OneShot, Hello Friends and Lock Buster are now all free in the Windows Phone Store

OneShot Lock Buster Hello Friends

Looking for some new apps in the Windows Phone Store? Then you’ll want to check out OneShot, Hello Friends and Lock Buster from developer Andy Stumpp (@brilliantvision). These are all apps we’ve covered before and were well received by the community. We’re happy to see then available for free. Don’t have them yet? No excuse not to try them out now.



OneShot was the first third-party app on Windows Phone to utilize Nokia’s Imaging SDK. This a photography app that offers professional control and filters. The app is fairly intuitive to use and offers a ton of features to make your photos shine.

Originally $1.99, now free. Grab OneShot from the Windows Phone Store.

QR: OneShot

Hello Friends

Hello Friends

Your friends are probably beautiful people that you love seeing all the time, right? If so, grab Hello Friends and view their smiling faces on your Lock screen. It was recently updated to include new filters, instant refresh on the Live tile, the ability to save the Lock screen to the library, shading options and more.

Hello Friends was $1.49, but it’s free now. Grab it in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Hello Friends

Lock Buster

Lock Buster

Here’s one more fun app to spruce up your Lock screen. Lock Buster allows you to create collages from your photos to use as an image on your Lock screen. You’ get filters and various collage options to make the Lock screen yours.

From $1.49 to $0.00, Lock Buster is still a must-have app. Grab it in the Windows Phone Store

QR: Lock Buster



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Aruns5 says:


Martsicky says:

Also Cal is free, the beautiful calendar app highlighted by WPC some time ago. ;)

Free (1.99$)

Clesanbar says:

Thanks for the tip!

klokslag says:

thx for the tip looks a great app!!!

ene_hache says:

Thank you so much, I prefer this app instead of the wp cal.

vkelkar says:

Guys try the app Jarvis and choose trial version its awesome and an insight of what cortana can do ...

mickydale says:

I tried Jarvis last week at the reccommendation of a few. Great idea, but ultimately was horrible on my 1020.... Couldnt get it recognize anything I said.


vkelkar says:

Try to download speech language of your region coz it is able to recognise my voice

Utter crap. Everything I asked resulted in the time, a "standing by" message or switching the camera on. Garbage.

vkelkar says:

Mine's working awesome bro

Moic photo lockpro is free too!

sherriff627 says:

Hello Friends is just AWESOME!!!

sholokov says:

Isn't it the same as lock buster?

Micah Dawson says:

I think lockbuster allows you to use pics in your albums vs hello friends being about your Facebook friends

sholokov says:

Got it! Thanks.

Rickosw says:

Hi Sam,

Thanks for this article, good stiff! Keep them coming!


jaethos says:

Hello friends works well, but Lock Buster gives me an error every time I try to actually use it. I sent the error email, so hopefully it will be resolved quickly. Lumia Icon.

Sagar Limaye says:

:(:(:(:(:(:( Damn it's so far!!!

kittananj says:

Downloaded OneShot. I'm waiting for this for a long time!

Waiting for it to be free? It was only $1.45, right?

sholokov says:

In some countries it is hard to find a method of payment. Most local credit cards are not accepted.

kittananj says:

Yes, now I don't have a credit card or debit card. And my operator (AIS in Thailand) doesn't have Operator Billing for Windows Phone (only dtac a.k.a. Telenor Thailand have it).

doeboiO says:

Im in the same boat here, i would have bought WPCentral a longtime ago if i could, but oneshot is awesome

plugfire says:

As I'm a Thai fellow, I would like to suggest that there is an another method to pay for the app. You can use the combination of truemoney and paypal. Anyway, it's your rights to wait for the apps to be free. Still, I want to inform others the complete set of info. ;)

kittananj says:

I prefer debit card. Because you can control your money in this card. Is it a good idea?

Crashed, freezes and restarted my phone, Lumia 720...this has never happened on any application, weird

I just use my Bing rewards to get $3 credits to use for apps! You can too, just sign up and get other stuff too... http://binged.it/1ayh20o

XSportSeeker says:

Hello friends is a great idea... I know I have lots of hatred seeping lately on the platform, but let me say that one of the things I particularly like about WP is the People tile...

Expanding it to the lockscreen is a fine fine option. Getting now!

amcalexandre says:

Thanks Developer!

EcDumB says:

Dloaded oneshot and lock buster. Thanks!! - happy lumia 1320 owner from PH

darklord12 says:

OneShot force closes on my 520 all the time >_<

Same thing to my Lumia 720

sachinrex says:


x_rus_x says:

I see OBD Auto Doctor. It's the most awesomest tool that I have, along with my PLX Kiwi Bluetooth OBD2 connector.

Sam Sabri says:

Awesome. Just ordered my odb connector and will hopefully have a review soon! Like it so far?

rockstarzzz says:

I don't have attractive friends, this doesn't work.

Nakazul says:

Hmm, it just hit me. We have all this cool photo apps. But what if I want to shoot a video in black and white, or Sepia, what then?

soumitro316 says:

The inbuilt camera app can shoot videos in sepia :)

Nakazul says:

It can? I can't find that :(

soumitro316 says:

Oh sorry. I have a WP7 device and it's possible on the inbuilt camera app on WP7 but I checked on my friends 520 and the feature isn't there. Wonder why they removed it..

Bearach says:

HTC 8X, has Greyscale, Negative, Sepia, and Solarize within the default application. So it could be Nokia removed it for some reason.

On topic for the article, nice applications, and worth the download. Checking if OneShot is as good as ProShot, so far on the fence.

Nakazul says:

I have the Lumia 800 and the Lumia 1020. I just checked my old 800, yes, there is effects there, there is non in the 1020 :(

Nakazul says:

Thnx a bunch Sam. I remember you writing about this app. Now you can only use there service, it doesn't,save on phone, so I have been avoiding it. But,maybe I will give it a shot again. I want to to,simple video,editing,and,put on YouTube so I hope the quality is up to the task.

punkJD says:

Is one shot better than Nokia Camera?

rockstarzzz says:

Not for Nokia phones

Awesome Lock is much better for me.

Nokia camera beta faster than Nokia camera

I think OneShot is a dodgy app. Just downloaded it, didn't like it and deleted it. And now i have lost my saved pics from the album. Seems they can fiddle around your album, or so I think.

Cristoby says:

Hmmm... OneNote and OneDrive have similar logos... let's sue Microsoft.

Nazir Taib says:

Wow.. Download...

Lock Buster is real good. Highly recommend!

downloaded all of em! loved all of em!!

Aashish13 says:

Wp8.1 topic come back

amol071 says:

Lockscreen should also have Live Tiles like display!! Will look sexier :]

Just a question:

Is "Oneshot" better than the "Nokia Camera" ?

I know that Nokia has made a lot of awesome applications... but, I'm just asking :-D

sachinrex says:

Anybody noticed overheating of the device when using oneshot??

Yea, its even mentioned when you start the app for the first time.

MekoCommisso says:

3great deals. Take them all

I'm loving the concept of OneShot live tile design... Its just amazing.
Wish more apps follow this design of live tile. It bends onto the metro style while having a kinda 3D feel.

cidico says:

I really would like to pay for some apps like those but I don't have a international credit card :/

Microsoft should review this policy :/