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Official Twitter app updated with multi-photo upload and other cool features

The official Twitter app for Windows Phone has just received a shiny new, and pretty major, update today, after several months of inactivity. This update includes a number of new features.

The change log shows that this new 3.2 version of the app has the following additions, many of which involve improvements in the sharing and uploading of photos:

  • Tag your friends in a photo to start a conversation.
  • Capture the moment by uploading multiple photos to a single Tweet.
  • Tweets with Twitter photos, Vine videos and other select content now show a preview in your home timeline
  • You can reply, retweet, favorite or follow someone straight from a Tweet in your home timeline.
  • Share photos through Direct Messages.

This is certainly a big update for the official Twitter app, and it happens to show up just before the rumored full roll out of the Windows Phone 8.1 over-the-air update is slated to begin.

You can download the new 3.2 Twitter app update right now in the Windows Phone Store. Will you be grabbing this update today?

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Icons look very big now

Me too, i feel it too strechy on mu lumia 520 screen, with smaller icon would look much nicer

Micah Dawson says:

I wish they would update their damn vine app.

dhruv07 says:

Thanks for listening to our voices ..!!! ;D

Better late than never

xankazo says:

YES FINALLY!!! I was beginning to lose hope. :)

Hallelujah is this real life!?!?

yunchikan says:

this update is very very welcomed. but i still have a huge annoyance with this app.
if i have a tweet that has a long reply history, it will never show the actual replied tweet.. instead it shows the older replies, so i have no idea what my friend is replying me about... i don't really see people discussing this problem though?? am i the only one?

carlosrdd says:

Is it just me or does this new design look very ugly? The reply, retweet, share takes up too much space. I would prefer to have it hidden till u press and hold a tweet. Oh well back to MeTweets!

I challenge anyone to use MeTweets and say it's not better.

Devmer11 says:

Oh wow lol finally a update

adrian1338 says:

I am just wondering if this has any positive impact on WP8.1 and linking into the API

THE_Lawnboy says:

That's what I was wondering. How is the social network integration in the People Hub on 8.1?

rockstarzzz says:

Still no options with live tiles and nothing to do with notification centre. meh.

alexbrito says:

There are! Go to settings, touch in the account name, it will show notification options.

Just installed. Does it still stick at 1 on live tiles and lock screen?

girishN says:

what? I get notifications in notification centre (and I haven't updated yet). What are you talking about?

rockstarzzz says:

When you clear notification centre, does it clear your tile? Mine doesn't. It doesn't clear tiles for - WPCentral app, Skype, Facebook and Twitter. I keep clearing my notification centre and then open the app to clear the tile. 

Its because they havent added the code to there apps yet

Jay Bennett says:

No, it's because it's not possible for third party apps to clear their tiles down when that swipe away of notifications happens. Microsoft has not provided a way for us to know when that event has occurred.

Chris_Kez says:

That's just dumb, and hopefully it will be remedied soon unless MS wants to tout 8.1's new Zombie Tiles.

Mr osi says:

I don't understand why this isn't being talked about more. Why go to the effort of making a notification centre a and cutting corners like this.

sHAYM4N says:

ugh, that explains a lot then.  Same old, same old - sometimes MS really is lacking when it comes to fit & finish in their products.  Everything always comes across half baked, and they don't complete functionality.  Mail app?  Still no categories for example, and it's been that way for four years.  This would have been a great way of clearing tiles, but it's just duplicating functionality.

diftor says:

Yup, Jay is correct. This is the most stupid implementation of a notification center

Laura Knotek says:

I'd rather they fix the duplicate notification issue. All of my notifications using official Twitter app are duplicated. This doesn't happen with MeTweets or Twabbit.

I'm not seeing this. I'm still seeing just a single (1) notification on live tiles and lock screen despite there being more than one. This is a bug since issue 1 of the app.

Probably the fastest ever

It does. Very fast.

Next: update Twitter Windows 8.1 app.

MacDaMachine says:

The w8 app is complete garbage. I agree they need to update it. The new update is better, but still missing a bunch of features from iOS and android versions.

rm6224 says:

Could you elaborate which ones? This does the job for me pretty well.

Still doesn't play animated gif's.

Really? In 2014 this is what we want?

Never said I wanted it. Just stating one of the missing features..

jaywinjv says:

Still has the huge waste of space at the top.

