Official StyleSaint app updated for all Windows Phones


StyleSaint is the official app for the well-known fashion magazine. We previously looked at the app when it was released back in 2012, but since then only those with a Lumia Windows Phone have been able to enjoy the latest features and content. That is until now as the generic version of the app has been bumped to version, which is ahead of the Nokia collection listing of /

Unfortunately no change log has been provided, but since we're only looking at a minor difference in the version numbers we'll assume there are only optimisations and possible bug fixes. You can download StyleSaint (all Windows Phones, right-hand QR code) from the Windows Phone Store for free. via: WindowsPhoneItaly

QR:StyleSaint     QR: StyleSaint




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Keep the official apps coming!

abond32 says:

I guess you need a Facebook page you use it

rodneyej says:

Slow day in WP world...

xyronaut says:

Hey another Ativ S cameo!

ihavewp8 says:

Sprint getting ativ s in June. Hurry up sprint!

Sherry121 says:

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alvinceh says:

Not available in my store, WTH!!