Official Open University app brings a wealth of information to Windows 8


The Open University has launched its OpenLearn app on Windows 8.1. For those who aren't familiar with OpenLearn, it's a home of information from learning Gaelic to searching for life on other planets. The app contains extracts from Open University courses, learning tools from campus and insight into co-productions with BBC TV and radio channels.

The app itself is in beta and the team is eagerly seeking any feedback and/or suggestions on how the experience can be improved. Here are some features highlighted on the store listing:

  • Access all OpenLearn content via your tablet
  • Learn everything from getting started with Gaelic to searching for life on other planets
  • Share with freinds and family via the Windows share charm
  • Navigate using Windows nav bars and app bars
  • This is a beta attempt to bring over a decade's worth of content into a single app


It's certainly worth the download, especially if you (or someone you know) are looking at possibly enrolling with the university. Today has been quite the day with official app coverage for both Windows Phone and Windows 8, and we're excited to see Open University show its support.



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kenzibit says:

Wonderful...use it a lot. Now WP please?

Aashish13 says:

Off topic but Microsoft again has given overhaul update to Skype on iOS and have forgotten wps update. This is disgusting.

nelsonecm says:

Even Microsoft doesn't take us seriously lol

Aashish13 says:

Let them develop for iOS but y forget us. The know front the reviews that the app is not that good except the video calling.

_Haitian says:

Never heard of this. Will give it a shot.

Note: Typo on "Share with freind"

Dazzi says:

They need to make an app like the "iTunes U courses" app, which allows "paying students" to grab their study materials on the go! Not this crap that is funded by students tuition fees -- the OU needs to get their priorities right first!