Lose yourself in a world of magazines with Pocketmags for Windows and Windows Phone


Pocketmags has just released a public beta app for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.1, providing a new digital newsstand for the Windows community. With the app downloaded and installed, you're able to purchase single issues and take out subscriptions on a variety of both free and commercial magazines. There are more than 1,000 magazines included in the app, making it appear as a one stop shop for everyone who loves a good read.

Here are just a handful titles included by Pocketmags: Marie Claire, Stuff, Top Gear, BBC Good Food, Outdoor Photography, Attitude, Gay Times, DIVA, Hello!, Four Four Two, Front, Loaded, Airliner World, Slimming World, NME, Woman & Home, and Tamiya Model Magazine. Whether you're on a long haul flight or have a few minutes to spare in a queue, whipping out the Windows Phone or Windows tablet for a seamless reading experience is a cool feature to have at hand.


The development team has done a solid job with the app, which features Live Tiles (all sizes supported!), push notifications, sharing functionality, multi-platform sync (just in case) and gifting activation. Pocketmags is a solid service and we're happy to see an official app be released on the platform. It's a universal app so be sure to catch them both with the links below.

QR: Pocketmags


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fazdoc says:

When will the inbuilt dictionary be available for Windows phone? Also, how can I suggest features I want to see in the future updates?

ven07 says:

There are uservoice sites :)

immyperez says:

Amazing. About time we had a 'proper' app for these sort of things that also performs well! Unless there are some alternatives I have overlooked?

Rasool Shaik says:

The problem i see with the apps is they are not being optimized to support Full HD screen resolution like 1520 and icon.

Zinio is also pretty good. Automatically saves articles for offline use.

planty says:

Saying unavailable for me (UK Lumia 920)??

tommce says:

Ditto on 925 O2 - but presume it's because we're still on Windows mobile 8 not 8.1.....

planty says:

Ah yes, missed the crucial .1 in the article

asylumxl says:

Great. I have purchased some mags from these people before, will be good to have the app.

Bigsro says:

They have some UK boxing mags! Awesome!

Viipottaja says:

Seems quite buggy - the search function does not work properly at all.

twomill69 says:

A strange or not so strange thing happened after downloading this app, baring in mind I have nook installed on my Lenovo ThinkPad running W8.1, mainly because Amazon don't have magazine subscriptions, anyway, after opening up the app I was amazed to see my magazine subscription in my library !!! Is this app owned by nook ? Please advise......

Just Mags, okay. But, what about the flipboard app. Would love ❤ one and still waiting for it for over six months !!

Nakazul says:

YES! They have Banzai Magazine, wohooo!

RackDaddy says:

Slimming World?  Is that a magazine for bulimics?

chaduma says:

Be nice if WPCentral did a comparison between Zinio and PocketMags. Be able see which has more complete features. Or at least highlight the similarities/differences so the readership can be more informed on them.
Admittedly I could do this myself but, I like to do as little research as possible if there's someone who can do it for me.

Nakazul says:

I believe a big difference would be publishers. I haven't found my fav UK mag anywhere except in Pocket Mag. The quality of the papers are not to good thou. :/

NAMISH says:

Awesome! I hope it performs better than Zinio does on my Lumia 1520...

latempete says:

The free magazine I got to entice me to register was "Stuff" from November 2013. :/ That doesn't give me a good first impression at all. :/

I am actually going that NextIssue will come out with a WP8.1 app. They have had a Windows 8 app for a long time. Can't they use almost the same code now?