Indian Air Force has its own combat simulation game


Here's the official Kick game for the hit movie!


Moneycontrol for Windows Phone gets updated, and debuts on Windows 8


Uber officially returns to Windows Phone

Windows Phone News

Lumia 930 delisted from Nokia's Indian website

Windows Phone News

Lumia 1520 reportedly now getting Lumia Cyan in Finland and India


TimesCity gets a major update; introduces table booking


Another Flipkart update coming very soon; Notifications, Live Tiles, and more

Windows Phone News

Cortana hitting the UK in 'less than two weeks' with China soon thereafter


TicketGoose app for Windows Phone allows booking bus tickets in India


Snapdeal app gets another update to bring more offers to the customers


Axis Bank customers in India rejoice… the official Axis Mobile app is here!

Windows Phone News

Lumia 930 listed on Flipkart, Indian launch imminent


MobiKwik offers instant cashback for Windows Phone users in India


Facebook rolling out 'missed call' ads to boost revenue from India


Paytm gets updated, but still doesn't bring mobile shopping to Windows Phone


India's top ticketing app, BookMyShow, gets a complete makeover in form and function


India's fashion and lifestyle store arrives on Windows Phone

Windows Phone News

Microsoft shares details on when Windows Phone 8.1 will roll out in India


Official Cleartrip app finally gets much needed update making it quite useful again


Ola Cabs launches their official Windows Phone 8 app to book a cab in India seamlessly


Ola Cabs is a popular cab rental service similar to Uber, and available in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Goa, and Jaipur. The company has just launched their official app for Windows Phone 8 devices.

The Olacabs Windows Phone app allows you to see the closest available cabs around you and book with just one-touch. It saves you from call center hassles and the uncertainty about the arrival of the cab you’ve booked.

All you need to do is set your pickup location or let the app pick that automatically via GPS and pick the cab from all available cabs close by. Tap ‘Ride now’ to book your ride, and get instant confirmation with driver details. You can also schedule a pickup for some time later using the ‘Ride Later’ option.


You can check out your ride en-route on the map within the app, and pay only after completion of your ride. You can also invite friends to try out the service and earn Ola Money.

Download the Olacabs app for Windows Phone 8 devices for free from the Windows Phone Store. The app has a pretty functional and intuitive user experience, but could be designed better. It works all well though.

Meru Cabs, the leading cab rental service in India, also released their official app for Windows Phone a couple of months ago. Check out the Olacabs app, and let us know how you like it. Which is your preferred cab rental service in India?

QR: Olacabs



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RyanAMG says:

India is getting alot of WP Love this week. Hope it keeps up.

twint7787 says:

They are getting a lot of love period

RaRa85 says:

For real though. That's great.

silverbladex says:

India is on a roll! I wish the the US got this much love. :/. Happy for them though

WilsonBlaze says:

I'm thinking like this guy ^^

Ayush_WP says:

Man, do you sleep? Posting at 4:40am.. Wow. Either u get up real early or you live by the US time zones.

TJWINS says:

India is crushing it!

kevinjaku says:

finally, it came!

MaxyBley says:

Transparency Tiles got updated guys!!!!
I'm sure that Sam or Daniel are probably working on the article as I write this lol. Also, I saw some other updates of which I think are for Nokia Lumia users. Network+ and Touch have received an update!! I don't know exactly what are the changes in Transparency Tiles are but I'm sure WPC will tell us in a couple of minutes.
I wanted to do this post before the 'actual' WPC news just to say.... FIRST! ;D
For those curious about which version is it now, it's Now let's at what's under the hood. Here's the changelog in the new updated Transparency Tiles.
"* Adding even more new apps:
MoliPlayer Pro
Live Video Player
Magnify Beta
Health & Fitness

hagjohn says:

India is really stepping up in the app department. 

Duduosf says:

Wtf is up with all the India apps?? I mean, not that I'm jealous or anything :P

toxic zombie says:

They have the worst customer care support a***oles :/

anon8814234 says:

<p>A***ola's then they are :P</p>

vansiv says:

So many India WP post..sorry, but who cares? If you talk about India talk about more countries...

Aman2901 says:

Many care..If its not related to your country then STFU..If other country's are not producing WP apps then its their fault..

majority of wpcentral readership cares

Etios says:

Normally i use Meru cabs but Ola cabs is very much required as they give tough competition to Meru in pricing. Recently Ola cabs started new hatchback cabs service in Bangalore at Rs.13/km and Meru cabs had to compete by launching Meru Genie service at Rs.12.5/km which is cheaper than a Auto Rickshaw in Bangalore:)

toxic zombie says:

Meru uses Etios more and ur name is also Etios Lol XD just kidding

Etios says:

Ha ha, just used this username as intended to make a throwaway account but then i kept coming back here and stuck with the username :)

In India there is no App Gap for WP! Keep them Coming