One Public Makes Big Bets on Windows

One Public acquires Telephony Media, designers of the iGrill.

Cross-media marketing software and technology firm One Public (onepublic.com) has announced that it had acquired Telephony Media, a mobile and connected devices design and development studio. Telephony Media designs iOS applications and connected devices like the iGrill. With the acquisition of Telephony Media, the company is hoping to create "cost-effective and scalable" solutions that extend to Windows 8.1.

"The introduction of unified Windows 8.1 application platform by Microsoft has opened new opportunities," One Public CEO Fahad Khan stated. "Smart marketers are already investing heavily on Windows 8.1 apps. We have extensive experience on iOS platform and are looking to build a leadership position on Windows 8.1 platform."

The development studio will continue to operate as Telephony Media under the One Public umbrella according to the company in a press release. The company promises that existing iOS applications will be updated following Apple's introduction of iOS 8 to developers this week and that it will optimize existing iOS apps for clients signing up to build Windows 8.1 apps.



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lrn2board says:

This sounds great, I really want more integration with windows phone. I love this platform and having these guys on our side just makes the sky the limit!

kevC4D says:

Where we're going, we don't need skies.. Or limits.

montel22 says:

Ha!!! I like that , nice nice.
To infinity and beyond LOL

Why do they say the sky is the limit, when i see them foot prints on the moon. We'll reach for the stars... :)

Sam Sabri says:

Cool move. Can't wait to see more quality apps join WP81/W81.

MSFT Till end... :) huh!

k0de says:

This...... Excellent!

Jas00555 says:

This is pretty awesome. Does anyone know what "good" apps these people make?

Intrepid00 says:

Slow and steady html 5 will win the race.

AhmedAtef says:

"iOS 8.1" I think that's a mistake.

Yousri Ahmed says:

you mean iOS 8 instead of "iOS 8.1" Lol

fallback says:

Ios is catching up with 8.0 hurry up MSFT and release 9.0

jomarr says:

Great. They are finally acknowledging Microsoft

Intrepid00 says:

To be fair, Microsoft finally made it worth it last //Build.

pierrerv says:

iOS8.1? Copy cats

sholokov says:

Good one Desi boys

mjyumping says:

I thought it was OneRepublic hahahahaaha

Same here ^▽^ maybe some to compete against beats from Dr Dre.

iOS 8.1....the fuck fapple?

Soble says:

I misread one public to one republic

inseyven says:

You're not alone

Yugiro says:

iOS 8 will be updated to iOS 8.1. by then Wp8.1 will be WP9, lolzzz.