Jazmac says:

Does that affect performance or just your vision of what designers should and should not do?

adrian1338 says:

It affects performance of the user reading through the feed since there is a waste of space not used to present the bloody feed

beej says:

And even more than that (for me), they've broken up the flow of the timeline with the reply, retweet, favorite buttons. There's a lot of good and some not so good with this update.

jhoff80 says:

Agreed.  3- 3.5 tweets at a time on the smallest font size is a terrible use of space.

danielgray says:

Agreed, 1/5 th of the screen lost. Do they ask anyone's opinion before publishing these apps. I cannot see how anyone would say that is good use of screen realestate.

rain620 says:

It's not useless if you have multiple accounts. But yea, if only one account is logged in, the timeline address should have been bigger.

sumothong01 says:

Its filled if you have multiple accounts. The space is filled with the account name that your on at that time.

Jazmac says:

Awww, look at Twitter tryng to get all Instagrammy.  Nice update for WP though.

cannon#WP says:

And we're still behind on GIF support.

iAbhi says:

Twitter for WP is like months behind. We can expect GIF support in 2-3 months

Hector Cantu says:

like a year behind. 

Didn't Twitter discontinue gif support?

Daneshd1 says:

Still not solved the tile count issue

louisoneal says:

Seems twittier......

rain620 says:

I have a problem with my Twitter app for about a month now. Its time is not in sync with my device time, and I can't uninstall it.

Anybody has the same issue? I tried doing soft reset, changing time, region, etc. but nothing worked. I wouldn't want to do a hard reset just for this.

Fyka says:

I had that, found that a uninstall\reinstall worked. Have you tried removing your twitter account and re-adding?

rain620 says:

i already tried that too. Last night, after the update, my Twitter app crashes.. then I gave up, did a hard reset hoping everything will go back to place. No. The app can't be uninstalled, I think it's an 8.1 dev preview bug.

WP8dot89 says:

Damn... Finally.

Now we wait another months for the WP8.1 Twitter update...

But the new redesigned icons looks pixelated on my Lumia 1520.

Must be terrible on your device! Every single icon look pixelated ON my 920. Only letdown so far- next to the now even taller top icon much wasted space

irsyadhhs says:

S u c h a g r e a t d a y b b m s u b w a y s u r f e r a n d n o w t w i t t e r!!!!

rollindadice says:

bbm? where ????

Anthonyfear says:

More proof we don't need those stinking droid apps on our WPs.....mind you they didn't exactly rush this update out did they? :-)

cj1016 says:

And I can finally use my 1520 again. Yeah!

nelsonecm says:

You weren't using your 1520 just because the twitter app? O.o

That twice in a year update..

xtrimist8709 says:

Dude. Lame. But appreciated.

jhoff80 says:

It seems it also adds Cortana support even though that's not mentioned (or at least Twitter is now included in the "What can I do" section, I haven't tried it myself.)

My big problem though is that with all of the new reply/retweet/favorite buttons in the timeline, you now see even LESS content at a time.  At the smallest font setting, you only get around 3 - 3.5 tweets on screen at a time.

WillBrown says:

Sounds like a good update. It was frustrating to click on a Twitter image link and have it open in the web browser, but the mobile web browser wouldn't show you the image.

You do know this right. Clicking on the tweet loads the image in the app itself!!

Still terrible when compared to iOS or Android.. was hoping they would provide better UI improvements as well. Shows we are definitely 3rd choice when it comes to development

MediaCastleX says:

Why do you like the other version so much better? You can't just blanket statement these kinds of things, specifics yo

There's too much wasted space at the top in the WP version, plus its a bit slow.. Doesn't feel right, hard to explain. The animations are a bit clunky if that makes sense.. I just use MeTweets instead, much better twitter app IMO. Tweet It! Also getting a large update soon, just wish Twitter put more effort into their native WP app. Luckily WP in itself has improved massively and is on the up, app support should improve

guillams says:

I'm tired of those "no on par with IOS/andr version" in here. Go to they official account and post it there, is useless fills every WPC article with those comments!

It helps. Many of these companies read this sites comments specifically to gauge these things. Now whether or not they actually do anything about it is another matter.

Sean D. says:

If it's hard to explain it's probably because it's not true.

