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Paid version of Instance v 2.0 is live in the Windows Phone Store

Instance v2

Choice rocks. Which is why we’re stoked that there are three solid Instagram apps on Windows Phone. The official app is there, as is 6tag from Rudy Huyn, and Instance from Daniel Gary. Last month Instance hit version 2.0, but at the time only the free version received it. Today the paid version of Instance picked up its new wares.

What was the hold up? Both the paid and free versions were submitted at the same time last month. The free showed up first and we all assumed the paid version would be right behind. Turns out the paid version failed certification. That’s even though the two apps were identical. Riddle me that.

Version 2.0 of Instance is notable for bringing new features like geotagging, comment deletion, improved privacy features, profile editing, theme options, and support for even more social networks like Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare and Pinterest.

Another hold up for the long delay could also be the next project that Daniel Gary is working on. He’s working on QuizIt, a QuizUp client for Windows Phone that I personally can’t freaking wait to play. Check out our tease of QuizIt from earlier this month.

Anyways, if you’re paying customer of Instance and want to grab the newest version head to the Windows Phone Store or use the QR code below.

Thanks for the tip faalil!

QR: Instnace



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Micah Dawson says:

Hmm. I use 6tag and the beta app. I'm sure the app is great but Rudy earned my support.
Besides I always worry about that hash tag issue that happened when I used to use instance where it blocked accounts.
But glad for more choice for

irsyadhhs says:

6tag can do that without paying anything. Paid just for video and ads removal

mrcraggle says:

The paid version really should've received the update first. Not how you treat people who were willing to actually pay you for it. I was wondering if it'd ever get it but I'm long past caring at this point thanks to Rudy as well as having the official app.

donbreathe says:

Well, the article said he submitted both paid and free versions to MS store for certification same time but the paid version failed so the free got the update first. I have actually uninstalled the app (Bought the paid version) as I love 6tag and Instagram Beta isn't too bad but for lack of features. Daniel Gary was the first to help with an Instagram client app, neatly designed and I love the UI. Simple and clean!

kirklyt says:

I have been supporting both Instance and 6tag.. :)

PureView says:

Gotta admit this at least from a UI perspective looks better than 6Tag.

Tafsern says:

I really don't know....Rudy is really good at updating has apps if something is wrong or if he finds a new fancy thing to put in them. That's worth a bit for me! Daniel is taking to much time to get out updates. Even though the app is quite good and looks good, but for me personally it's not as good as 6tag. 

hidayat225 says:

Come on guys, maybe the developer had issues that takes time to resolve. Instance was my first Instagram app I installed on my Windows Phone and 6Tag is FanTagstic but please try not to come here and compare too much with them both and you guys could lose one more commiting developer for WP. Instead, give suggestions.

syed ali11 says:

I always prefer 6tag and to keep on my windows phone.

mrllano says:

Thanks! But I'm happy so far on 6tag

powerd says:

There is also InPic which is a fine app too.

I almost forgot I've purchased this app before the existence of 6tag.. I'm downloading it back to check out what's new.

donbreathe says:

Does that mean you'll have to pay again? I uninstalled the app but now it's asking me to purchase again?

MethodGT says:

It'll ask you to purchase again, but once you enter your store password (if you have one), it'll say you've already purchased it, and let you download it for free.

Clesanbar says:

Daniel earned our respect by creating the first fully functional Instagram app for windows phone. Cheers

WilsonBlaze says:

Good try, but GO HUYN(Win)!!! He's much faster and quality is awesome. Good work Daniel!

TallAssRob says:

It's ridiculous that anytime Daniel Gary updates his app and gets coverage on WPCentral all the Rudy fanboys come out to make such negative comments about Daniel's work.

Both Daniel and Rudy have made excellent indie Instagram clients. Let's just leave it at that.

89caps says:

Thank you Daniel!

malih says:

Just in case someone have the same issue,

I was unable to login with this new update, seems to be caused by incompatibility garbage from older versions, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and I was able to login succesfully.

I have both 6tag and instance installed, I'll give 6tag +1 as it's a lot more mature and stable compared to instance, as I'm writing this comment Instance crashed after viewing a video.