Official SnapCrowd cloud app headed to Windows Phone [Video]


SnapCrowd is a popular cloud-sharing/hosting service for digital media that was introduced late last year. What makes SnapCrowd different though from say Dropbox or even Skydrive is the ability to upload content unaltered/resized, support for 300 different photo formats (including RAW), resume of uploads, streaming of video and music and the best part in our opinion--subusers for your account. What that last part means of course is that you can have multiple users share and access the same account which is certainly unique feature for many. Finally, the service also has some of the best security around including SSL / TLS and HTTPS protocol layers, for you privacy gurus.

So we're quite excited to see an official app headed to Windows Phone with a planned release date of March. The app features all the main aspects of the cloud service including video, music, photos, contacts and document support in addition to streaming of media.

What makes SnapCrowd great, from our perspective, is how robust and feature-rich their service is--it's not just file storage, but the playback ability, the generation of album art, the option to stream whole movies, share with multiple users, etc. that seemingly makes it a good sell. The service is free for 10GB of storage (for a limited time) and one subuser account and then goes to $59 for 50GB of storage and $99 for 100GB of storage with increased subusers.

We will keep you posted on its progress. Read more on SnapCrowd at their website: Snapcrowd.com



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bono5112 says:

Looks promising, interested to see the final product

mjrtoo says:

Looks cool, but I suggest someone else do the videos. :-)

pLUSpISTOL says:

It's not wpcentral's video...

awesumjon says:

Awwww Snap. Lol
I've never heard of had of these digital storage services, I mostly use SkyDrive (even before o got the phone). But I'm glad there's these in case I need a WP supported type.

awesumjon says:

*half of these
*there are these

rodneyej says:

MS needs to answer to the competition with a redesign of Skydrive with a fresh Metro touch. In fact the entire Live site looks tired and needs a Metro overhaul. After that the Skydrive app could use a little more style, and benefit from a update. JMO!

TboWP7 says:

Totally agreeing with you. Typical MS to be late to change their other products style into the Metro style.

izzykareem says:

yea MSFT is so terrible, how haven't they cured cancer yet and the common cold?  /sarcasm

karelj says:

Would be nice if Skydrive also got an increase in storage space with the type of video and audio functionality seen in this service.

cherrywithns says:

Just another reason Wp7 remains my OS choice

Sounds good!!
SkyDrive's UI could be hined z bit, that is for sure, but it is still my cloud storage provider of choice. Just a reminder: SkyDrive supports sharing of files too. :-)
I'm glad to see SnapCloud adopting the Windows Phone platform. One more step towards being regarded as a "real" OS!

sayonical says:

I think the new skydrive works fine. You can even right click for more options etc. It may not look "pretty" but for mouse use it is getting more and more functional. I use it everyday!

jtn05 says:

Looks great!

rezzet#CB says:

So far, every cloud storage service I tried on windows phone 7 only allow users to upload photos to the server. So here is the question that pops into my head. Is this service going to break the cycle and allow users browse media on the phone and upload it all to the server? As well as the documents? If that is the case, I would be quite interested. Otherwise I see very little reason to switch to it from Skydrive or Dropbox.

snapcrowd says:

yes that is the case.  We will allow you to upload from the phone or from the PC and allow you to access all your media and stream it to the phone. 

rezzet#CB says:

Great! Look forward to seeing it.

snapcrowd says:

To get ready for it I sugguest you go and join the web version to start and populate your account so when the app hits you can really use it to the fullest.  The freemium account is 10gb.

jtn05 says:

Quick question....will the app be free?

snapcrowd says:

Yes it will be free. It's a benefit of using the SnapCrowd web service.

jtn05 says:

Great....cant wait.

rezzet#CB says:

I just looked at the plans and I must say, they are quite impressive. I'm not even talking about overall amount of storage, but rather than fact that a free account allows to store 4gb individual files there. Most limit it to what? like 100mbs.
I do have a question. Why did the other cloud services only allow to upload photos? Is this a security thing? And if so, how did you bypass it to let users upload all media?

devGOD says:

Anything is better than Skydrive. You have zero privacy on Skydrive, non-paid microsoft employees frequently go through your files looking for pics, and videos that violate the terms of service. I don't need someone emailing me telling me to remove the nude photo of my gf that is clearly marked private where no one should be able to view it.

snapcrowd says:

All private devGod! Your in complete control of your digital life.

Siggystyle says:

I am just going nuts trying to find the Desktop Application for SnapCrowd!!!  When I first joined, I was able to download a desktop client that made my syncing with their servers very convenient, and when I told my wife about the UI and options available, I had her sold...  Only to find that the desktop client is nowhere to be found anymore...  Hmph...
Still anxiously awaiting that WP7 app tho!!!  That will make it our primary service (therefore our whole family will jump in to!!)  :)

Just wondering if anyone has any news about this app

snapcrowd says:

We are about a week away from launching the app, here is a new video demo of the app:
SnapCrowd Mobile App Video(10minutes):
Even though there is only a week left, send me your hotmail account at support@snapcrowd.com and I will send you a beta link.
Thanks, Team SnapCrowd

dalydose says:

@snapcrowd - any update?

snapcrowd says:

Spread the word the app is live.
SnapCrowd App description:
Let us know what you think.
Team SnapCrowd