marco Gomes1 says:

You will have to wait until the first half of 2014, like it's was voiced a bazillion times.

RawrrSavior says:

-Insert Flashback here-

Marco Gomes1 says:

It's all good but I'm fine with Nokia music app. Always good to see more quality apps joining windows phone though.

I'm tired of these UK only apps/promotions.
Apparently, Microsoft doesn't care about the rest of the world.

neo158 says:

It's about time the UK got something exclusive, most of the promos from Microsoft and even Rhapsody are "US Only" so yes, Microsoft doesn't care about the rest of the world!!

cidico says:

Well, it sucks to be Brazillian in the digital world. :(

I used Napster before you had to pay for it and before Metallica sued them

Jack Janik says:

I was wondering if that would come up. Many people who said they didn't think Metallica were sellouts after the black album changed their view after they sued Napster. Granted, it is their right to, but we just wanted to enjoy their music..

I use to listen to Metallica growing up still like the music but im more into Electronic Dance Music now

simphf says:

And before it was cool?

blackprince says:

I got a cease and desist order from Metallica's lawyers because of Napster. The real kicker is that the song I had was a cover and a bad one at that. Haven't played a single Metallica since.

Daniel: They recently just released their Windows 8 app, so that might explain the "why" as it probably didn't take too much work for them to convert that app over to the phone. In fact, I've seen more of this happen recently, where "big" apps on Windows 8 are now being ported down to the phone - most notable have been 4oD and Demand 5, which have been on Win8 from launch and now suddenly both have been released on WP8 in the last couple of weeks! It's a trend I'm liking... :-)

This would be such a good idea...if phones made in 1999 had apps.

aemond says:

The app is publicly listed in the French store since at least 10 days. It's even an highlight today. :)

neo158 says:

Perhaps Napster is on Windows Phone so the rest of us get access to the Rhapsody service that is only available in the US!!

sip1995 says:

are you kidding me....Napster is available even in Greece.

neo158 says:

I was talking about Rhapsody only being available in the US not Napster.

MrA2Z says:

We used to curse those who declared it illegal. A fan of Napster back in 1999

Napster still exists? Who knew?

RoyalAdonis says:

I thought Napster was dead?

simphf says:

I can't believe it's not butter.

baandoptager says:

Sooo not impressed and... i dont see who this is for.

nbolmer says:

You have got to be kidding. When can we get RealPlayer?

Antistatic says:

RealPlayer? Well, i don't miss it on WP at all... Biggest bloatware player i think...

Ticomfreak says:

We need Limewire for Windows Phone lol

GeorgeY#WN says:

Forget the RealPlayer. I'm holding out for the Sonique app for Windows Phone!