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OneShot updated, adds voice commands and full support for the Lumia 1020 and 1520


OneShot was the first third-party app to take advantage of Nokia’s Imaging SDK and offers a nice range of professional controls and filters for your Windows Phone camera.

An update for OneShot is being pushed out that takes the photography app to version 4.0 and adds full support for the Nokia Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520 Windows Phones. This will allow you to take photos over 38MP on the Lumia 1020 and 20MP for the Lumia 1520.

The update also adds voice controls to the app that allows you to use your voice to trigger the shutter release. When enabled through OneShot’s settings all you will need to do is say “take picture” or “take photo” to capture a photo.


Additional changes with the version 4.0 update for OneShot include:

  • Improved JPEG compression that allows for high, medium and low resolution options
  • Added GPS tagging for photos
  • An additional favorite button has been added

OneShot is a great alternative to consider if you are looking for more control over your Windows Phone camera.

OneShot is a free app that is available for Windows Phone 8. You can find your copy of OneShot here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: OneShot



There are 34 comments. Sign in to comment

Aniket Bhat says:

I'm loving this app.. 

Andy Stumpp says:

Great to hear that!

Guytronic says:

"Voice control!"


Heats up the phone very much
Plz fix it..

rockstarzzz says:

+2 that's why deleted in 2 days. Im happy with Proshot and Nokia Camera.

Aashish13 says:

MS camera to come we just have to wait and wait. 19 days left

jimmy1one says:

Known issue look at the doc

Aashish13 says:

Anybody tell me hows voice control? How its functioning is??

neonspark says:

if I tell it: "Go faster" will it make the 1020 faster than a polaroid?


stupidsteven says:

No. You say "Cheese" and it will take a picture, you say "America" and it will take a picture. You have to set it to say whatever you want it to, to take a picture.

stupidsteven says:

Correction. This app only lets you say two things, "take picture" "take photo"

Useless if you knowhow to use nokia camera + sophielens/picsart/creative studio... That combo is much better

Andy Stumpp says:

Sure everyone is free to use what he/she likes most, there are a lot camera apps out there. Though every single app has some nice features that make it unique, so is OneShot too ;-)

paulomalley says:

Give me RAW support and then I'll use your lovely app. But until then, its a no go from me.

IceCake says:

How do I set the camera to take the highest quality photos and save them at 20mp?, I don't see the options to do that. All I see is 5mp. I have the Lumia 1520. Thanks. :)

Andy Stumpp says:

You just need to open the sidebar, select "Ratio" and then choose the highest quality in there. Not there for you? You can send an email with the integrated feedback option and I'll help to get this working! Thanks!

dalydose says:

So tired of people spewing "useless" because something doesn't appeal to THEN. I assume these are people who have never created anything, otherwise they wouldn't so callously belittle the time, effort and resources of other people's work.

paulomalley says:

THEM* (Sorry, had to)

Vega625 says:

It seems to "error close" if you swith the the FFC

I have the Same Problem. Also voice control is not working. (lumia 920, dev preview)

Andy Stumpp says:

Sorry for that, will be fixing it. Thanks

DigitalDK says:

Does this mean it will work with the Icon as well?

Andy Stumpp says:

It will work, but not in highest resolution, sorry. Update is already prepared, will follow shortly. Thanks!

xboxonthego3 says:

Weird no full support for the ICON mentioned.

Roach26 says:

Can't wait to get my 1020 next week. Love this app...

Lipe13 says:

I like this app but it crashes a lot on my 920. For every setting I tinker with or for every picture I take, the app closes. :(

The app doesn't work on mi huawei W1 after this update :( any help?

Denashi says:

Crashes when taking a picture (with voice anyway)...

bdejong11129 says:

Try this, use the front facing camera with the mirror effect. It will show the instant preview correctly but the saved image is the opposite if what the effect was like. Move the camera so only a sliver of your face is there and the saved image will be of two faces. This is on my 1520.

Sarang68 says:

I have enabled voice control in the app & also on speech. Tried the voice command. Did not work.

Andy Stumpp says:

Does it show up an error message?

Sarang68 says:

No. When i open up the app & give the command nothing happens. Am i doing it right?

For some reason the application crashes once it took the picture on my Lumia 1020

Daniel49 says:

Great app ! I like the custom profiles. Only thing I noticed is that the 'Virtual Horizon' with buttons up is not correct. Strange enough it's ok with buttons down or in portrait. Don't know it's my sensor or perhaps a software calibration should be nice. Using Nokia 1020.