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OneNote and document issue with recent SkyDrive upgrade


It seems that the recent SkyDrive upgrade is now causing some issues with SkyDrive and OneNote users on their Windows Phone when synchronizing documents and notes between the cloud and a handset (check out our howto for more information). Users are reportedly met by errors stating that the document and/or note is not available on the server.

Rest assured that your content has not been lost. All that's required is to reset Office on Windows Phone, which will wipe locally stored files and clear pinned items. Check out the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to the Applications pivot
  3. Select Office
  4. Press the Reset Office button (if you get a message that Office could not be reset, reboot your phone and try again)

Source: Windows Live Blog, Live Help



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tigermcm says:

THANK YOU!!!!! I was creaming I thought I was the only person having issues. My fiance was even upset and was thinking about going back to her Evo after only having her Arrive for a week because of the issue

F00_13 says:

I have been lurking on this site for at least 6 months. I just made an account to thank you for this! I was frustratingly trying to fix this last night. I'm glad you guys were on the ball.

tigermcm says:

I was up till alomst 4 in the morning with 2 phones trying to get things straight then I tapped out giving up lol

DigTheNoise says:

Thank you!!!!  Man, it was a bummer waking up, grabbing my phone, and going to OneNote and not seeing my morning todo list.  I check it several times a day -- one of my indespensable tools that swayed me to WP7.  I thought I was going to have to wait for an update.

wspaw says:

Great.  But, after resetting I can't pin folders or notebooks to the start screen.  Only the Documents page.  So, now it's several extra clicks to get to my notebook. 

motosada says:

Waiiiiit. Is there some alternate method of doing this? Perhaps one that doesn't involve losing all my offline, phone-stored documents? I don't have Automatic Sync turned on, and I really don't feel like having to try and reconstruct a dozen files by memory.

All5horizons says:

This worked for me without a reset.  Send an e-mail with a skydrve link of the folder, document or file to yourself.  Open the e-mail up on your phone.  Click on the folder, document, file to open.  Then go to your office hub.  The items should be there.

Ad Matt says:

but now I can't get my sharepoint to work (this could be down to me though)

rx74ray says:

Thank you,
I hope I don't need to do this often.

lippidp says:

Cloud = Fail. This is another problem with cloud services. You have no control over upgrades.

Solidstate89 says:

Is there a fix in the works for the fact that my calendar is no longer syncing? I have a Google Calendar that I subscribed to in the Hotmail Calendar (through the iCAL URL) and it used to automatically updated but it stopped about a week ago or so.