I cannot stand the Android app on my tablet. It is uglier than I am. I don't need Twitter on my tablet that badly!

neonspark says:

unlike most here, I'll say you're right. I understand MSFT made the FB app because FB couldn't care less. All I can say is that if MSFT does get its mobile story off the ground, I hope they settle score with these companies that even as WP is basically 1/3rd the size of the iphone globally according to IDC, they still dismiss it yet go out of their way to support the mac, which is by far smaller.

DaiaX says:

Most impressive.

ranoej says:

Yes. .the wait is over. .lol

ranoej says:

Yes. .the wait is over. .lol

ranoej says:

Yes. .the wait is over. .lol

ranoej says:

Yes. .the wait is over. .lol

P r s t m s says:

Ah,i see your excitement is 4x now.

neonspark says:

Yes. .the wait is over. .lol

Wiiggin says:

Does the official app have the social extensibility whatever functionality yet?

aXross says:

Unfortunately it doesn't. That's what I'm also looking for. :(

MediaCastleX says:

I suppose we get something at least, still waiting on the social integration that the beta had going for it... =[

dedracer says:

Finally!! Working nice!! indeed!

Still not a full WP8.1 integration update.  No notification center or social connection integration.

FUS3360 says:

its pointless to me... I thought that this update would include the new social API's... I guess we'll have to wait even longer for that..

xpxp2002 says:

Agreed. I can't believe it has been done this long and they won't release it. This is probably why we wait months after iOS and Android for app updates: they're all done but the Windows Phone update is withheld for no reason.

aldofarias82 says:

Finally. The lack of image previews was killing me. They should have trim the huge useless banner at the top like they did in FB beta

Jack Janik says:

Now when people retweet porn I can't miss it :-(

BRC1711 says:

Photos still don't load

Zkal says:

No transparent tile option that I was hoping for :( Good to have update overall, just not sure of the new design...

amnesiality says:

No more disgusting dropshadow/blue glow below the header. YEEESSSSSSS!

xpxp2002 says:

I liked that drop shadow. It told you if you were at the top of your timeline.

Doomguy says:

That is the most stupid excuse for a drop shadow ever. You have a scroll bar on the right side, FFS.

Woohoo, finally location works for me. Love this update.

naevus says:

yes! location works!

TheEdMain says:

Love the photos showing up in the main feed! No more having to open every tweet to check out a photo! Too bad instagram photos still need the web though.

Are they loading. Not happening for me :(

TheEdMain says:

They load for me. They're slightly cropped so opening the tweet is sometimes still needed but it's nice to see in advance if it's worth opening.

They should tell their mates at vine to get off their butts and follow suit!

JimiDiGriz says:

Inline photos..finally

davesannie says:

Hope it will be there in facebook also with the next update !

Good update. My only recommendation would be to shrink the XBOX MUSIC sized top navigation menu. It's just wasted space. Make it match the size of all your other twitter apps on other platforms.

Aashish13 says:

Ppl want zune. Bring back zune. Microsoft will attract more users again.

Yesss we have waited so long for this

Still doesn't seem to be integrated with WP8.1. Why didn't they leave it in like the leaked beta from a few months ago?

Montpbm says:

Notification centre? Because if so then it always been there for me since 8.1 preview.

Zkal says:

He means it doesn't take advantage of the new sharing system of WP. You still can't share to Twitter even after this update.

Exactly, it still doesn't make use of the Social Extension system in WP 8.1 but the beta from a few months ago did. I can't for the life of me figure out why its missing from this update.

Montpbm says:

Oh ok, yeah I see.. That's crazy that they haven't integrated that yet. They can really use a UI design big time to.

exiva says:

No gif support? Why'd they even bother.

danmorrissey says:

Great to get an update. What's happened to the features from the beta that was launched though? Notification integration, people hub stuff, sharing to Twitter etc... I assumed the next update would have all that ready for 8.1. This seems a bit inbetweeny! (Also, would be great to get an update to the Windows app which is still terrible.)

Syd F says:

Good update... Still very ugly interface 

Yes I will, and like the others, it's about time. Always switched to my Android tab when I got home to use Twitter. Was so much easier. Looking forward to trying it out.

kenanyilmaz says:

Finally smthng changed with Twitter. Good news.

Has Twitter been a universal app for a long time already or did it become a universal app with this update?

hamiro says:

AFAIK this is the first update for WP8.1, which means it couldn't have been a universal app before.

