Officially licensed Craigslist app, 8list brings classifieds and more to Windows Phone 8

8list Lead

Craigslist (www.craigslist.com) is a popular classified advertisements website, sporting sections covering jobs, housing, services, community, gigs, résumés, and more. Windows Phone currently lacks an official app from Craigslist and thus developers are tasked with filling the gaping hole. Introducing 8list, an officially licensed Craigslist client for Windows Phone 8.

If you're an avid fan of Craigslist as a whole, you're going to want to try out this sweet little app. Not only are you able to maintain different favourite lists to keep everything organised, but posts published on the website are saved in states (the app remembers what you've seen and what's "new"). This is a pretty neat feature to help make the experience a little less cluttered.

Contacting folk through Craigslist is an important part of the service and 8list helps you out by automatically pulling all contact information into a single contact card, which can then be conveniently saved to your phone. But before you contact other users, you need to find what you're looking for – this is where the favourite lists come into play.

8list App

Whether you're looking for used vehicles, jobs, properties or numerous categories at once, you can order multiple lists to keep everything organised. Posts themselves can be hidden from view and searches can automatically alert you as to when new posts are detected. Speaking of notifications and whatnot, 8list fully supports the pinning of Live Tiles to your Start screen. These tiles can be of individual posts, favourite lists or searches.

The user interface is intuitive and everything runs as one would expect. We're impressed with both the speed and fluidity of 8list, enabling you to get stuck in with checking out latest classifieds in your local area. If you use the website and own a Windows Phone, you should definitely download and try 8list out.

You can download 8list from the Windows Phone Store for free. Cheers, Mohamed, for the tip!

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shamrock1988 says:

Nice for America. Wish there was a gumtree one. Mobile site isn't that great

Tafsern says:

Fat people, millions in jail, broken health system, no money left, trailer parks, poor people, screwed up gun laws, millions of bums, spying on the entire world, police brutality....AMERICA, f*** yeah!

safesax2002 says:

So you must know this only through the main stream media...maybe you should research a little more before you over-generalize. It will make you appear less ignorant.

Arsee17 says:

There are fat people, millions in jail, poor people, screwed up gun laws, police brutality, debt, and trailer parks in plenty of other countries. Stop being so ignorant and educate your own dumb mind

RayWP7 says:

I'm confused. Are we pretending none of this exists in the rest of the world now or in the past? We should be lamenting humanity not just taking cheap shots at a country that, despite being so diverse, has managed a pretty intricate balancing act with only 1 constitution a couple centuries ild and an elected government that sticks to its terms and just doesn't press the reset whenever people disagree. It's not perfect, but lets not even pretend the rest of the world is either.

Its just the beginning of 2014, try not to depress US Citizens.

btbam91 says:

This guy is an idiot!

You know nothing of America, obviously.

Sounds like you get all you information from you state ran media. Probably China or Russia.

mjrtoo says:

Can we ban these people from posting their anti American sentiment here, this is not a political site.

I really hate these stupid comments on countries either it being directed to India, like I read plenty here, or America. It's very, idk... Nazi and yeah, definitely dumb.

Its the same posters everytime.
In this case, "Tafsern", seems to be copy/pasting because he literally says the same thing everytime.

Tafsern says:

It's the second time, have some sense of humor :D

shamrock1988 says:

Fuck all you people comment on my post. Nothing i said should have lead to the comments above. Bunch of eejits

WinFan1 says:

supernatural fan? or just say that?

EmolaT says:

I lika America, it has it's flaws, but so has a lot of other countries. A modern, individualist country with a lot of opportunities. And with so many people, some of the dumbest people in the world probably exist there. But also some of the smartest ones...

If only America could be like Europe.

What Europe AlpHa ? Bankrupt Greece, or Nazi Germany ? Or maybe even homophobic Russia, or gang rape India. Sense of humour, huh.

What?? Since when is India a part of Europe or Russia even a part of it? Put the drink down. I know I have.

Acbuono5 says:

This app is riddled with errors...everything I do, touch, search makes an error message asking me to send it to the developer. Terrible.

Good weekend for wp users.

silverbladex says:

Another official app to cross off the list :)

Well, it's officially licensed, not official app. Same with the forthcoming FilmOn TV and Wikipedia. Companies are more and more letting 3rd party devs make "affiliate" apps, so long as they follow predetermined rules.

Trevor Wolfe says:

Craigslist classifieds is way better

Shaoor Munir says:

Which forthcoming wikipedia app is this that you mention?

L0gic Bom8 says:

It's already available as Wikipedia. If I remember right, Rudy Hynn (I know I butchered the last name) created the Wikipedia app and Wikipedia/Wikimedia has officially endorsed it, thus one would believe it's officially licensed.

silverbladex says:

Oh haha my fault

Downloading now. Not a fan of CL mobile site and haven't found a decent app yet despite trying a bunch.

Chef316 says:

I think Craigslist+ is better.

