Official WPCentral App hits v1.3, available now

Hey look at that! Our beta wrapped up a few days ago and v1.3 is now live in the Marketplace for your pleasure. Seeing as we had about 50 beta testers this time around, we're confident that just about every little bug and user-issues were addressed.

Of course we still have loads of work to do, including comment support which is the sole focus in v1.4. And we've already started toying with advanced Mango features, like playing the podcast in the background and quick resume for multitasking.

Full change-log is after the break, in the meantime grab the app here in the Marketplace and like always, hit us with your feedback! Don't forget, give a big thanks to our developer & podcast co-host, Jay Bennett (@jaytbennett; site) and our own Richard Edmonds for the updated graphics.

And just like before, the app comes in two varieties: Free (ad-supported, limited features) or paid ($0.99). To get the free version, just download and use the Trial--that's the free version and doesn't expire.

Changes in Version 1.3

  • Overhaul of article reading display – inline images & formatting
  • Dedicated comments pivot
  • Editable tweets
  • Facebook integration with posting articles to wall
  • Shareable links to each article
  • New dynamic ‘metro’ theme
  • New image viewer with pinch to zoom
  • Save images to your phone
  • Improved listings by resuming to previous point in list and only refreshing on new articles
  • Fixed a rare crash when navigating the app
  • Fixed a situation where the Live Tile could become stuck
  • Tile now matches system accent color
  • Speed optimizations including improved scrolling on pre-Mango devices


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markiz says:

my feedback is that it should be free of course.

markiz says:

the thing is, ms is veeery slow in pushing the marketplace availability. not just that i am unable to buy apps, but i also needed to use a workaround (registering new hotmail address) to be able to access marketplace at all.But also, paying for an app in order to access free content available through browser is ridiculous. Engedget has a free application.That being said, i much prefer a good mobile website than a separate app that clutters my phone. bookmarks are easier.

Jay Bennett says:

Obviously we have no control over your first point, but I'd encourage you to send feedback to Microsoft.For your second point, you are of course always free to use the browser to access content if you would prefer, just as you are welcome to use the free, ad-supported version of the app.

Rico says:

First off, have you even used version 1.3 of the WPCentral app? If not, click the marketplace link in the article. It's well-laid out, fast, and the scrolling is some of the best pre-Mango scrolling I've seen in a third party app. The animations are at times a bit wonky but it's overall a joy to use.It should be free? Thing is, the app didn't just fall out of a tree -- it had to be made. Jay did a great job with the first version, but honestly I moved it off of my start screen and went back to the mobile site for a while. I slowly moved it back into my rotation with the improvements Jay made in each version, and 1.3 surpasses the mobile site for me, largely due to the scrolling. It simply delivers a much better WPCentral mobile experience than the mobile site currently does. Oh, and it's 99 cents, with a free trial version which is really just an ad-supported version of the full app. Engadget's parent company is AOL; they can afford to toss some cash at a developer to spit out an app for them.I do agree that I'd prefer a good mobile site over an app as I live in the browser and things which disrupt that browser-centric workflow I have tend to annoy me, but I'll make an exception for certain uses. And it's not like m.wpcentral.com suddenly stopped working.

Los says:

Really? How much is $1 really gonna set you back? LOLTechnically it is free. If you want more features and no ads then pay the $1. IMO, It's worth the $1. Jay has done a great job with the app especially when you consider all the other worthless spam out there that cost a lot more. Jay and WPCentral deserve the support. They have done a great job with the app and are very active with the WP community

markiz says:

i don't argue that wpcentral does not deserve support, but there are donations, right?

nizzon says:

Oh no! :(This means I wont be able to upgrade. I hate living in Sweden when it comes to WP. :(

TheWeeBear says:

Still 1.2 showing here in the UK. Hmmm.

Jay Bennett says:

@markiz, as always the free ad supported version is available, but if it was entirely free then I wouldn't be able to put food on the table ;)@TheWeeBear, it certified at about 5:30am GMT so the update could take a couple more hours to propagate through to each region's marketplace

TheWeeBear says:

Are you sure 1.3 is available ? LOL. I've uninstalled 1.2, 'bought' it again and it installed 1.2 again.

yeah, still showing v1.2 here too. It's certified and published, so just a matter of time

TheWeeBear says:

Ah right Jay thanks. Sorry for my double posting my original post dissappeared for a bit, thought it didn't go through.

nizzon says:

No free ad-supported version like on 1.2? :(

Of course there is, just like before. Download and use the Trial version--that's the ad supported version and it doesn't expire.

Rich Edmonds says:

Good job on the images too guys, theylook great!

jabtano says:

No update showing for it. even following the link within the app it just tells me share...

Go to the marketplace, find app, open app description. Back out of description and head back in--now it should say update.

TheWeeBear says:

All's well it has just appeared. Great job indeedy. The Metro theme is a great addition.

Keefo says:

Just purchased this app, and it seems well put together! :)cheap and cheerful does exist in this world! haha

Thanks guys! Your app keeps getting better and better!

mtg1974 says:

Jay, thank you for your continued hard work. The update appears to have made the app much more speedy. I like what you've done with the comments. I'm looking forward to trying out all the other new features. It's too bad I can't pay another dollar. You deserve it.

Jay Bennett says:

Heh maybe I should set up one of those "buy me a beer" sites for added contributions?In all seriousness thanks for the kind words, I'm more than happy to sell it for $0.99/£0.79 for lifetime support because as you can probably tell from my tweets and the podcast, I genuinely enjoying developing this app

pdawg17 says:

There is no way to "refresh" the marketplace available updates quicker is there? You either uninstall/reinstall or wait for the phone to tell you you can update, right?

Jay Bennett says:

A power cycle (turning the phone off then on again) has refreshed the marketplace manually for some people, otherwise I'm in the hands of Microsoft's distributions channels and can't help, sorry :(

wheelerk says:

@JayTBennett Can I join your mango beta? I'm rocking Mango build 7712.

jabtano says:

Yea it updated for me I bought it when it first came out.. what is the big deal over a dollar? it's so well worth the buck. I mean it had to be thought out coded and hours of work time spent into developing it one dollar is not a lot of money to ask for a very well thought out app. that works very well.

luimende says:

I just updated, it's really nice and really fast, right on. should I be able to post comments from the app? because right now I can't. Thanks though it is one of my favorite apps. and I like that it changes color now to whatever theme I have.

TheWeeBear says:

No comments from the app just yet luimende, it's planned for a future version though.

Jazmac says:

This app is worthy of the platform. It lays out well, its fast and looks WP7. I give the developer an 9 out of 10 stars for quality and craftsmanship. Yes craftsmanship. Good job. Keep them coming.