Still using the twitter beta App here

New features are good, but some thing like profile fotos don't load.

neonspark says:

I had a personal bet that twitter, even as they couldn't care less about windows phone, would beat MSFT at shipping 8.1 to the masses outside the dev preview. I won, which is sad because I was hoping I'd lose. I can't believe MSFT would lose to twitter. Next time I'll bet on google shipping a youtube client for windows 8 before joe B's team can ship windows phone 9. bet is up. any takers?

What does even mean?? Your comparing updating an app vs updating a whole OS?? Do you people even have a brain?

rollindadice says:

hehe ya know right, look at the two comparisions, sheesh

It astounds me that people can be so stupid. I still do t understand his logic. How can an app and a OS be in the same footing? And then to have a bet with your self? CMON MAN

aXross says:

Good! Big update at last! :D
It lacks Social Extendebility of WP8.1 though, still I can't share to Twitter from other apps. I hope also they'll have major redesign also, better use of spaces without making it cramped, extend the content up to the status bar (See new Facebook).

jeiiel says:

My twitter photo previews aren't working?? I've updated but I still have to tap to see the pic.

Update: It works now!

jeiiel says:

Update: Uninstalling the app and reinstalling worked. Pictures are now visible through timeline.

Hey that worked. Thanks!

jeiiel says:

No worries, glad to help!

Aashish13 says:

Another good news. Watsapp is going to get updated soon next week witu few new features

Aashish13 says:

Wmp power user. They had tweeted 1 week ago

guri21 says:

Great:) this was a much needed update :)

b4rtw says:

Universal app now. Or was that already at the beginning of version 3?

oefos says:

Awesome! About time :)


David Hiatt says:

Would be nice if the Windows 8.1 twitter app would follow suit IRT pictures.

nitsuk says:

Does anyone know if is possible to Accept/Reject followers in the Twitter app?

rastanac says:

But, still behind the Twitter Beta version of 3.2.2?

wps81 says:

Utterly UGLY!!!! on my 1520. Please optimize for large screen, you out-dated developers

Finally and what about windows 8?

KidX says:

awsome!!, new twitter rocks 

Header icons are too big!

UWbadgers16 says:

Does anyone know if there's a way to tweet a pre-existing photo that you have without saving a new copy?

youknowho says:

Storyteller updated

Joeul_Ramos says:

Great update! Was hoping they'd update the UI tho but at least it got some new features

Even though the world cup is about to end, they could have added flags to this update... Would mean they care about WP...

MDak280 says:

Aw man, no GIF support yet?

Nimdock says:

Looks like the beta is still superior.

phatboy66 says:

This is a pretty big update! Nice!

taymur says:

And its a universal app too. Welcome speed :D

misfitpierce says:

Awesome... Been waiting for that. Past month has been another awesome month of updates and titles coming to windows 8 phone and PC. Love it.

msualum says:

I still have the Twitter beta app - this sounds like a step above that. The beta is 3.2.2

It's not, it doesn't take advantage of the new social integration ow WP8.1

Chee Hong says:

Finally! Thank you so much!

RaRa85 says:

This update is just what I was looking for. Great.

nanoware says:

Mehdoh. That is all.

it still "loads more tweets" in the wrong direction...

cybermoose89 says:

Well its about flippin time !

Fitz35 says:

Load more tweets still works backwards. I don't understand the logic. It loads new tweets but leaves you at the newest tweet instead of the oldest. If you are asking to load more why wouldn't you want to go to the oldest tweet so you could scroll through what you just loaded?

IceDree says:

Got excited thinking I can finally get rid of the fat ass beta (280mb & rising) ... But looks like it doesn't integrate with the People Hub in 8.1

Matt Sharp says:

Too much wasted space. The top bar is bad enough, add the retweet reply follow buttons after every single tweet..... Ever heard of customization? I'm sure some people like only viewing 2-3 tweets on the screen, others of us don't.

Exactly what what I was thinking... We need more space to read stuff..

fauzanade says:

Still no wp 8.1 support ? I want to connected the apps in my people hub again :|

I can't see pics on timeline..

Jack Janik says:

Stop being so negative guys. I'm a Twitter addict and this update is VERY welcomed

TheOzgun says:

Anyone not seeing previews in the timeline ? The only feature I care is not working !

Reinstall the app and see what happens, can't see why its not working.

chezm says:

Finally, preview of pictures!!!

Ilham Aiman says:

Notification problem for my Windows phone's appear twice...wuhaaa

jaqjordan says:

Same here. The rest is working fine.

Finally after several months an update. Its better late than never. :)