Didn't try that one. Just went back to the mobile site(ugh). This one seems pretty good so far.

kurtd says:

Craigslist deluxe seems better than 8list. Tried 8list and had a bunch of errors.

L2nak says:

8list? Rudy Huyn copycat developer?!

fwaits says:

Barebones Dev. Isn't that Andrew, one of the guys from WMPU?

Micah Dawson says:

How exactly is 8list anything like Rudy? The guy is amazing but let's not be delusional

L2nak says:

First, everyone needs to hop off of Rudy's member in the comments. And Daniel's, it's ridiculous. Second, wasn't asking who the dev is, it was a joke because of the possibly random number in the app name. Third, *swoosh*.

Micah Dawson says:

But you were the first one to randomly mention Rudy in the first place. Not sure how I was supposed to understand it was a joke. Bit the random number isn't that random. 8....windows phone 8. I would likely assume the 6 in Rudy's apps are technically more random.

L2nak says:

Lol nothing of which I wrote mentions Rudy randomly.

rudyhuyn says:

And I make some random post :D


and here is a random number: 548676887 

WavingReds says:

Can you let us know what the full feature includes cause you gotta pay for it

Chris_Kez says:

Guess I'm not the only one who couldn't find a list of features included in the paid upgrade.

andrewbares says:

See my response below

andrewbares says:

Sorry about that, I should have included a description of what the full version unlocks in the Store or within the app.

Free version is limited to...
- 10 favorites
- 10 hidden posts
- 1 search alert
- 2 posts pinned to Start Screen

coldfilter says:

Craiglist that's where people go for casual sexual encounters! Am going to download for research purposes

AtOmIc031 says:

Lol...i see what you did there xD

schlubadub says:

You'll want to download that Tinder app too... 6tndr or something like that :P

tbonenga says:

I hope you can post pics. I buy and sell alot of stuff on Craigslist. I haven't found a way yet to post pics from a W8Phone.

Trevor Wolfe says:

Craigslist classifieds allows you to do this

tbonenga says:

I can't find anyway to post on Craigslist classifieds.

Chef316 says:

So does Craigslist+

tbonenga says:

Thanks this works great!!!!

lesd777 says:

As does mycraigsads

luimende says:

There's no account sign on, I bought the app, and I can't sign in, or post from app.

andrewbares says:

Sorry about that, I should have included a description of what the full version unlocks in the Store or within the app.

Free version is limited to...
- 10 favorites
- 10 hidden posts
- 1 search alert
- 2 posts pinned to Start Screen

lucas.scott says:

I have been waiting for this day.. For so long

wpnokia920 says:

App title is messed up. It says 8list. Then a mile away says for craigslist

Yep that's annoying.

WhyFiNYC says:

Cool - if this can take the place of RSS feeds on my favorite searches, I'm all for it. 

pankaj981 says:

Nice app but I will stick to Craigslist+

lucas.scott says:

Yeah, after a few seconds with the app, it is apparent that many third party offerings are more fulfilling.

Micah Dawson says:

I don't like the way it messes up my app list. They need to fix that.

Trevor Wolfe says:

Craigslist Classifieds is much more full featured and easier to navigate.

Chef316 says:

So is "Craigslist +"

I really like Craigslist Classifieds. Color scheme, ease of use, features. I can post from my phone and it has a "search" field right from the beginning. This app, you have to go into a category and search from there. One extra step.

Also, I really dislike how many apps use that cyan tile. It makes my home screen have solid blue in certain places. I bought a windows phone for its UI look. That just kind of ruins it for me.

RJPeters says:

Maybe the developer could make KIJIJI app too

x7sage7x says:

Been using Craigslist +. Its been pretty good to me. Anyone else agree?

fwaits says:

Yeah its a reasonably good Craigslist app.

Chef316 says:

I like it alot. That's the app I use.

I like the way this app looks, but can't figure out how I can log into my account and create posts or renew current postings.

ricbon says:


walter1832 says:


wpguy says:

You live in an LA Fitness?

schlubadub says:

Nah, he lives in that car in the parking lot ;)

andrewbares says:

Haha yeah, I'm a tucson native. Good to hear from other WP users here!

cannon#WP says:

This app used to be called Craigslist Controlled. It was the best and most consistent CL app on WP7. The dev pulled it because he was trying to get CL licensed. So glad he did because while Craigslist+ is good, CC (now 8list) is my favorite.

PostItNote says:

All of these apps starting with a number are annoying - clutters up the alphabetical list of apps.  This is the equivalent of your company being called "AAA Alpha Plumbing" to be listed first in the phonebook.

Jazmac says:

Decent start. The app has to be able to filter better than it does. If I search for Lumia 920 from a private seller, I don't want results from businesses too. Then I get repair stuff too. Not good. Good start though. I'll wait on the next rev.

pmhgeneral says:

Garbage, error, error, keeps on crashing.....

acermark says:

Yeah, I keep getting error messages too when I try and read an ad. Will be sticking with the other Craigslist app!

dby2011 says:

I get the same error messages.

dalydose says:

Officially licensed and no way to post an ad?