Hipstamatic's Oggl gains Chinese support and Sina Weibo sharing with latest update


Oggl is in the running for apps with most updates for the year. Today we’re looking at another update to Hipstamatic’s photo social network. Oggl Pro users (those on the Lumia 1020) can sit this one out for the time being, we’re only seeing an update for Oggl. Let’s check out what’s new.

The last update for Oggl (and Oggl Pro) came out 10 days ago. That update didn’t include a changelog and we jokingly said it “seemed faster”. Today, however, we have a changelog with the update and we can confidently tell you the changes to version of Oggl. They are:

  • Added support for Chinese Language
  • Added support for Sina Weibo
  • Bug fixes

The world at large can appreciate bug fixes, but folks in China will especially like the latest update in Oggl. Not only does it include support for their language of choice, but it comes with support for their social network of choice – Sina Weibo.

How’s the Sina Weibo integration? Let us know below.

Update Oggl today to see the changes in this update. You can grab Oggl from the Windows Phone Store or by using the QR code below. 

Thanks for the tip David! 

QR: Oggl



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I remember when they launched this app and said that that will continue to improve the app through the time... I love when developer keep what they said...

saltellezjr says:

Good. Now if we could only get Foursquare and Flickr sharing. Long overdue.

As a Chinese, I must be thanks to Hipstamatic Support for Chinese and Sina Weibo!

Only if we could get Instagram to update their app...

It would have been better if they didn't release it as a BETA too soon, and just released it later but as a 'stable' release with all features

taymur says:

This app got its hipe becasue of the need of instagram upload, and it was late, then laggy, then....


now since instagram is here, i dont think alot care about this app, and the number of comments kinda shows it.

jnbnb says:

I use a lot instagram, but I would like to use hipstamatic because I like more those effects. So when they fix the orientation problem I will use hipstamatic filters and instagram hahahah

kaartman says:

The app has been removed from the store. It is only in France and also you?

DenisSuncity says:

I still prefer this app over Instagram. Just find out that community is more thinking before they take a shot. The only thing that's killing me is the speed of opening and closing - become ridiculous slowly with last few updates. When you are inside works fine, but if you want quick shot - forget about it.

jnbnb says:

Still with the same problem when I cut to choose the orientation that I want. WTF