Official Twickets app launches on Windows Phone


Popular UK-based ticket exchange service Twickets (www.twickets.co.uk) enables consumers to trade their unwanted event tickets, handy for anyone who can't attend an event they've already paid for. Currently there are apps available for iOS and Android, but the official Twitter account recently announced that a Windows Phone client is on the way.

Just like magic, the app is now available on the store. If you own a smartphone running Microsoft's operating system, you too are able to trade tickets.

The service sees the transfer of tickets for all types of events, from football to comedy and musicals to cinema – sometimes even coach and rail tickets are seen online. With the new Windows Phone app, it's possible to filter through tickets by category, date and/or region. This then pulls down content relevant to tickets you're searching for. 

Sharing tickets with this service opens up reach far beyond simply sending links to friends. Not only are users on Twickets apps able to view listings, but the thousands of followers on the Twitter and Facebook accounts will also be alerted.


Should you find yourself having to giveaway or resell tickets, try out Twickets next time. It's also super easy to add tickets from within the app too.

You can download Twickets from the Windows Phone Store for free.

QR: Twickets



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Jazmac says:

Love that icon developers came up with. Well done.  Question, is this app for UK shows only or is this just where the devs are?

"Twickets is a free fan to fan ticket exchange, enabling people to both offer and purchase spare tickets to UK events "

I think its a UK services only, unfortunately.

rodneyej says:

When I first read the title I thought it said "Official Twerkit App"...... Lol❕

lubbalots says:

What I want is Zappos and American Eagle and think I'm set for apps.

I want a chipotle online ordering app...

yeah i guess it is only for UK because im from Canada and i cannot download the apps on my 920 !!!

Rick Smits says:

Ticketmaster, live nation, and others? Please come soon!

rain620 says:

When I saw the logo, I thought it's a third-party Tumblr app. I'm now this delusional because that needs lots of updates.

Always great to see another official app!