Official New York Times app released

Carrying on from the batch of official apps we've had this week, New York Times is now readily available on the Marketplace. You can view and browse through the latest headlines for free, or you can subscribe for a small fee to unlock all the sections in the app, plus blogs, videos and slide shows.

This app supports synchronization to pull down content for offline reading and stories can be shared via Twitter and Facebook. You can download the New York Times app from the Marketplace (Zune link) for no cost at all.



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dtboos says:

About time! Was waiting for this for months now.

surge48 says:

Wow!!! Talk about a great week (beginning with last weekend). On another note... is it just me or is the marketplace running slow? I am on wifi and it is running very slow!

PhilR8 says:

Same here. On very fast wifi and the marketplace won't even load.

antsmarchin says:

I'm having the same issues with the marketplace not loading. Must be all these new apps ;)

m_kock says:

It's back up. Marketplace was down.

cannon#WP says:

I'm gonna need a recap of this week's releases to make sure I didn't miss one.

devGOD says:

it looks text heavy and boring