Organise your start screen live tiles [How To]

We have come across some seriously awesome images that have been pre-made and are ready to rumble. One can save these images on their Windows Phone 7 as tiles and then organize them in such a way that tiles could appear to be grouped. A simple idea and quick edits that can make a huge difference. The default template is provided by David McCanless and Roger Peters.

This follows on from our tutorial on how to save pictures as seperate tiles on your device, along with coverage on apps in the Marketplace that perform this operation without any manual editing. If you check our tutorial you could even take this one step further with the arrangement and categorization of your home screen with changing the text, colours and whatnot.

To make things even more "OMG THIS IS L337!" for you, we have edited the images and added colors to the text which match themes loaded on the platform. Feel free to download the live tool separators and go wild.

Source: IQ



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cdook says:

Not sure I'm going to use this, but I just tried the live tool on Richard's site and I have to say it's pretty neat. It makes the phone a little more organized and flashy.

the funny thing is I've thought of similar to and have been using tiles made out of webpage images to put the words in. I have media, messaging, social, other apps tiles. and black tiles separating each category. I've been thinking how I could make an app out of this, but its when mango comes in that would allow apps to add more than one pinning to the start menu...this way I could make propper themes.

OGCF says:

that's really clever. I'll definitely try it out :D

ymala1 says:

Oh man.. this is just so clever, such a cool and intuitive way of grouping apps together. Just genius. I love seeing things like this on wpcentral.

Rich Edmonds says:

Thanks for the kind feedback!

Spyral says:

This is really nice.

jimski says:

Well if all the dang third party apps didn't copy the current theme color you wouldn't need text on the Start screen to separate groups of tiles. I use unique tiles as separators so I can navigate my 46 Start screen tiles quickly. Nice idea, but I really don't need 12-16 more tiles to flick through.

jmerrey says:

Wow! Very impressed with the work of Rich Edmonds, as well as the guy who replied, tagazok. Thanks to both. Where can I donate?

Rich Edmonds says:

No need to donate ;-) Just enjoying the experience of WP7 and wpcentral will be a sufficient payment in my eyes.

tbvnz says:

Made a few with white segoe ui text on black background. Go to deviantart.com and search for "wp7".

Zetabit says:

Here is my take on a windows phone live tile organizer.- Allows you to choose background and foreground colors as well as change the text.Update: Allows you to change the font size alsohttp://www.mylivetile.com/